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    Love that Speed Centaur Paul!
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    That horse is hung like a human! :)
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    Speed Centaur

    Speed Centaur championing the equine cause by showing the garlic loving the gastronomes the error of their ways.
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    @Allistermac: Ooh, la, la! Looks like Bleedingcool material to me!

    Maybe Speed Centaur should teach those blokes at the knacker's yard a lesson as well....
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    Hi all, I've been coming to check up on all the cool stuff R/R has been doing for the past year or two, but without the time to jump in on the fun. Excellent work here-- and as always DBed & Paul are at their best & funniest. The oddest part of drawing this was the moment I had to design tactical body armor for a horse...
    Speed Centaur - Remake / Remodel">
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    @mystery monotreme, i swear the similarities are accidental!
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    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2012
    Very nice @Herr_Hussein. That could have been an 80's tv series. Paraplegic Jockey develops a 4 legged prothesis so he can go after the mobsters that crippled him in the first place. Where's Kenneth Johnson when you need him?

    Lots of great entries. Can't wait to see what the next challenge will be.
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    Late as always:

    But this time it's two remakes for the price of one: I missed Dr. Arso remake few years ago, so I include him here as nemesis of our Speedy.

    And have great weekend guys. :)
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    @Herr Hussein
    No worries! I like your take on Speed Centaur-- the robo-horse body looks great!
    The pose? Hey, standing on a roof-top is an age-old standard for 'gritty, urban' heroes. I know I drew my inspiration from many great artists who've done it before :)
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    PUF! i´m in! i´m in! jeje