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    I managed to be in London 10 days and not see a single film at the cinema...I really should have taken more breaks from work.

    I did, however, catch The Illusionist [the animated Tati-inspired, not the dodgy goateed] and Primer on DVD.

    Both are interesting films.

    The Illusionist is charming, moving, and sad. Its comedy is simple but effective, its characters stock but beautiful, and its bittersweetness remains firmly stuck in my throat. I recommend wholeheartedly to watch, to own, and to adore.

    Primer is a film for mathematicians: I don't mean that the maths and physics involved are so high-concept that they can't be understood [because they can and its fairly simple] but the portrayal of the characters, the speed at which they speak, and the way the camera works is fast and distant. Its cinematography reminds that there's always something going on the background: this of course leads to a Brechtian distancing on the viewer of but doesn't do so much with it - due to the fast pace, sometimes things slip by and you don't care so much. The two leads do well but other than that, there aren't many on screen. In closing I'd say that it works better as a discussion piece than it does as a film. I recommend watching but not owning.
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    @Ben: I bought a copy of Primer not long ago. I've only watched it the once, but I am tempted to give it a second viewing. Even though I was a bit lost in parts, I did find it somewhat different and interesting.
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    @flecky - it's worth a rewatch, if only for the challenge. I was stoned when I saw it so I may try rewatching it sober. It's a slightly difficult film [emphasis on film] in that you don't care for the leads much but that does let you think over the concepts on your own while observing the goings on. I'd be interested to hear what others think.

    Today, my friend has invited to pay for me to go see Avengers Assemble with them - I'll not turn that down. So, expect a quick post later.
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    Heh, Cabin in the Woods. I would not have gone to see that without this thread ... thanks Whitechapel :)
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    I guess when I said 'later' I meant a lot later.

    I think I didn't post about it yesterday because Avengers Assemble was a fun bit of fluff but it felt like exactly that: fluff. Popcorn fodder. Tentpole filmmaking. There's nothing wrong with that: in fact, it's very enjoyable - so enjoyable that I gave up on trying to read too much meaning into the [very professional but very slick & quick] cinematography after about 15 minutes and the really impressive first major set-piece. On a personal fan-boy level I was chuffed to see the Maria Hill character in there.

    So for anyone who has seen Avengers Assemble, I have one question: could you see that film without seeing any of its predecessors and enjoy it as fully?

    Final note, Joss Whedon must have so little free time: Cabin in the Woods, Avengers Assemble, Buffy comics; what a chap.
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    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2012
    It is Boston Independent Film Fest time round these parts and caught an excellent screening of "We are Legion: the Story of the Hacktavists" last night. Excellent movie that really excelled at loosening up the audience with humour before digging into the impact of the Anonymous movement with deadly seriousness. Highly recommend.

    Here's a trailer:

    We Are Legion Trailer
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    Whedon is making an adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing! IMDB link.

    And just look at that cast list...
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    @Ben - I'd say you could watch Avengers without seeing the previous ones and still enjoy it, but it wouldn't be near as much fun as seeing all the little story threads from the other films joining up. I also was pleased to see they put Maria Hill in it, and that they found ways to work in some of the more 'famous' lines from the comics in interesting ways.

    I really liked it. It's not going to top many 'best of' lists, but a nice big fun movie was what I really needed this weekend, and I felt they got a good balance between the action, the humour and the 'not letting Robert Downey Jr. totally take over the film'.

    I suspect there's going to be a LOT of people quoting it in the office today as well...
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    If you were expecting any other movies to be AWESOME this year, tough.

    The Avengers has used it all up.

    I've seen it twice now and it didn't lose a thing second time 'round. It's big, it's fun, it's occasionally hilarious, it brings to the screen iconic moments from the decades of Marvel comics (the Helicarrier, Hero vs. Hero, big action in the streets of New York) and if you're anything like me, it'll make you feel like a kid again discovering comics for the first time.

    The cast is perfect and there isn't a single character in it who's there just because they were in the comics. They all have their moment in the sun.

    Go see it and thoroughly enjoy yourself fo two hours of your life.
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    you ppl are killing me
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    Avengers (Assemble) was brilliant fun. Definitely one of the best blockbusters I've seen in a long time. I didn't care all that much for Iron Man 1 and 2, though they were fun enough. I didn't like Incredible Hulk at all (preferred Bana and even though everyone disagrees with me, I preferred that whole film.) as it felt entirely formulaic. Thoroughly enjoyed Thor, though. I was really happy to see that the feel of Avengers was a lot more like Thor than the other three I saw (Never got around to Captain America) and that the trademark Joss Whedon banter was present.

    It was one of the few superhero films where the characters just being around each other not "doing" much (ie: Not bashing people's heads in or dodging missiles) was just as entertaining as the action. I wasn't waiting for the next set piece. At all. But when they arrived, boy did they arrive. And that is a great action movie.

    Also have to say I am incredibly happy they didn't have Hulk say his famous line in this one, as it felt like entirely out-of-place fan service in IH. They handled that one really well. And then Hulk handled something else really well, which I won't spoil by saying any more.

    In other news! I've been watching VEEP, and it's all entertaining and cringeworthy and all that stuff, but how in the hell is Julia Louis-Dreyfus 51?! The Thing I had for her back in the Seinfeld days is still as big as ever, if not bigger.
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    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2012
    The Avengers have an extra scene at the end of the credits that we, Europeans didn't have. It's no big deal, I don't know why they didn't include it.
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    That scene sounds hilarious. Guess it could be something they added after they'd finished the European version. I still dunno why we get it earlier than the US, though I'm not complaining about *that*!

    Also, Avengers was awesome. Very possibly the best of the Marvel flicks so far, though part of that could be because of that thing about all those little plot threads coming together. I've seen all the Marvel flicks so far, so you get that little spark of recognition, adding a little extra to the movie, as well as ensuring you're already invested in the characters (besides the Hawkeye/Black Widow combo, who do well without the backstory too). It's awesome in so many other ways too, though. And god, but the Hulk has so many great moments, it makes up for both Ang Lee's weird surreal flick and the entertaining-but-forgettable Marvel-universe flick.

    Best single punch I've seen in a movie so far this year, just after the second time he Hulks out. A little later, the sudden Thor side-punch. "Hulk? Smash." Puny god.
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    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2012
    OK folks . . . just which Marvel movies should I see before taking in Avengers?

    I've seen:

    The "old" Hulk (early 2000s?)
    Iron Man 1,2
    Thor from last year
    Captain America

    Would I be right in thinking I just need to take in the "new" Hulk?
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    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2012
    I've heard the new hulk actually doesn't play that much into this hulk, oddly enough.
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    Don't worry about the Hulk. Bruce Banner turns into a giant green monster when he's angry. He's some kind of genius scientist. That's all you need.
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    @StefanJ: The essentials are Iron Man 1, Thor, and Captain America. The Hulk in Avengers is a little different from Norton's version anyway, so you're actually better off missing Hulk. (Though it's a perfectly entertaining movie.) Nothing really important happens in Iron Man 2, and Iron Man 1 is the better movie anyway.
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    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2012
    Thanks all. I've never been a big Hulk fan, so I don't mind missing the re-do movie.

    Iron Man 2 was entertaining while I watched it, but I can hardly remember what happened. Forgettable.
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2012
    StefanJ: I had seen Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor beforehand and I did just fine.

    Incidentally, throwing my hat squarely into the omg it's amazing ring. On the evidence of that and Cabin, I really hope Whedon gets a lot more work soon.