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This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2012
    There's too much goddamn beauty in this thread right now. Time to balance things out:

    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2012

    This is a screencap from a video I took of myself last year doing one of the things I do. I keep meaning to edit this into a timelapse of the piece coming together, but I keep not having time.

    @dorkmuffin - please never stop taking pictures of your hair!
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    A self-portrait from a couple of days ago. I am desperately in need of some sleep.

    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2012 edited
    Derp! It's April now! I'll delete that photo and bung it up in the April SPIT thread when there is one.

    I'll leave my March-related comments here anyway.

    @J.Brennan That is some fine beard porn :-D
    Yep, it’s official, @Andre Navarro looks adorable in scarves.
    @texture You look like you’ve been arrested and no matter how hard they beat you with telephone books you aren’t going to tell them shit :-D
    @Rachæl Tyrell I love the purple hair and your current cut :-)
    @Magnulus I… you… just… Never change, man. Never. Change. (As a person, I mean. You are not obliged to wear the Mowgli costume at all times. Although…) PS. GJETOST FOR THE WIN! I am addicted to that stuff. It’s like if peanut butter and cheese had a delicious caramel-y baby!
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2012
    I wanted help picking out a new pair of glasses so I picked my favorite three and a posted a pic with all three options in it to various social media outlets.

    specs spec
    In case you were curious (and even if you weren't, I s'pose) the results were:
    Option 1: 6
    Option 2: 17
    Option 3: 8

    I went with Option 3, mostly because I liked the thicker part at the top. Do you think I made the right choice, Whitechapel?
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2012
    I think so. At first glance 2 & 3 looked the same to me, but upon closer examination, I like prefer the thicker part of the sides on 3.
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    I like option 3
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2012
    Thanks, guys. Meant to post this in April's though! Someone needs to put this thread down for it's own good. ;)

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.