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    • CommentTimeMar 5th 2012 edited
    I finally have a flight booked. I'll be landing at JFK at 17:50 local time, on St. Patrick's Day and making my way into Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Residence booked until the 29th. Wheeeeee!

    So, time to plan meetups, I'd say! Threads will go up sometime soon!

    Still no gigs, and contacts are fizzling out, but meh. I'll transmit via a series of interconnected tubes, if nothing else. And the idea of having a one-way ticket is just ridiculous enough to make me even more happy.

    So. What up, Chaplains? Whatchoo smilin' about?
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeMar 5th 2012
    I am flat on my back in a cheap guesthouse in Eastbourne (contractors welcome), I am stuffed full of curry and comfortably pissed and have spent the afternoon wandering about the seafront catching up on gossip with an old chum from my travelling days. Tomorrow there may be follies if the weather is good.

    Now this, this is the life!
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    Off to London in May! numerous meetups will happen!
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeMar 5th 2012
    I called up my 93 year old grandmother (and only living grandmother) and told her the news about me being engaged. She was very happy for me :) I wish she could fly in and be here for the wedding but at her age I'm just glad she's still alive to know about it.
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    Okay, so...

    - Been learning about makeup thanks to a friend. All my life I've only been aware of the bare basics (foundation, mascara, lipstick and two other things) and have been learning some handy tips that have been making me feel better and look les like a lazy geisha.

    - Bought some film for my family's Hasselblad camera. Can't wait to try it out!

    - Bought a fountain pen that writes wonderfully. Really do love this pen.

    - A brewery gave me a free bottle of their new beer "Skinny Dipping Stout" to review. Nothing makes me feel more legitimate that breweries giving me stuff!
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2012 edited
    I just got accepted into the college program (comedy writing/performance) I was trying to get into and am doing a little jig. Whoo~
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    [I'm supposed to, like, come in here and do Comedy Swearing, shut down the thread and ban you all for being too happy, right? Bollocks to that. I LIKE this thread.]
    • CommentAuthorPooka
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2012
    After an anticipated fight with the dj for my art/music show, and his declaration of quitting again, I managed to find a number of replacements through some of my artists, so...the show will go on regardless of how things turn out with his erratic ass, and I am much more calm and cool about the whole thing. Less than two weeks to go! I am optimistic. I have three musical groups, a psychadelic rock band, a chiptunes artist and a crunkcore/rap group (what a weird mix eh?), and Mr. Billy Tackett, Dick Starr, Craig Boldman, and Tim Tyler are gonna be guests of mine, along with fifteen other talented artists. I just can't wait to see the variety of talents!

    I'm also eagerly awaiting our tax returns. because of a lot of transitions and complications we ended up filing for three years at once, so I'll be getting a hefty chunk back this year. The first thing I'm going to do is get a new car so I can actually get out of this house now and then, after that, depending on how things go with this whole drama thing with my dj, we're either going to move to a better apartment here in lexington, or maybe move somewhere else entirely...nothing really to tie us to lex except the few friends I've made at this point, and if things go south with my dj, then fuck it...maybe I should get out of KY and try somewhere else eh? I've only lived in one other state and that was texas as a kid. I wouldn't mind moving about a bit.
    Anyone got any suggestions? Nice cities in the US with dry weather (for my arthritis), a good art community and a good place to raise kids are my main concerns...

    I got my disability determination doctor's appointments scheduled. there's no way that after a doc looks at me, he'll be able to judge me able to work, which means I'll be getting another hefty chunk of money as backpay, enough maybe to invest in a new business or something, plus health insurance and that nifty little blue cripple people tag that lets me park in the handicap spaces! Yeah! :D It'll be nice to have another bit of money coming in besides my husband's disability check (he's legally blind, we make a silly couple :P). There won't be so much pressure on us with the collectibles business we do, and it will become a fun hobby instead of one of our only means of support, and I can spend more time painting and taking care of myself. I am very hopeful that this government won't let me down, and will help take care of me and my family so I can dedicate myself to promoting more capable artists than myself and give back to the local community in the form of these charity events I find myself compelled to put together.

    Oh...and counting down to botcon, the giant transformers convention in dallas texas. I'm going full package, which means I get a big set of toys that I can resell for ridiculously high prices to make my money back for the whole trip. I am so excited about meeting some of my favorite voice actors, and artists again. I'm thinking about entering a painting or two into the art contest for the fun of it.

    I am not digging so much on the present at the moment but the future is looking pretty decent and it's keeping me in much better spirits :).
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2012
    @pooka, are your kids going to botcon or is there no interest with them?
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2012
    Just heard, second-hand, that my bosses think I did well on a project that I got asked to stop working on by the client. It really got under my skin and wrecked my confidence.

    Here's the excerpted IM conversation about it:

    Awesome Coworker:
    i overheard something yesterday you might like to hear
    Awesome Coworker:
    (Boss) and (Boss' Boss) were chatting about that (Project I got pulled off of by client).
    and one of the things Boss said was that it was such a mess and that the only good work done on the whole project was what you did
    That just made my whole fucking day!
    Awesome Coworker:
    I swear, I'm near to tears hearing that
    Awesome Coworker:
    I guess at one point you were working on this early magazine maker or some part of it? and he was clearly not impressed with them and thought you were the only competent oneā€¦ so hey, good stuff.

    This felt soooo damned good to hear.
    • CommentAuthorPooka
    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2012
    @oldhat We wish we could take the kids, but they set botcon in the middle of the school year so they'd have to miss four or five days to go this year and we're going to have to drive from KY to Texas...not something I think they'd want to go through. The kids love transformers, but they get more excited about The Scarefest (big horror and paranormal convention they have here in Lex once a year), so we try to take them to that when we can to make up for the other events they have to miss.
    we took them when botcon was in lex a few years ago (I really wish they would do this again. it was a big show with record attendance for the time) and they had a lot of fun. They're big fans of some of the cartoons and Joey has a transformers collection of her own. It's so adorable. I'm going to try to get Scott Mcneil to talk to Joe as "rattrap" this year if he has a minute and I'm going to try to find the chick who did Sari's voice for Jackie. It'd tickle them to death... :)
    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2012
    i made a cheesecake!

    i am on a FUCKING ROLL!
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    I drove at 100mph down the M40 in the bright morning sun singing Roxy Music's 'Do The Strand' at the top of my voice.

    And then realised how fast I was going and, eh, slowed down.

    But that didn't detract from the moment
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2012
    Spent a lovely evening with my wife having German food and beer and seeing Cirque du Soleil last night while the kid was with the babysitter.
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    I bought a cheap hat and fabric on Wardour Street and then sat in Starbucks and pinned it all together into a magnifignant creation. I am high on coffee, will soon be full of rum, and will probably fail to get any photos...

    Should probably log off and head for the bookshop... anyone else going to the Kitsches Gothic Evening? Please come and stop me from getting too drunk and therefore being late home :-D

    And I can't spell... and google refuses to supply a correction...
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2012
    Phase 1 of Projekt NoHeadSplodo is complete as I have successfully finished exams 4 and 5 (of 5) for the week. Now onto phase 2 which can have no success, two funerals.
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    My wife had her 16 week midwife appointment and I got to hear my baby's heartbeat for the first time. It may have been dusty in the room. Definitely something in my eye...
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2012 edited
    @Pooka that's awesome! I'm sure they'll get a kick out of Rattrap and Sari!

    Me! Well, lessee..

    - Thanks to a donation from Alastair (thank you once again), my beer blog now has the lovely domain of And I have change left over for a nice pint at my local!
    - As a result of my Best of Winter post, breweries have been contacting me and I may be expecting some free beer real soon.
    - Got some additional money from CafePress for the shirt design I made back in 2010. Really, I keep forgetting it's up and get a paypal payment now and then. Hooray!
    - Experimented with my dad's Hasselblad and am pleased with the results of the test roll. Now to get some more film and go out shootin'.
    - All the details for the Chicago trip are dealt with and I'm just thrilled to be spending six days with Alan exploring a city I have heard NOTHING but amazing things about.
    - Found a shoe store that carries a few shoes in my size! I can haz some decent flats!
    - Weightloss: it has been happening. I should be back to normal weight by Chicago (where I will gain it all again).
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2012
    @Oldhat, you will have SO. MUCH. FUN. In Chicago! I've never been, but uh, time with the man-friend? AWESOME.

    Also, what is your shoe size and what is this store? My little sister is a 12 and has a seriously hard time finding shoes.
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2012 edited
    @dork I am a size 13 and tell your sister I really sympathize with her. It is hard to find ANYTHING beyond a size 10 or 11 and for the most part I just wear giant clumpy boots. I mean, there's plenty of web sites out there, but I want to try the fucking shoes on before I buy them.

    This was actually a Payless Shoes. Their online selection is slightly bigger than the store selection (if the stores decide to carry it. This was the first branch in Toronto I've EVER seen to carry my size). Prices are pretty cheap (the pair of flats I'm getting are about $29) but they have some pretty cool shoes.

    Tell your sister to check out Long Tall Sally if there are any stores in her area as well. The shoes there are WAY more pricy, but also more stylish than Payless.