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    @Bob - I'm delighted for you, keeping everything crossed that it all works out for you and Sigga - that's really awesome. YEEEEEEEEEHAHAHAAAAA


    All from earlier post applies...


    I am supremely drunk, in a hotel somewhere in the Midlands but I don't know exactly where, the corporate magazine I edit has just won an industry award and I've been celebrating. So, very proud of the agency and team I work with, and yeah, screw it, I should go to sleep sometime soon.


    Bob - hell yes. Again. Very pleased for you
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2012
    I'll do a proper post in a moment, but:

    BOB! HOLY SHIT, BOB! Fucking congratulations, man! Give Sigga our best, and, just, fuck, Jesus Crack Cocaine, this is awesome news!
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2012
    The Boo:

    Biggest thing is that after I think two years of uncertainty, our house is officially being foreclosed--between job crap and probably some mismanaged choices in refinancing, we just can't afford it anymore. Outside of the fact that where we're going to live is kind-of up in the air, what really bums me about it is that it still feels like "ours"--I've lived here I want to say thirteen years, we literally build it ourselves. I knew I wanted out of the house at some point, but not this way.

    The Huzzah:

    Hmm...not a whole lot to huzzah about, really. I mean, I'm doing pretty well in my classes. I've even gotten back on the writing habit again, doing some outlining for a pretty cool comic project that I want to start with an artist friend of mine this year.

    The Applause:

    Of course, congrats to Bob and Sigga, wonderful news to :)
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    Having a cold sucks. It'll end soon enough (I hope).

    I discovered a new antique/collectibles store, which was lots of fun, and I ended up getting a greeb iridescent beetle encased in glass pendent that I have been having waay too much fun looking at. Also, had fun hanging out with my mom at my apartment today. I'm so lucky to actually have a good relationship with my mom.

    @phil_sea: Thanks. I hope he's worth his salt.

    @dorkmuffin: OMG that is so cool! The touristy part of me wants to know if you've seen (or are going to see) Manikin Piss, and the art nerd part of me is hoping you'll get to visit Antwerp and visit the Rubens museum(s).

    @icelandbob: Congratulations!! Happy Dance! Yay! Because of my Swedish background, I'm familiar with the Scandinavian tradition of Father's First Name-son, but I thought they didn't do that anymore (in Sweden at least). Kind of neat to find out they still do this in Iceland. If the baby is a girl, would her surname then be Robertdóttir?

    @Rachael: Hooray for new friends and doing things! And your roommates are gross and filthy and I hope you get out asap because ewwww. Cockroaches too? How have they not been evicted? Appalling.
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2012

    Bus home was filled to capacity with drunky drunk people. Not a great way to end a day (nor was the vomit one of them left as a present for whichever poor sap has to clean the bus).


    The game is coming along really well. Also, new screenshots and info!

    List of Karst crystals

    @IcelandBob: Super congratulations!
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    Boo: Actually doing fairly well. Other than stressing myself out in the pre-engagement night jitters... I don't actually pop the question until Tuesday night. But until then, I haven't actually picked UP the ring, since I'm having it made custom, it won't be ready until THE DAY OF, and I'm a little nervous about that.

    In preparation for the money I'm spending before I have it, I'm working a double-shift tonight, getting a total of 11 hours of OT this week. All things said and done, when this is over, I'll probably break even, while only having to pay off about $350 spent on my pre-paid credit card.

    Huzzah: Tomorrow begins one week of paid time off, what I call mental health days. Not really a vacation per se, but I don't have to go to work. I'm going to a fancy barber and having my beard professionally shaped into something reasonable, before I take the future Mrs. Spy out for dinner.

    We're going to Americas, which is this totally fancy South American place that we've been to once before. Menu includes several different types of ceviche, lobster corn dogs, corn smoked crab fingers, and reportedly one of the best steaks in the country.

    After vacation, I have one week of training. Which means two weeks of not having to be inside a prison, and ending with me shooting things. WIN!


    Icelandbob !!! Huge congrats! Keep up the good work *wink wink nudge nudge saynomore*

    Mostly Harmless: You were going DHS? As a lawyer? Any specific reason you were trying DHS (other than their budget is still getting bigger)? Are there any other Fed agencies you applied at or are considering? If you need any info about trying to get into the Feds let me know, if I can't help, I might know someone who can.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2012
    Bloo: Ugh I really fucking try to be a nice an decent person in real life but there's always gonna be mother fuckers with chips on their shoulders who don't fucking get it. This black dude came into my store yesterday eating some gross chili fries, I told him "oh great you're gonna eat here? better not drop anything." and then he dropped a fry and I was like "Great! There ya go, now pick it up" and he got all tough guy about it. I just ignored him 'til he left on his own, then I saw he left his trash outside on the hedges. The motherfucker had the nerve to come back today with a little kid and was acting stupid about the other day. I told him I saw him throw his trash outside my door and I'm not selling him shit for being a little dick, then I snapped a pic of him with my phone as a mind game. I had other ladies in my store when he walked out yelling "Ay day racist here!" Whatever, he was the one being an asswipe. All my best customers are black so it irks me when some jerkoff with a complex starts looking for an excuse for being a piece of crap with no manners and wonders why they aren't getting what they want. It's always the males who act like fucking drama queens. Men are trash and fuck the patriarchy. Anyway, the badass mohawk chick I was into for a while is black so hurrdurrr it's not about race with me it's about being nice and not a stupid fucking human. But this kind of shit makes me really excited about all of us getting wiped the fuck out in a ball of fire soon. There really is no point in humans anymore, the experiment failed a long time ago. It's all about killing time now (lol, that was bleak).

    Huzzah: ANYWAY yay Kate Beaton retweeted me today. That was really sweet of her to use her following to get the word out about other comics. She fucking gets it. Also I went to a WWE show last night. Some nobody threw TP at Chris Jericho. It was a cool time but the height of the cheap seat nosebleeds section freaked me out so I didn't even bother finding my seat and just got a row of handicap seats to myself! And security creeps in orange blazers were all over, it was annoying, I thought if you buy a ticket you're a guest, blahhhh. I do not recommend a night out at the Staples Shitter, or L.A. in general, HA! All the bright lights outside felt like I was in Blade Runner except not as gritty and diverse and more about consumer sponge fuckery.

    Applause: Yay for Seed of Bob! Hope it slaps the doctor right back and doesn't take shit from anybody!
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2012
    Boo I have tried like a motherfucker to make myself go to bed by 2am so I don't end up hauling myself up past noon and still feeling like hammered shit. It's not working. When I did it a little it felt great. But then it crashed again. I have no idea how to get a workable schedule into my life so I'm not constantly playing catch up with stuff I've committed to doing and not get around to doing the stuff I really, really want to do. This means I'm sort of keeping up with my Japanese because I'm in an ongoing class and so I have homework and tests and things. But I'm not doing shit for voice over because there's no external points to meet - or, that is why I don't prioritize it. The time to get things done isn't magically showing up and I am at a complete loss for how to organize my day - well my waking hours - so that I get to it all.

    Huzzah Went out and gamed a little bit with some good friends tonight. It was an experimental game my friend cooked up with many layers of characters guiding other characters, I was the in the last layer and subsequently the most important since I helped decide who won. As it happened - me! I won! Well, my side won, but I walked away with the "Winner" medallion. Heh. It was silly and fun. Better yet, i got to hang out with my friends and have a good old time in a gorgeous Victorian style house in a lovely little town just a few minutes from where I live.

    In between BOO and HUZZAH is the news on my brother. I still don't get all the fucking details on the damn case and the law and whatnot. But the date that was his "pre-trial" got the whole thing sorted, sentence given and release date planned. He should be home on Tuesday. I don't know what state of mind he'll be in by then. He's not doing so hot and he's been on a different dosage of his meds while in custody. He did not sound great when on the phone. Really has me worried. But at least he won't be over there for much longer. He'll even be home for his birthday. Surprised jail time will be so short, but his parole time will be long - three years. Eek. In the meantime if officers come by to see him at any time we have to let them in...

    Gave Applause to Iceland's very own Bob already, so now a *hug* to Trini. Just because. (And a };> to Robin because I might get to meet her in two months!)
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2012 edited

    Boo The First: I have just returned home from The Club after a very nice evening of making things sound unreasonably good (seriously, a hollowbody electric though a DI straight into the board and the PA has no business whatsoever sounding that good) and playing some relly nice rounds of various boardgames with lovely people. And yet. Every time I come back home alone, I can't help that undercurrent of loneliness. This mix of crippling shyness in making the first (or nth) move and utter obliviousness in noticing when someone might be interested in me is not very conductive to Things Happening. It's not even a sex thing, I just think sleeping alone is the most useless thing a human being can do with their time. So yeah. Boo hoo. Sob.

    Boo The Second: Money. It seems in a month I'll be on the other side of the Atlantic, and my budget appears to be very very slim. Now, my previous experience with NYC showed me it's actually pretty easy to get by there on a tight budget, but I wouldn't want to make my companions go light, too. After the two weeks in NYC I'll be on my own, and I'm pretty sure things will go rather well on just goodwill toward a performing musician and so on, so that doesn't really worry me as much. Still, if you feel like spreading the word, I'd be much obliged.


    i) FUCK YES I'LL BE IN NEW YORK AND GOD KNOWS WHERE ELSE (TORONTO, I'M LOOKING AT YOU) IN LESS THAN A MONTH. And the idea of having just a one way ticket is very very VERY appealing. I keep looking at the number of things tethering me to Helsinki, and coming up with a rather small number of actually binding anchors. At the moment my goal (such as it is) is just to not fly back from NYC. Chicago, maybe? Or if I manage to make my way to the left coast, Seattle, SFO, LAX?

    (Oh, and in the past few days I've realized I'm landing in NYC on St. Pat's. I feel the drunken culture shock is appropriate.)

    ii) Robin is going to LA and that's both Major Applesauce as well as Huzzah. Boy howdy. (Too abstract to think about.)

    iii) SIZERIZED.


    Robin: I hear ya on the loneliness. Making food for one is a sad thing, and eating alone is even worse. If I make it to Toronto when you're around, cookings will happen, yes?

    Also, I realize this section is meant for COUNTERBOO MEASURES, but: BOB! Goddamnit, that there is the most awesome wonderful thing right now on the globe! Best of luck to you and yours. <3
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2012
    I am seriously getting burned out at school, over the last few weekends I have spent closed to 15 hours doing math homework and I am having a hard time giving a shit any more.

    Picked for publication, again!

    I love having a place were I can come and meet with internationals who all care so damn much about each other, in many cases never hugging them but always wanting too. I love all of you and hope the boos get better and the Huzzah's change your lives for the better.
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    Boo: Being sick sucked. It felt like I was hacking up chunks of phlegm at one point. Pretty gross stuff. But really, that's not that bad.

    Huzzah: I'm getting better. About damn time! And maybe a date this coming weekend? Whatever. I'm at the point where I'm not going to worry about this shit because things will happen or they won't, and things seem to be getting better. Also, affordable health care!

    Applesauce (the most important part): @gov spy: Exciting times! I'm looking forward to how things go. And time off, you totally deserve that stuff.

    @Chris: Crappy customers are crappy customers. Sorry to hear it.

    @razrangel: :D *hugs back* I hope your brother can get the help he needs, at least at some point. It sounds like he needs a massive amount of it. And that you and your family can get the help you need too. It's so easy for the average person to forget that when someone is sick or has mental health problems, it doesn't just affect them, it affects the people who are taking care of them too.

    @taphead: Sorry to hear about the loneliness. Like I've said before, that shit sucks. If I may, learning to be alone without being lonely is pretty powerful stuff. Sometimes sleeping alone is kind of ok, ya know? That said... FUCK YEAH TRAVELLING!! I'm totally looking forward to hearing about your plans and whatnot. Where you able to get some contacts in California and etc going? And obviously, any help I can give you with it, you know where to find me, etc etc.
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2012
    @icelandbob- Belated congratulations man, that's awesome news. Also, re. the sleeplessness, try valerian tea, double up on the teabags, (and if available, a joint).
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    Flipped a lid in a situation where the said lid should've remained unflipped, and currently I'm hoping I didn't make a very messy situation any messier. Against a large body of evidence, I'm quite a conciliatory guy in the end and very hard to anger properly, but just managed to slip over the border this time. Well, I'm feeling far lighter myself, got rid of ten bucketfuls of resentment, and don't really care that I'm not on speaking terms with the person in question. Still, sigh. I don't like losing my temper, since although gradual, it always takes me a little bit by surprise. I enjoy the quality wine of being constructive over the crack of throwing a tantrum.


    More or less everything else. I'm been annoying the fuck out of my pals by telling how great I feel about life and how well everything is. There's hobbies, friends, art, filthy lucre and creativity. I know. I'm currently a horrible person to listen to! :)


    Congrats to Bobmeister for probably having had sex at least once!
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    @icelandbob- Belated congratulations here also, sir.
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2012
    Sorry, I just received another boo.
    If you haven't heard there was another school shooting today at the Chardon High School in Ohio. My nephew attends there and three of the students shot are friends of his. He was with them 10 minutes before the attack and is physically okay. I understand that one of the students has passed away and at least one is in critical condition. If you pray, please do so.
    • CommentAuthorKoltreg
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2012 edited
    1. Inadvertently did a section of an application for the job I hoped to get that I was not supposed to do. Won't know until tomorrow if I am still a viable candidate for the job as such. I went and sent the supervisor an email though apologizing and offering to fill out everything again. Hopefully that might help.

    2. Also found out I am not on the current list of SPX Exhibitors despite getting the application in early so I might just check out HeroesCon as an alternative.

    @beamish I'll add in a prayer for you.

    Edit: Yay.
    Just got back interview responses from Chris Roberson so that makes things better.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2012
    @Beamish: God damn, man. I'm sorry to hear that. Glad your nephew wasn't hurt (physically), but still, that's awful.
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2012
    Christ, Beamish--what a horror.
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    I'm very sorry to hear that Beamish. I'm sure all of our thoughts are with the victims and their families.
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2012
    Oh my goodness, Beamish. Yes I'll pray.