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    • CommentAuthormarcolopez
    • CommentTimeMar 26th 2012
    I hope it's cool that I posted this here Warren. I read a lot of the posts here but I just don't post that much.

    Some friends and I have put together a group called Atomic Rex Entertainment. We have a website up at

    In the Comic Books section of the site you can check out a 5 page preview for a comic called Rock Paper Scissors created and written by Eugene Selassie and Margie Cox.

    In the Online Comics Section you can read the whole first issue of Massively Effective a comic created and written by myself and my friend Bryan Ginn. With fantastic art by Michael Mayne (Bonnie Lass) and coloring by Walt Barna and lettering by Josh Krach.

    We also have quotes up on the site by Ross Richie (Founder and CEO of Boom! Studios) and Roman Colombo (A reviewer for Weekly Comic Book Review).

    That review is at

    We also have a Facebook page where I just posted the fantastic quote we got from Jim Zub of Skullkickers. Our FB page is

    Here's his quote- "Massively Effective is a superhero-esque Chuck by way of Jay & Silent Bob. It balances comic book industry chatter with a buddy movie-style action-adventure."
    - Jim Zub (Skullkickers, Street Fighter Legends)

    Right now we're out to publishers. We've had a couple of rejections, but if worse comes to worse we're gonna go with self publishing.

    Hope you all enjoy the read.

    -Marco Lopez