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      CommentAuthorCorey Waits
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2012 edited
    First of all, a helpful LINK.

    Just heard of this on Twitter yesterday, and when I see the line-up there's quite a number of people whose work I love that are going to be there - not to mention Uncle Warren and Usurper Si [who I noticed was AT THE END WHERE THE BEST HUMANS GO] . Oh, and I'll be ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE PLANET TO GO TO A GOOD COMIC CONVENTION.

    So yes, I'm keen. Who else is going?

    My girlfriend has told me in no uncertain terms that she shall not be accompanying me, so I'll be flying solo.

    [EDITS in square parentheses -- Si.]
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2012
    Stupid ocean, I wish to go.
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    Well, I've stuck it in my diary... nearer the time I'll see
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    • CommentAuthorOrpheus
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2012
    If I come down with a case of decisiveness, I may well roll up on the Sunday. Beer may well be an option.

    Uncle Warren has made it clear that he will be there for an hour talk before going back home. Does anyone have some form of elaborate plan to lead our overlord to the pub? (I know its unlikely to happen)

    Is Kapow known to encourage cospaly?
    All things being well, i may be the person with a sharpied penis on my face and fake blood down my everywhere.
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    Cosplay, you ask?

    Well, check out mark 1:03 and listen for the scouse accent.

    Having never been to a convention before, I'm intrigued.

    [*ahem* bump]
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2012
    i waaaaas thinking of coming down for the MCM comics expo the following week, but this could be more fun!
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    I don't know if it says something about MCM or about me, but I hardly recognise any of the people or things listed under their comics section. Either I'm really out of touch or Kapow got all the real talent (no offense to anyone at MCM, but there are so many of my Vertigo favourites at Kapow).

    Also, MCM calls itself a Pop Culture Convention; In my experience that means that 90% of the attention goes to film and TV, and from the number of movie posters on display in the photo at the MCM website I think the same holds true here too.

    So yeah, I'm almost certainly going. Now I just need to decide if I should get a bunch of comics shipped over from home so I can get them signed...