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    OK, it's been mentioned before and gone unanswered, so if Si or anyone on Avatar's side wants to quash this, I understand. Still, since this series was advertised to start last October - and it's now closing in on March - is this still happening?

    Having done a quick forum sweep I'm well aware that several forum members ditched the last series for various reasons. But as far as I know it still did well and the Crossed universe as a whole is selling better than a lot of indies.

    Anyway, the question has been asked. I keep going back to the website for updates, but there haven't been any for a while, which sucks since Si's post, here, got me rather excited for this - it sounds, FUN! Well... you know what I mean - not fun like that, maybe intriguing would be a better word(?)

    I like speculating about this angle on the Crossed and how it could be done. But most of all, I'd like to see it, because it sounds awesome.
    • CommentAuthorDC
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2012
    One person involved in the webcomics told me it would be released in March or April.
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    Fret not. News is imminent.
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    Thank you! Good to know and glad it's still happening.
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2012
    I fucking love Crossed, glad this is still happening... Loved the Ennis originals, equal parts delighted and horrified by Lapham's run, and the prospect of Si's take on it really gets my blood pumping. Let's rock!
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2012
    MARCH 14
    I recently asked the Homeoffice about this and they said the plan is to launch it with our other big C-Day promotions (unless plans change, of course). Other C-Day info:

    No mention of the webcomic in the link so I don't know if that date is still being finalized but I know a good deal of it is in the can and ready for web.
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2012
    Looking forward to this as well. Was wondering what the deal was. Good to hear we need not wait much longer.