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    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2012
    Something a little different and potentially unsaleable (but you can buy it direct from The House of Murky Depths website if you're that intrigued — or order it from your local book or comic shop).

    It's not a comic, more a picture book, but it's unlikely a picture book that you'd want your six-year-old to pick up — although you might be happy to read it with them, if you're not afraid of them reading the words they probably use when they're out playing with their friends — away from parental ears.

    The story is by Lavie Tidhar, whose novel Osama is shortlisted for the BSFA Best Novel award this year alongside the likes of Christopher Priest and Jon Courtenay Grimwood, while the amazing artwork is from Paul McCaffrey.

    Going To The Moon cover by Paul McCaffrey
    Paul Cornell:
    Going to the Moon by Lavie Tidhar with art by Paul McCaffrey is a very strange beast, but a useful one, destined to cause consternation in the secondhand bookshops of the future. It's a high quality picture book, with gorgeous artwork – about Jimmy, a boy with Tourette's Syndrome. So this is what looks like a children's book, with a lot of swearwords in it. But it's not gimmicky, a novelty for adults. This would be genuinely helpful, with its warm, supportive story, for any child with Tourette's, who would, I'm sure, appreciate the way the power of those four letter words gradually drains away through the pages, the importance of Jimmy's ambition to go into space, and the love of his parents, gradually overcoming his condition. In our current world, I have no idea how this book could get to that very specific audience, but I hope it does. And in the meantime adults will enjoy the craft on display here. Lavie seems to be making a sideline out of books (Osama, Jesus and the Eightfold Path), that might shock at first sight, but whose aim, and I think this is a worthy quality these days, is to not shock, to say this should not shock you. Going to the Moon will be out in February 2012.