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      CommentAuthorJon Lock
    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2012
    Hi guys,

    I'm very happy to announce that Chapter #2 of Near Life, the latest Afterlife Inc. series, is now online for your viewing pleasure. Along with the entire Afterlife Inc. catalogue, you can read it here on my site for free.

    Near Life features the artistic talents of Ash Jackson, with letters lovingly rendered by Michael Stock. Story by yours truly.

    Following the debut of the first Afterlife Inc. trade paperback, Dying To Tell, at the London Super Comic Con last month, we've received an overwhelming amount of support from everyone who met us at the show. A particularly big thanks has to go to those Whitechapel forumites who stopped by especially to say hello.

    Thanks for the time, guys. I hope you enjoy this latest instalment from the world of Afterlife Inc.

    All the best!


    Near Life Chapter 2 Page 1

    Near Life Chapter 2 Page 2