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    Anyone in the SF Bay Area attending the Image Comics Expo this weekend? I'll be there with a small press table. 210, if you're interested in stopping by. Should be a good time!
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    Hope to see you Brian.

    I have a table at 604 where I will be selling artwork, prints and attempting to generate interest in my comic book ICHIDO. A sci-fi/jidai-geki tale of a fallen hero's journey to find redemption across an empire of ruin.

    A young monk chooses love over duty and unleashes an ancient evil.
    a love story about a boy and a girl

    Bad guys for opening story arc, the First Son of the Empire of Nihon wields an army of post-human biomechs from the forge city of Nara.
    army of the first son

    stop by and say "hey"
    thanks tomas
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    I'll be there, selling Witch Doctor trades at Booth #70 alongside Joe Keatinge (Hell Yeah, Glory) and Joshua Williamson (Xenoholics, Dear Dracula).
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2012
    Brandon, did you see the article on Bleeding Cool which mentions Witch Doctor in some good company?
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    Hey! Tomas! Met you briefly at APE and picked up a sketchbook and some cards. Jon Snow and Magnum were big hits as holiday gifts. I'll definitely stop by and say, "Hey!"

    Brandon, I'll come by and give you the glad hand as well.

    Looking forward to this!
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    Rather enjoyed the Expo and hope they bring it back next year. Certainly not as busy as Wondercon, but the joy amongst the attendees was palpable.

    Brandon: Good to meet you.

    Tomas: I didn't get to stop by as anticipated - but I did see many folks strolling by with stuff from your table. Good on you. I might be making it up to ECCC. Will you be exhibiting there?
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    @Brian: I will be at ECCC all three days at the imaginary people booth #220. I never had a chance to see anyone's work (other than those right around me) as my friend couldn't make it to the show to cover my table for me as I walked around. Had a great time, met some cool people. I would do it again next year if Wondercon doesnt come back to San Francisco.