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    • CommentTimeMar 14th 2012
    The Boo: My dad's dog died unexpectedly last weekend. Charlie was a good boy. He did, however, get a puppy, which is a good coda to a bad song.

    The w00t: The book I put on Amazon has sold THIRTY copies in ten hours!

    The other shit: @Bunny--you'll land on your feet. You're too badass not to.
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    Boo: I'm embroiled in cuckoldish scenario with my ex-gf. We parted ways on Feb 1. She got involved with a friend a couple weeks later. Then, she started seeing me on the sly last week. She's torn between us and canNOT seem to make a decision - despite the fact that she wound up in the hospital yesterday with a panic attack. Yeesh. I'm in limbo. And limbo sucks.

    w00t: My frequent artist collaborator and I got some notice from someone of note. His words were not only kind, but also encouraging, suggesting that we send stuff his way, and - if he likes said "stuff" - he'll ferry it up the chain on our behalf.

    Banners of Support:

    @Comicbookbunny: I'm sorry to hear it. It certainly sounds like you tried, and that really means the world. If you can look back and say you gave it your all, then you should be able to be right with yourself. If that makes any sense....

    @Fauxhammer: Sad about the dog. Charged about the sales!
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    The boo: I have a very bad tension headache. I'm going to do some yoga and see if it helps.

    The huzzah: I have bought some new clothes to take with me on the retreat tomorrow!

    @Fauxhammer: what's the book you've got on Amazon?

    Update: feeling better after the yoga session, although I still need to watch myself a bit. Could do with a deep massage....
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    dnewling -- Fauxhammer's book, That Weird City, is discussed over in This thread.
    Apparently it's quite good. I plan on reading a story or two before bed.
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    BOO (health edition):
    - My doctor says that my prolactin levels are a bit on the high side (a tiny bit beyond the "safe" zone) and wants to keep an eye on it. If my levels double and I experience symptoms like double-vision, headaches and non-baby-in-my-stomach-related lactation, chances are I have a benign brain tumor hanging around. My doctor isn't worried, so I'm not worried. And even if it gets bad, after some research it was good to find that of all the brain tumors to get this one is the best. Success rate for treatment is very high. And now that we're keeping an eye on it we're guaranteed to get rid of it early. So I'm not worried (well, maybe a bit. I AM a pretty big worrier) and joking that I MAY be telepathic now.

    - I ALSO apparently have a hair in my ear that is resting on my ear drum. Whenever I say, listen to music with earphones, my ear drum vibrates and slams against the hair, causing pain and a slight infection. I can apparently remove with with a nurse and some syringe. And maybe vodka. MEDICAL vodka. I'll have to test that one.

    - I'M FINALLY FUCKING BOXING AGAIN! Since the end of the holidays my gym has been absolutely dead in regards to sparring. More and more newbies who just enjoy punching the bags are coming in every week and bit by bit the seasoned competitors are leaving. FINALLY I met someone (who is my height!!) and is as eager to learn and get in the ring as much as I am. I taught her a few defensive moves and then we went to the ring and had a lot of fun. We're both really damn happy to find someone in the gym not afraid to give (and take) full strength punches. We exchanged e-mails so we can coordinate sparring times. :)

    - Alan has been saying/writing some really sweet things to me lately that have been making me feel all warm and fuzzy.

    - My morning brainfood of Neil deGrasse Tyson has been making me feel so awesome about the universe we live in.

    - I have another roll of film in the Hasselblad. Still not able to leave the property with it (dad is paranoid at the moment), but the pictures may have gotten better. Will let you know when they develop. Which leads to...

    - I'm starting to feel inspired to take more pictures! We'll see how that goes.

    - pretty much this:

    @fauxhammer: YAY!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!
    @comicbookbunny Really sorry to hear about the split...but like you said, at least it was mutual and there are no bitter feelings.
    @governmentspy Once again, that's amazing. Congratulations to the both of you. The ring looks AWESOME!
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    @ Warped Servant: Thanks. I hope I can get my book published too! If I do, I could look at my own thread here for you all to see it....
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    @dnewling -- Getting it up on Amazon is fairly easy. I'd ask either Fauxhammer (That Weird City), Steevo (Out of Place, Out of Time), or Anchorbeard (the forthcoming Whitechapel Quarterly: Getting There).

    IF you need help editing it / getting it ready to be read on a Kindle, let me know. I helped Steevo with that, have offered the same to Anchorbeard, and would have to Fauxhammer if I had realized he was putting it up on Amazon.
    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2012
    Yeah, we had a buddy of ours help with the formatting; it was a little more involved than I'd thought, getting everything where it oughtta be.

    But, the upload process is very smooth. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll share what little I know.
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    @ Fauxhammer, Warped Savant: thank you, I'll keep you in mind,and I've recorded your details in my resource file, which I keep for writing groups, publishers etc. Right now, I have to get the novel to the beta-reading and manuscript assessor stage once I complete it. And I need a cartoonist to draw three cartoons for it (essential: must be good at drawing editorial-style cartoons).
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    I'm getting packed for my weekend retreat now, so you won't be seeing me for a couple of days.
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    FUCK THIS SHIT. I've been feeling a bit of anxiety lately, and I don't really know why. Normally this only happens for a split second, it isn't sustained, and every once in a great while. But earlier this week it just kinda hit me like a ton of bricks and wouldn't go away. I get really nervous about nothing in particular. I suppose though, with so much unrest in the world, one would be hard pressed not to feel a little anxious every now and again. And for as terrible of a feeling that is, I'm glad I feel it sometimes. It means I'm human. And the answer is not to medicate that away with prescription drugs, the answer is to do something constructive to relieve yourself of it.

    FUCK YEAH, THIS SHIT. What's helped a lot is dumping the last morsels of my brain (that aren't memorizing SIDs and STARs and plates and systems and meteorology) into what I'm going to try musically now. Essentially, I'm trying to tell a story with an album (which I tried to do last time too) based on three-part dramatic structure. You know, Shakespeare, Star Wars, etc. And I'm going to stick to that outline pretty loyally. I think I found the perfect theme for such a thing. Anywho, I started this thing a couple days ago and AM DIGGING. Also, my best friend growing up just recently moved back to our home state of Minnesota, so that's amazing.

    @ OLDHAT. Be safe, and get all that shit taken care of (which you obviously are) before it gets outta hand. Whitechapel can't have you going out of commission! Don't let your sparring partner beat you too thoroughly. Haha... No that's cool, have fun and wear all the necessary protection! You and Alan seem genuinely happy, and I'm glad to have you both as FB friends. DeGrass Tyson is the man, isn't he? HEY, fuck yeah you should take more pictures! For the sake of the artistic community and the world at large, take more pictures!