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    • CommentTimeFeb 29th 2012 edited
    i'm way too much of a friendly guy sometimes. only sometimes. this time i'm drumming up support for an exhibition an acquaintance of mine is putting together.

    titel: TechnoSensual
    theme: fashiontech, techfashion, wearable electronics, technology in design and fashion, technology in art, human experience, transhumanist themes, et. al.
    who: anouk wipprecht

    she's currently looking for people based in vienna, austria or anywhere in the netherlands to support her artists in residence with tech and engineering expertise and hands-on collab. y'know, figuring out the right circuit and building it, testing sensor-arrays and refining them, coming up with technological solutions to artistic principles and the like.

    if you see something that speaks of [and preferably also to] you within these badly crafted lines, then, by all means, get in touch with her. by writing an email, yes. [also, feel free to tell her it was me who sent you, for losing some of that karma you've been accumulating. or just because you actually respect the idea of giving credit. how's that for a concept?]

    and if you want to talk about it, well, do. here. don't know very much myself at this point, but since it seems that i might be involved somehow, i'll gladly share whatever i can.