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    • CommentAuthorKosmopolit
    • CommentTimeMar 30th 2012
    That's one way - basicly bung $10 or $20 on the weekly rent.

    Another way is one person (usually the person with a job) pays the bills and then collects the money. That can work if the payer is prepared to be a bastard and kick people out for not paying.
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    You just described how things work at the Baxter Street Home for Wayward Boys (i.e. my house).
    • CommentAuthorKosmopolit
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2012
    Do a section on vegetarian food.

    Not necessarily or just recipes but stuff like avoiding bullshit organic biodynamic shit from Whole Foods that costs twice as much on the one hand and how to avoid iron deficiency and Vitman D deficiency on the other hand.
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    Vitamin and iron-wise, mushrooms are an effective meat substitute for vegetarians.
    • CommentAuthorKosmopolit
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2012
    Vitamin D is pretty much exclusively from animal sources.

    So if you're going vegan rather than ovo-lacto vegetarian you need to take a vitamin supplement.
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    Let me preface this by saying I'm mainly felf-taught with my computer profeciency, and for the most part, have just kind of played things by ear and learned as I went. So I don't know jack, in other words.

    A friend recently gave me a new flatscreen monitor, and I hooked it up to my HP Pavillion Desktop. I read that I may need to use a different video card to get the best picture out of the two monitors, currently, the stock card is an Integrated ATI Radeon HD 4200 graphics card.

    The new monitor is hooked up to the DVI port, and the old one is on the VGA. Do I need a card that has two DVI ports? So far, I've installed everything correctly as far as I can tell, and it works, I'd just like to know if I can make it even better.

    I would like to use the new set up as efficiently as possible, so any hints or things I should know, to get the most use out of this set up, would be great.

    As far as a budget for buying new video cards or whatnot, I'd like to be under $100, but there is buffer room.

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    I'll be leaving the strictly vegan stuff to the experts, I think - strongly recommend a couple of good vegan cookbooks and explain the need for a carefully balanced diet.
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    A different video card probably won't give you a "better" picture. Like most cards, that one supports 30-bit color (about the most colors the human eye can discern), and assuming you have the resolution set to the proper resolution for each monitor (the highest it'll go to for a flat-panel display), the image quality will be the same. There is a chance of getting interference on a VGA cable, but that's pretty unlikely.

    The difference you would see by investing in a better graphics card would be a faster picture. Games can update at a higher framerate, images get redrawn on the screen more quickly, etc. Some graphics programs can also take advantage of a graphics card with a faster processor, so (for example) you could resize an image in Photoshop in less time.

    Bottom line: if you like the look of the two displays, and you're not noticing flickering when the image updates... it ain't broke. No need to fix it. :)
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    Um, no. to avoid vit D issues you pretty much just have to go outside and not cover yourself in sunblock! Oh and don't burn, because that uses up vitamin D in the healing :-)

    Humans can make their own vitamin D - its actually a hormone :-)

    WRT dietary needs please feel free to ask - its one of my 'boring people to death' subjects ;-) I'm a vegan in the main, but pragmatic :-)
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    You are half correct in there - sunlight makes people synthesize vitamin-D, but it requires quite a lot of sunlight if you are relying only on it. You can easily live in Australia and have a vitamine-D deficiency, and for example in Finland it's really common. Supplements are recommended even for non-vegans/vegetarians.
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    Oh yes, I'm aware of that - a huge part of the issue is down to where you live globally :-) Using (or over using) sunblock is a huge part of the deficiency issue, and public health campaigns are generally written to meet lowest common denominator etc. (argh!)

    Supplementation is rec. if you live in Northern Europe because for at least half the year the angle the sunlight strikes through the atmosphere it filters out the majority of the UVB and reduces the frequencies of UVA to those that are inadequate to trigger the process. Between April and End october though (certainly in most of England/Wales - may to early oct for most of scotland/northernendland/borders etc) it is perfectly possible to expose yourself sufficiently to make enough D for the whole year :-) If you live in the USA then you have an even longer window in which to do so. I appreciate that Finland has particular issues, and I would concur with you on there - supplementation is needed even where the diet is relatively high in animals that got that exposure on your behalf :-)
      CommentAuthorCorey Waits
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2012 edited

    Kind of a repeat of trini's question from a few pages back, but need help from UKers.

    I'm in the UK for the next few months and need my fix of Casanova, Orc Stain, etc, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding a comic shop that seems to have a decent postal service AND is at all aware of these titles.

    I know there are plenty of great shops in London (Gosh!, Orbital, Forbidden Planet), but their online services don't seem great, and actually going into the city would eat up more than my my comic budget (explensive trains [when something is so expensive it causes you to use expletives]), so I'd much rather just pay a couple of pound per delivery.

    PS. And thanks to Beamish for the help with my last question. I haven't ignored your email, life just got really busy these past couple of weeks.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2012
    #comicsbypostUK - I know plenty of people in the UK swear by Page45. Not used an online service myself, I'm close enough to London to just drop into the aforementioned shops.
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    I'm pretty sure that art is used as synecdoche for inspiration, as in the expression "s/he has that down to a fine art". Where have you seen examples of people being described as "artists" of their fields because they have performed some other role (scientist, sportsperson, diplomat, whatever) with grace and inspiration? Links to credible usage as far from actual art as possible will obtain +1 internets and a standing ovation from yours truly.
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    Someone close to me has been receiving a bunch of 9/11 conspiracy emails, and I'm having to explain why it's all bullshit. I know the basic physics of the WTC collapse - top floors collapsed after the structure was weakened by fire, pancaking the rest of the building - but need to find a good source for debunking conspiracy claims about stuff like building 7 being mined with explosives, and construction engineers supposedly testifying that the buildings couldn't have been brought down by plane impacts.
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    I don't have any real knowledge how this shit actually works, but my ex, aka baby mama, has recently decided she has asperger's syndrome. I knew her for a before we were a couple, and in high-school and she was very social, had her own clique and was kind of popular, amognst the social outcasts (i.e. punks & goths).

    We dated for several years, and then some time after we split, she stopped having anything to do with our child, claiming that her asperger's prevented her from having any emotional bonds with people (including the kid). It makes me sad, and angry, because the rest of her family buys this bullshit, especially her parents, because it gives them license to not take any of the blame in this "what could we have done? we didn't know what asperger's or even autism was like in the early 80's"

    I don't know if I can actually throw any of it in their faces, but I'd like to know is she full of shit. Does anyone here have or know how asperger's works, symptoms, signs, when it shows up, crap I haven't been able to learn from internets.