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    I share this in a simple attempt that by giving it to other people its less something just I heard. So, overheard in a comic store last night (I had forgotten to order a copy of The Boys):

    Person 1: "If I ever get to write X-men I the first thing I will do is bring back Jean Grey. And if an editor says no I will punch him in the face"

    Person 2: "Yeah and she should have red and white streaked hair"

    This is why I order my comics on-line.
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    They are fun to listen to, though. Think of it as a field trip!
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2008
    Hahaha... gotta love the evening crowd at Oxford. Forever grateful for the ref to DCBS... especially now that I've found solid courier services.
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    Ah look who showed up. Welcome.

    Did you introduce yourself?
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2008
    If I ever wrote X-Men, the first thing I would do is punch the editor in the face. Then, having been fired from Marvel, I would carry on my merry way with a really neat story to tell.