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    Prepping! Both for a class I'm teaching this afternoon and for this weekend's Image Comics Expo in Oakland, wherein I'll share a table with frequent collaborator Jeremy Saliba. Tonight there shall be good friends and scotch. Who am I to complain...?
      CommentAuthorIron Imp
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2012
    Literally now I'm just faffing around on the internet, watching youtube and listening to music and now posting here.

    - I have been writing 2 songs, a acid house and analog noise scape track, respectively. Finally did the Reaktor 5.6.2 update, at 5.1.2 previously, getting used to the new GUI. Reading some RPG books: GURPS Ultra Tech, Shadowrun: Augmented and a variety of 3E Dungeons and Dragons stuff.

    - Playing System Shock 2, still... Tested the official Bethesda HD Texture pack for Skyrim; looked good, but my processor choked.

    - Caffeine and Benzodiazapines (clonazepam for haywire anxiety).
      CommentAuthorPeter Kelly
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2012 edited
    taking a break from the day job, and planning out this weekend, when I'll be shooting my first project in over a year.
    (2011 ended up being all talking about stuff, so 2012 I am committed to actually making things.)
    Related, the subject of this documentary is a Jack Kirby through the filter that is WhiteChapel's very own Mr. Hex.
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    I am recovering from a Terrible Leg Incident and using my time "productively" by planning the next 6 months of my record label (Aural Sects), as well as finalising tracks and performance points for the live debut of my witch house music project, Pe† Ceme†ery.

    Currently re-reading Warren's "Crooked Little Vein" whilst reading up on numerous other less interesting topics. Also preparing to lament my 25th Birthday on Sunday (Terrible Leg thing is pretty much physical confirmation that I'm no longer made of rubber)...
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    Procrastinated the day away... which also got some things done...

    I do love it when idle conversation is just what an associate needs to enable their passage through academia... :-)
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2012 edited
    Mixing down the second SHALLOW RAVE podcast, with a guest mix from Textbeak. Exciting times. Trying to figure out the difference between 'dynamics' and 'volume'.... brain melting.

    @Ninewhileninie83 - hope your leg is okay mate? Sounds rough...
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    dynamics caress and blow brain whilst staying the same dB throughout... :-)
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2012
    Cheers pal. It's all greek to me!
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2012
    Scripting, recovering from the dayjob
      CommentAuthorcity creed
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2012
    Second post in here maybe stretching the spirit of the thing, but it has been a hell of a day:
    -Made my 9am tutorial despite extended noisy yelling in my flat most of the night.
    -Dropped into meeting of the uni Palestine Society to hear a detailed, powerful and pretty horrible account of life under Israeli occupation.
    -Raced down to catch Mark Millar and Frank Quitely do a Q&A at a local arts venue.
    -Raced back up to attend a presentation called "We Are Legion - The Networked Multitude and Citizen Insurgency" in which the speaker repeatedly quoted the work of Biella Coleman and Kevin Slavin without proper attribution - for which I made him pay during the Q&A session afterwards.
    -Got my out-of-work friend Captain America a job.
    -Gave empathetic support and light relationship counselling (stifle that hollow laughter please) to traumatised flatmate.
    -Watched another episode of Homeland.
    -Drank five cups of exceptionally good coffee.
    -Not over yet, jazz night starts in a couple hours...
    I am the lightning storm happening in my brain.
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2012
    Just finished wrapping up a ukulele, strings, tuner and book so they look nothing at all like a ukulele, strings, tuner and book. Needles to say, the largest box contains the smallest item. I suspect the inclusion of a small package containing earplugs and labelled 'For The Neighbours' will get me thumped.
    • CommentAuthorkmcleod
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2012
    I'm leaving from work and taking the 83 Bus. Why do you ask?
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    Trying to work on too many projects and not making enough progress on any of them to be happy with them. Got 3 novel-length projects in various states and a fourth I want to start work on...
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