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    A few works in progress for a new project:




    and maybe in color...

    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2012
    Looking good no cuddle. I really dig the dual tone, cool tones thing you usually use, but man the color really pops. I kinda dig it.
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    Downton Abbey Creatures.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2012

    Soviet SuperGirl, just for the hell of it. Loved RED SON, this is a tribute.
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    @no cuddle time- wow love those comic pages. reminds me of Ben Templesmith style but i actually like yours better. esp. like the colors you added to the first page
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    Just realised I posted this in the wrong month's thread.
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2012

    Begging forgiveness from the great Katsuhiro Otomo, I submit this bit of sketch cover fun for your pleasure.
    DEADPOOL #50 blank variant, ink and wash, markers and wee bit of gouache.
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    @Rooth - -HAH!
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2012
    Rooth, you magnificent bastard! Kudos!
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2012
    Hehe- thanks guys :) Just a bit of silly fun.
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    Late night sketching
    "Never date a sith girl"
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    Sweet stuff from everyone this early into the month.

    went to gig. band sketches issued. i had to pick gypsy music to get back into Need to build up my precision and muscle memory again.

    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2012
    A cavalcade of wonders as usual. No Cuddle Time's artwork is striking; I think some sort of special art alchemy might be happening between the grey and the coloured pages. And Burningmonster! I've come to anticipate these!

    All I've got is the new version of one of the portraits from last month's thread. I'm not much of a fan of the modern folk magic of "authenticity", but yeah, it feels very different to draw a portrait of someone from a photo reference as opposte to doing it from life, or of someone you know well. Some more references, some pointers from a friend of his, sketches, and a lot of careful measurement seems to have done the trick, though the facial expression wandered much closer to the main reference photo. Oh well. Chafing at your limits is supposed to be a good thing, right?

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    Thanks IP and Nygaard! I know bugger all about color but I'm forcing myself to use it more. I'm scanning in the pages then desecrating them with acrylic paint; it does feel like alchemy. If it's a calamity I can always just use the black and white ones.
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    Good stuff in the thread again.

    I've been a bit lazy recently but heres a couple of recent things. A new version of my avatar I've been using for ages:

    And I'm up to U on Alphabeasts:
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    • CommentAuthorPooka
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2012
    awesomeness all around...I love this thread :)
    • CommentAuthorScottS
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2012
    Batgirl work-in-progress

    batgirl WIP
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    oh my god that lettering and inking tickles me in my happy place, kenbastard. and that is one sweet-ass red riding hood riff, cuddle time.

    When I heard the theme of Further Confusion 2013, I pulled out my phone right there in the 2012 feedback panel and volunteered. They got back to me last week and asked me to do a promo flier; this is what happened.

    And this is the rough I really wish they'd chosen - they liked the straight rip from the "Forbidden Planet" poster a lot more than me doing some crazy Chris Reccardi mod craziness. (I also tried to do some Richard Powers stuff but I couldn't really nail that vibe to my satisfaction, let alone theirs.)

    And this is a fragment from a collab I'm doing with one of my comics idols. If you can figure out who that is from this one panel then I love you.

    I really try to avoid taking commissions nowadays, but sometimes someone comes to me with a request that is TOO AWESOME TO PASS UP. I warn 'em that it'll take like six months, and if they're cool with that, then I take their money and do it eventually.

    I was rereading the Fourth World saga and felt like doing my take on some of the designs. I have some roughs for an ultra-fey Mr. Miracle (it's not a total gender-swap, just a partial) as well.

    And of course I'm still doin' that comic about the robot lady with reality troubles. These are the 49th and 50th pages; I think it's about 1/3 done.