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    Here's the new story, written today, in response to a challenge by @mojokingbee

    Your challenge is to provide art: either a spot illustration or a two page adaptation. A very different tale this time...

    Title: Deadlines and Breakdowns
    Word: spork
    Length: 200 words exactly

    Report by chief psychiatric officer, Earth V.U. One, 27th September 3312.

    Re: Final decision regarding patient X3R7 [anonymised under privacy regulation 3518]

    As per previous medical reports (see attached), patient was revived on 1st September inst., shortly before the limit set by the Hibernation Revival Authority. As numerous medical tests have shown, despite some discredited trials suggesting otherwise, patients not revived within 800 years of hibernation are likely to have suffered irreversible brain damage. 

    In patient X3R7's case, this cut off point was rapidly approaching and although no permanent cure for the condition which had led to his hibernation was yet available, the decision to confirm viability of the patient was taken. 

    As with other patients, however, matters did not proceed in a manner advantageous to the patient. His memory and cognitive functions appear to have suffered irretrievably during his hibernation to the extent that he could not even recall his name or identify a simple food utensil, referring to it using a meaningless syllable, i.e. "spork".

    As with the other humans, I arranged for the painless cessation of life. It was the kindest thing. 

    [pawprint attached]

    Fido Johnson, MD
    Chief Psychiatric Officer
    Earth Veterinary Unit One

    (c) Lee Barnett, 2012

    The Rules

    You’ve got until evening on Saturday 3rd March, say midnight British time, (4pm Pacific) to put up either a one panel spot illustration or a two page comic book depiction of the entire story. The art can be pencilled, inked, coloured, lettered... entirely up to you. But ART ONLY – no story ideas, or suggestions. This is an opportunity to showcase your art and storytelling abilities.

    We’ll announce on Sunday 4th March the winner who then gets to pick a new four word title and word, and I’ll write a new story which will go up Monday 5th March... which will start the whole thing running again for the following two weeks.

    If possible, please can you make sure you've got your email address registered in your profile so we can email you to let you know you're challenging me next time (just in case you're not able to visit that weekend).

    OK, what are you waiting for? Start drawing...!
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    I guess it'll all be dead quiet until just before zero hour, and then everyone will rush in with last-minute entries. That's what happened with the previous thread.
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    It doesn't help that this is precisely the kind of story that prose excels at, and comics... not so much.
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    Sorry haven't been around for a few days - things, you know.

    @dnewling - Thank you, and thanks for always taking part - much appreciated!

    @Jason - I thought it was a decent experiment, this type of story, both for spot illos and as a comics story. However, writing is merely part of it, and if I miscalculated this time around, artists here have my sincere and genuine apologies.
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    Just pointing out that it's a challenge. :)
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    @Budgie: thank you for the compliment. Are you going to put these stories into a volume, as you have with your previous stories, and publish them with their respective illustrations? Or would there be copyright problems?

    @Jason A Quest: Yes, I think the problem is that the story was written as a memo style and not much action, which would not make it easy to illustrate. Still, considering what Budgie was given to work with, I think he did jolly well. Anyway, we're supposed to get stretched and challenged at Whitechapel.
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    this one was a challenge but very fun to draw thanks @budgie
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    @imaginarypeople - The 'Hang In There' poster just made my day, thank you!

    Edit to add: The rest of the piece is also made of awesome! + @dnewling, nice spot illustration. I can understand this one's going to be hard from an artists' point of view, but you've both proved it's definitely do-able. I can't wait to see other people's interpretations.
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    @Imaginary People: The canine scientist is very funny, though I didn't quite get it until I read the story again: 'pawprint attached' (ha, ha!). So our world's going to go to the dogs in the 34th century, eh? Strange - I thought it was cockroaches who were supposed to rule the world after humans.

    @DistractDelude: thanks for the compliment! I'm glad that Imaginary People and I have proven that although this one might be tricky, you can do something with it.
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    thanks for the compliments distractdelude and dnewling
    i like how the story has a euthanasia undertone, and i tried to bring that out a little through my images.
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    Cool I'll do something for this tonight.
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    Sneaking this in just before the deadline...
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    Our planet really will have gone to the dogs by the 34th century....
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    OK, thanks, folks... genuinely appreciated, and as always a tough call to make.

    But I'm going for @imaginarypeople's wonderful telling of the tale here, though I loved @sebfowler's piece and if I was having something to hang on my wall, Seb - yours would be it. Fantastic.

    Thanks, @dnewling, for an interesting take on the story as well. As always, much enjoyed.

    But - @imaginarypeople... I don't have an email address for you, so please can you give me a new challenge to write: maximum of four words in the title and a word to use in the story.

    Thanks everyone!
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    title: the immortality drive
    word: tachyon
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    hope to see more entries next time. this one was really fun.
    thanks @ budgie for coming up with a fun challenge and interesting stories.
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    Thanks for the kind words, Budgie. I've been thoroughly enjoying these challenges.
    Brilliant work, @imaginarypeople. I too look forward to seeing more entries in the next one.
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    Indeed yes: more entries! I task each of you with Spreading the Word.
    • CommentTimeMar 5th 2012
    Ok, shutting down this thread in preparation for the new challenge. Thanks again, all...