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    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2012
    The Boo: I have eczema. It appears on my hands when it does. Right now it is being a motherfucker. I also have the misfortune of working as a barista part time at a place that rhymes with buttfucks. This only exacerbates the problem. My main job is doing freelance art, and right now, my skin is being difficult enough that drawing is getting to be a problem to accomplish. Before anyone asks, yes, I have medication, but once an outbreak starts, all you can do is medicate and ride it out. Also, I feel like a leper and tend to want to avoid human contact, but at the same time could really use a cuddle. *sigh* Ain't life grand?

    The Huzzah: I've been on quite a roll with doing a daily sketch project. I have some really good encouragement and support on it, so that helps. Also, I've become addicted to ponies. I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing, but I'm amused, and so are others, so I'd say it's good. I've also gotten a couple of nice commissions, hopefully, I'll get more. I'd much rather do that than destroy my skin by making my eczema worse, or nearly boiling my hands off with hot liquid, like I did a couple weeks back.

    Also, I realized today that the Ood (from Doctor Who) look like what Cthulu's vagina would look like. I just wanted to share that.

    Applesauce: I wish we were closer, Pook. I'd help keep you company. Or beat up the boys. Whatever. You know I'm good for both. ;)
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    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2012
    can't go to concave this year (a big scifi con run some buddies of mine) money...bleh..second year I've had to cancel the plans...
    body hurts really bad and I had to resort to some pain meds, now the acid reflux is burning my throat and making me hoarse....i hate how any meds i can take to help my problems have so many side effects that its an internal debate everytime to decide whether it's even worth it or not.
    completely out of cash until either the end of the month or my hubs makes some selling toys...almost out of smoke too..which means i won't be able to eat solid food in a couple days, and liquids are kinda hard to keep down (unless we get some more). last time i was out of smoke for about a week, and I ended up losing five lbs (very bad for me since I barely break a hundred on a good month) and in the end was so weak i could barely walk across the apartment.
    still not recovered the weight back. I'm worried that if I run into another rough patch without meds it's going to take me too long to recover. I've got so many events coming up in the next month that I really need to try to get my strength back up to be able to handle them.
    Once again...i can't get anyone to help me put out fliers for my show...i've got three weeks and i can't advertise...i'm so pissed off...i've got alot of attention already for it, but I really wanted to put fliers out in town...god ...dammit...every year it's something...

    getting my new copy of skyrim today. I had a copy months ago, and played the hell out of it until it mysteriously stopped working (no scratches...nothing...just fucked up) Dextra sent us some valentine's day cash so I bought a new copy...waited the two weeks deliver...opened my package...found it empty. Got it should come in today....fate can't hate me that much, so i'm expecting to be playing skyrim by midday YAY!
    Also the hubs and I are going off to visit a friend this weekend most likely...which means good food and fresh country air and scenery...
    I am really excited about botcon this year. in late april I get to make a road trip to dallas texas for four days of absolutely awesome geekery...and I'm hoping to hang out with Scott McNeil and David Kaye during the weekend. I've decided to front my business partner the money for the con so he can go too...for two reasons: One: Road trip with my hubs and my best buddy and fellow geek are great...but they have HORRIBLE taste in music and will freeze my ass to business partner refuses to ride anywhere if he can drive, and has wonderful taste in'm riding with aggravating as he is, we have fun on the road Two: he can get a press pass and is very good at convincing con celebs to come party with us. the big olnerd in me wants to chill with Megatron and Dinobot...just the great thing about going full package to botcon: you get a six or seven figure set of exclusive toys you can turn around and sell for about a thousand bucks or more (depending on how popular the set gets) if I pay for my business partner's entry, I get his set (minus the figure he wants out of it...but that'll still cover everything).
    I can't wait guys...i'm so excited.
    more the next couple weeks we should be getting a NICE three years worth of tax returns. I'm excited. I can finally get a car! yayay! all my money troubles will at least temporarily be fixed! I can finally leave the house without having to feel like a burden on someone!

    Applesauce! I know Dex :). I'd be a hell of a lot less bored with you around :P. Oh, on top of the cream...tea tree oil..i throw that advice around a lot with skin conditions, but it will help speed up the healing too. I had the exact same thing happen to my hands a couple years ago. It only spread to two fingers but it was painful as hell. the tea tree oil and medicated cream combo seemed to help the quickest. Also..YAY ponies :)
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2012
    With Big Poppa Si's indulgence, I'm going to start with

    YAY: Good Things. A major issue at the workplace is being resolved, my wife's medical issues may be taken care of, and I got eight hours--EIGHT HOURS--sleep last night. Things are fecund creatively. I'm firming up my plans to get in shape.

    BOO: Kind of have a toothache.

    App Laws: @Dex: Feeling you on that. I break out in dead face-skin, and if I'm not careful, my hands crack and bleed like a shitty stigmata.
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    The Boo: I have The Sick, in the form of some painful chest congestion. My job is still ... vague and amorphous. I also have The Anxious Depression. This sucks the joy out of even my most favorite things.

    The Huzzahs: My particular brand of The Sick isn't so bad that I can't work or enjoy life in general. More of a nuisance. I have a job. It pays well. I work with super smart, really nice people. This thread does help me focus on these good things by writing them out.

    Apple Salsa: @MostlyHarmless and @keyofsilence - Not having a degree of any kind, I've had to rely on my experience and goodwill to land gigs. Here's to hoping you'll both find that person(s) to let you get your foot in the door.
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    The Boo:

    Fiona Apple tickets sold out instantly. She's one of my favorite performing artists and I've never seen her live, and goddamn profit-mongers made it sell out instantly and then immediately posted tickets on StubHub for >3x the original asking price. People are douchenozzles.

    The Huzzahs:


    The Apple Condiment:

    @Oldhat, find small inexpensive ways to pamper yourself. Or as they say on Parks and Rec, TREAT YO SELF. (Except without the money-spending, obviously.)
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    Thanks folks, for the responses to the crippling loneliness. Some days are better than others as it always goes.

    @dork, Oh, I'm doing that. Just little things like springing for some fancy cheeses, baths, kicking more ass at the gym and such. Tonight: Beer and Little Nemo's Adventures in Slumberland.

    The Boo:
    Weight stuff. Surprisingly that's it.

    - The upcoming job stuff...I'm feeling a bit better about it the more I learn about it. Getting in to contract agreements and royalty percentages and stuff will be kind of intimidating since I have a dyslexia with numbers, but so far I'm feeling better about it.

    - Getting REALLY excited about travel this year. So far it's looking like Chicago, LA, Washington, NYC and Montreal (with a slight possibility of England). I hate staying in one place and a year of travel is SO what I crave.

    - On the Chicago note, I maaaaaay have found a good hostel for us to stay in (need to talk with Alan about it). It'll be a private room, so thankfully we can have alone time without some dude from Oslo asking us where he can score some pot.

    - Been kicking ass in the gym.

    - Best friend might be coming over this weekend for fancy dinner of Beer Sausages Inna Bun and a dessert of whatever she make.

    - Tonight I have schnitzel, beer, Mass Effect and hopefully the Little Nemo movie of my childhood.

    @dorkmuffin HOLY SHIT BELGIUM! Try cheeses from the Trappist monks! Chimay has a pretty nice one!
    @Dex ah hell. I second Pooka's suggestion of Tea Tree Oil but would also like to throw in the suggestion of Polysporin, which I find helps reduce the redness.
    @Pooka Hooray for Skyrim!
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    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2012
    hi everyone...

    This might be a decent post from me...

    THE BOO!

    - This insomnia that's hit me over the last 2 weeks is really messing up my life right now. I'm getting by on 3-4 hours a night and i feel like a hollowed out shell through the day. Naturally of course i try to get to bed early and have tried all the other stuff. Hot baths, milk and camomile tea, getting away from the PC and TV and reading a book (and academic texts on Psychogeography). But then it gets to 2:30 am and my brain is on fire, and i´m almost tried to tears. but still i can sleep...

    It's really getting me down. any advice (including booze & pills) is appreciated.

    Oh and the cat tried to run away twice this week. We're getting calls from people all round town going "your cat is eating our food!" It's getting pretty embarassing.

    ...And now for THE HUZZAH!

    Ok here goes.... I'M GOING TO BE A DAD! Yes, Sigga and I have finally done it! She is 6 weeks pregnant (and not a moment too soon. We were about to start IVF this month!). It was a lot of crossed fingers when she was a week late, then 2 weeks. But we went for a sonograph yesterday where we saw the "Thing" beating heart and everything. We now have a due date of around the 16th October. but i have a stag doo 3 week ealier and a major music festival 3 weeks after!. Bloody hell!

    Needless to say we're pretty buzzing about it. Well Sigga is... It's still going to take a few week for it all to sink in with me. But the bloodline will be continuing over here. SHIIIIIIIIT!!!


    @Oldat - you deserve a lot better, the way you'Ve been workgin at your career. Plus you have some decent friend on here i hope. I'll be sending you a message over the weekend, ok?
    @Brittanica - Hang in there at the farm. And maybe Nashville needs some decent nidustrial music, no?
    @keyofsilence - Good luck in getting a new job!
    @Sonny - Reminds me a little fo the local rap scene here (joke - the scene here is waaaaay better than that dogshit lol).
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    HUZZAH INDEED BOB. That's great man.
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2012
    FUCK YES BOB!!! I've been thinking about it since you mentioned you two were trying but feeling frustrated. So happy for you!! Yes! little baby Bobs with a big daddy Bob!! Woo!
      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2012
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2012 edited
    -To everyone

    don't tell Sigga but if it's a boy, i may call him Símon Warren Robertson. (In Iceland they use my first name for the child's surname - Plus Warren wouldn't be allowed as a first name)

    Catchy, eh?
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    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2012
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2012
    Hyperawesome news Bob, congrats dude!!!!
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2012
    Bob, I'm selfishly hoping she delivers a few days early and you get a kid with my same birthday.

    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2012
    @bob -Mazel tov! /breaks out the gender-neutral bubblegum cigars
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    The BOO:

    The weather keeps killing me. I love rainy days, and it's unendingly awful to have the grey days be the barometric pressure shift that makes the brain swelling knock me down with Scanners-skull. I was invited out by a lovely young man last weekend, and I had to cancel. It kills me, because he seems like a fabulous person to befriend. Tonight is an old friend's birthday shindig, but unless the weather clears up, I fear I won't be able to attend. I am in brain throbbing pain.


    Because I am seen as a nag and have offended my roommates, I have agreed to stop asking that others clean up after themselves (nor shall I clean it myself). The apartment is now a fucking filthpit, which does not bode well for the whole getting-rid-of-bedbugs thing. In fact, the past few days I've seen dozens of new baby cockroaches, which I pretty successfully had eradicated. So, instead of the apartment having LESS vermin, we have more.


    I've got about $500 in medical bills that have gone to collections, and I'm trying to figure out how Medicare Part D works, and every other social program I have to wade through.

    The YAY:

    I have ... shifted my energy. This sounds silly perhaps, but... I've surrendered myself to the world again, and I suppose this is how people feel when they "surrender their will to god". I feel as though I'd been tied in a knot to keep my insides safe while walking uphill, and instead decided to just relax, unfurl, and give in to the flow of gravity and find the crest of a wave to float on. I'm not walking around like a guru, I still get angry and frustrated at much in the world, but I'm not straining upstream like I had been. I think part of the catalyst was struggling to come to terms with having to get rid of most of what I own, of what I'd been working hard to amass for the past few years after the last time that most of my belongings were eaten. This has happened to me a few times in my adult life. I've decided to use my normally battered ego as incentive, and explain to myself that I only have so much oomph, and that my oomph and energy is too important to waste so much of it on creating nice living spaces for myself the way I have been. I still find attractive surroundings just as integral to my peace of mind, but I have to find another path. In general. For everything.

    I must stop using the same methods most seem to use, and instead use the tools of oddity that I naturally posses.

    I must go back to being me, as much as I can.

    So. I dyed my hair purple, bleached out my eyebrows, started working on long forgotten art projects, enjoyed hours of philosophical conversation, felt my chemistry tweak upwards.

    And things immediately started to fall into place. Synchronicity abounded.

    A new place to live without effort. Sudden emails from long ago clients. Sudden messages from old friends I'd not seen. Possible gigs. Social invitations. Meeting a fellow who, days later, I heard interviewed on my favorite non-commercial radio station (WFMU), which I will be volunteering at next week during their fundraising (something I'd been meaning to do for over a decade).

    Yeah, my one invitation got dashed last weekend, but I've had other new friends to hang with. I got to see a free show with an amazing gospel-style double set (featuring one of the members of TV on the Radio) where the singer noticed me and addressed me from the stage to compliment my necklace, after which my friend and I sat at a diner and chatted til long past dawn. The next day, another friend invited me over for an amazing homemade dinner. The day after that, another friend brought me with him to a free screening for Act of Valor (terrible propagandist horseshit, but free). THREE DIFFERENT NEW FRIEND OUTINGS! IN A ROW!

    And then, last night, one of these new friends of mine decided to treat me and get us tickets to see WILLIAM SHATNER on BROADWAY for this Saturday!! (I am unsure exactly how much this might be thought of as a date, though. Is it rude to accept if I am not interested beyond friendship? I hope not, because I'm certainly going!)

    The clap clap clap clap...

    @icelandbob - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    @dorkmuffin - JEALOUS!

    @pooka - I live on tea and weed, so I can understand the pain of it's loss. I'm almost out of this month's food stamps, and I'm recycling burny bits in my vaporizer. HOWEVER, if you have any left over dottles (omg, the first time I've EVER gotten to use that word in a sentence!), you could try frying them up in a small omelet (which is my method). If you can get the omelet down, it may inspire more eating!

    @trini - I like your flatware method. I imagine spoors are hardest because they get bent so easily trying to eat icecream and such.
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    @bob Said it on twitter, but I literally wept for joy for you to. Give Sigga my ABSOLUTE best. :) And can't wait to get that message...thanks.
    @rae, embracing yourself is the best possible thing to do. Doing that really got me out of a breakdown.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2012
    I think i'm done with alcohol for the time being....makes me pretty sad. I do enjoy drinking, but i think the acid reflux has fucked up the little sphincter muscle that keeps the acid outta my throat. I've had mostly permanent heartburn for months now, and I'm taking two prilosecs a day...eventually when I get my disability health insurance I can get the operation to fix it, but for now...stickin' to weed.

    I Argonianed the fuck outta skyrim today :). FINALLY GOT MY NEW COPY!! YAY!!!!
    Now I get to go away from skyrim for the weekend (and possibly the internet altogether) to go chill at a friend's big fancy house, and eat their yummy yummy food and play with their fuzzy fuzzy kitty....and they've got smoke so I'll be taken care of. I'm fairly well taken care of at the moment actually. Friends that care have been saving the day for me.

    Applesaucy goodness:
    @icelandbob WOOT!
    @Rachæl Tyrell *hugs* I get so pissed when I have to cancel fun stuff due to health issues. I've had to put off so many dates and parties because of my body crapping out on me, but don't let it stress you too much. You'll feel better soon and you can reschedule. if he's that awesome he'll understand. folks like us just kind of have to go with it, and not let it stress us out too bad. We just need to make the most of the times when we do feel good.... and YAY for purple hair!
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    @Pooka - Hooray for friends with smoke!!!! Socially, yeah, it's true, we do just have to accept it and deal with it. It's one of those things that I do try and warn people about upfront, but they never do seem to get it until long after the fact. Some days my intestines hate me, and using the lavatory every 45 minutes means i can't go out. Some days the weather shifts and my head explodes and I need to be laying down, so I can't go out. Some days i feel physically ok, but agoraphobia grips me by the throat, so I can't go out. I think people just don't understand if they can't physically see it. I wish I bled from my pores when I was in pain. Also, ditto on the not drinking. I just came to that renewed conclusion again myself. I didn't drink for a few years, and I really didn't miss it very much. I like socializing though, and in NYC people rarely entertain at each other's homes as much as we all just congregate at bars, get loaded, subway home. I just have to bring my weed out with me, or start to cook it in food for myself on my way out. I just tend to get angry at myself for not making use of EVERY MOMENT that I don't feel terrible.

    ........*breathe*.... accept it, me! ........ *breathe*

    @oldhat - Yknow I think I didnt realize how much I'd let the last two people I was .... involved with, really helped to further isolated me, and in doing so, I lost all identity beyond what they provided. The one five years ago was terrible, the one three years ago, much less so. i think I might finally be shaking off the last few vestiges, as the voice in my head that says shamefully "what would HE think of you doing that?" is hardly a whisper now.
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2012
    Yay Iceland Bob! Congrats!