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    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2012 edited
    Just dropping in to focus on the positive...!

    1. I am taking my oath of citizenship tomorrow morning. What with my son being an American Citizen, I decided I should be, as well. I took my civics test this past Monday, which was easy, and the next ceremony is tomorrow. Somewhat unfortunate since...

    2. My department is hosting a very cool conference all day tomorrow, of which I will have to miss the first half, due to my oath thing. Directly after the conference I will be dashing down the highway to

    3. Get my next tattoo started. It is a whole body octopus. I have named it Seth, in honor of an old R/R thread. Seth will cover the right side of my body, including all of my chest, a 3/4 arm sleeve, a 3/4 leg sleeve, and a (ETA)FULL chest piece. Other tentacles will wrap around my belly, slightly less far down my left appendages, and criss cross on my back.

    I am excited for this. The plan for tomorrow is to get as much of the outline as possible, starting with Seth's body, and the my-right-side tentacles definitely done, then moving to the belly/chest/back in that order as time permits. Obviously, I'll post some pictures in the SPIT ASAP. ^_^\m/
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    Got a samsung galaxy tablet today as a birthday gift!

    I don't need it at all, but I don't care!
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2012
    Could not be arsed to put on shoes today.

    Silverlining kind of a thing, but I really do like going barefoot.
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    Today I'll be doing the last build of my first IF game and submitting it to the competition judges. After that, a four day holiday with no freelance work or other stuff lined up. A Friday of idling and geocaching, a Saturday spent in Helsinki Hacklab knitting and sewing wearable electronics with cute geek girls while eating cake, a movie in the evening, then some Aventinus beers; on Sunday some quality Easter mutton and an evening of Tarkovski movies and vodka in a friend's place.

    Happy cat is happy :3
    • CommentTimeApr 5th 2012

    I just got a confirmation that I'll be on Rogers Daytime TV on May 7th as The Thirsty Wench talking about beer.

    Holy shit Holy shit Holy shit Holy shit Holy shit Holy shit.
    • CommentTimeApr 5th 2012
    • CommentAuthorbadbear
    • CommentTimeApr 5th 2012
    Thats awesome oldhat! Don't worry, you'll be amazing.

    Its easter so the long weekend starts here and I have nothing in particular planned. Just the way i like it!

    I might make pie this weekend. Didin't there used to be a culinary thread on whitechapel? Did i imagine that?
    • CommentAuthorBankara
    • CommentTimeApr 5th 2012
    @oldhat,nobody I have ever met knows as much about beer as you do. Shit, I used to brew and I have friends who are Cicerone's (beer Somelier, for the non-initiated. Person who know lots 'bout beer, for the illiterate.) and they still ain't got shit on you. No need to freak out, you are supremely well qualified for this. This is a holy thing you do, telling Canadians about beer. Do it well.
    • CommentTimeApr 5th 2012
    Haha thanks, folks (and especially thanks for those lovely words, Bankara). I just...I'm still weirded out that this started as just an interest that I had that I figured I'd write about it in a blog. In just under a year I'm not known throughout my city (and a bit beyond), I'm getting free things from breweries and importers and, now, I'm going on freakin' television.

    Weird ride.
    • CommentAuthorBankara
    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2012
    Fuck yes to weird rides! I just got the job offer I was working for for the last month and a half! Funny thing about it was I already had the gig I was certain was going to be the gateway to my dreams. I spent a whole goddam year harassing a very prominent photographer to give me a shot as an unpaid intern and he finally gave me the gig. I figured "Sweet! my life is sorted. This is where it all starts." That gig fizzled, don't know why but it just didn't work out. Meanwhile I took another gig that I had applied to basically to kill time while I waited for my dream job with aforementioned genius photographer to yield opportunities of undreamed-of glory once they discovered my great talents and irresistible personality. Turns out, I was nervous and starstruck around the brilliant photographer to the point that it affected my ability to do my job competently. Meanwhile, I show up and casually impress the shit out of my other gig and they offer me a full time, well paid position where if I play my cards right I will end up being the point of contact with people in the art world that I would never have been able to meet in a million years. Seriously, they want to pay me to talk to people that most folks would pay money to talk to. Funny old world, innit?

    TL;DR: when you do something just cuz yeh fucking love it some kinda switch gets flipped and the universe showers favor on you.

    Also, @oldhat? Bravo, girl!
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2012
    After mass I got the niece to walk home with me with a side trip to the doughnut shop. I was still humming a bit of the Ode to Joy that was playing at the end of mass and niece took up the tune singing, "coffee, doughnuts, coffee, doughnuts, coffee and doughnuts! Doughnuts and coffee, coffee and doughnuts, coffee, coffee, doughnuts!" etc. Hee.

    And we saw three lizards and a squirrel.