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    • CommentTimeMar 25th 2012 edited
    @Fishelle, I hear you, this semester has brought me so much more homework I really wish I wasn't in school, it is dragging my attitude back down where I did not like it. Sure, I know, plug on and it will be over, but it is sucking the life out of me. My BOO matches yours.

    HIGH: My cousin got married last. He is, and this was strange to me (growing up with him), the lesser nerd in their relationship. Much of the ceremony was LOTR themed and I loved it, then the dinner music kicked in, which was mostly Amon Tobin and other electro, it was wonderful, for me, not my Dad, whom was being driven up a wall by it.

    Applause: Everyone, I love you all, I want the bad to be better and the better to best. Please let my hope juju seep into your pores and lift your souls.

    No back to the fucking, devil, math homework. Be with me oh Count Basie.
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    Aaaand... we're... OUT.

    New thread in a day or two. Might do a 24 hour bilefest before then, as the whimsy takes me.