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    I kinda hated Dear Esther. The pace was slow, the story loaded with symbolism of some kind or another but not interesting enough to untangle all the bits, and all I could do was walk. Not fast enough to explore the occasional branching path without going mad from boredom while backtracking, though. I completed the whole thing, but it's definitely an experience for somebody else.
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    Uh. Wow.

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    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Alpha Strike

    (or possible alt. title, "Tom Clancy's Ghost in the Recon-Shell-Alpha-Solid-State-Strike-Society-Second-Gig"... because this is basically GitS with large invisble testicles rather than large invisible boobies)

    has this been posted before? Oh well SPIDER TANKZZZ!
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    Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert (Maniac Mansion) are making a platformer adventure game. Not the same as Double Fine Adventure from the Kickstarter. This looks so good.

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    @RenThing - a great shame to see, because Amalur was a fun game. Not amazing, but you got the feeling they'd got enough right that the next thing they did would've been something truly special.

    But it's also a really weird situation that they ended up in too. People are saying 'why did they borrow that much cash in the first place? Why did they staff up to 300 almost immediately?'. Apparently it's all linked. They didn't get the money unless they staffed up, Rhode Island were wanting to create jobs, and the only way to justify such a large team as a startup is to kick off multiple projects at the same time.

    Problem with that is that it only takes one not selling to projections and poof, no money left to pay things off with.

    The games industry at this AAA end is an extremely fragile place to be right now. One failure (where failure is 'didn't make much profit', not even 'made a loss') and you're gone.
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    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2012

    Yeah, I know. I heard an interview with the founder and you could tell he has a lot of love and appreciation for video games (he credited them for one of the reasons he still has a successful marriage after being on the road playing ball, because while other guys were going to bars and possibly cheating, he was in his hotel room gaming it up).

    Heh, my wife worked for Cryptic and Gazillion and I have a lot of friends in the Bay Area game industry and I know how it can be. Course, I'm also a good friend of Bill Roper and if the over-all success of his career (VP of all video games for Disney) can be reached after what happened with Hellgate: London, then I'm sure something from 38 Studios could rise from the ashes in some other form.
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    Diamond Trust of London got funded on Kickstarter, which means for $35 you can finally get Jason Rohrer's long-delayed board-game-on-the-DS based on the blood diamond trade in Africa.

    29 hours left (as of this writing) to get it via Kickstarter. Looks like he'll have to produce enough to have leftovers because of Nintendo's production quotas, though.
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    @oldhat: I want that game immediately.
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    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2012
    Had a chance to play the Lollipop Chainsaw demo today at the MCM. Really good fun, the combos are nice and easy to do, was impressed.

    Also played some Dead or Alive 5, and that seems to have gone with the mechanics from the recent DS game rather than DoA4, which should go down well with those who thought they'd made the previous one too 'countering' heavy.
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    @Flabyo- Oh, good to hear something about Lollipop Chainsaw. I put a pre-order in purely based on the premise (and because the soundtrack was done by Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence, thought that was pretty cool) , but was a little wary of the gameplay. I like the phrase "nice and easy" to describe video games, for I am not what the kids call "l33t".
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    Ok, at the top of the page I said I just didn't enjoy Dear Esther at all. Today I played Proteus, which is very similar in several ways, and loved the hell out of it. I'm so confused...
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    Fuck my balls. That trailer for Dishonored was crazy! It surprised me in some way every thirty seconds, it felt like. So many "Ohhhh!" moments! The mech-suits were fucking awesome! Concept-wise, I have 100% faith in this. I hope it can deliver in the gameplay department.
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    There's a game in the works called Day Z, which looks to be shaping up as an awesome zombie survival FPS.

    One of the most interesting mechanics is you can meet random people while stomping around the woods, and then communicate through a mic when you get close enough. I like that kind of spontaneous multiplayer.

    Thoughts on Day Z
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    A pal did a great write-up about Day Z, a couple of my pals have been playing the shit out of it lately.

    when there is no more room in hell
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    And said pal wrote about it some more. Said pal is also nowadays the lead writer on Alan Wake, which may make it more relevant to this thread, I guess.

    DayZ is seriously the first game in years that makes me miss having a PC.
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    There's a trailer out for a new Indie game called Among the Sleep. You play as a toddler (~2 years old) and the big bad things that go bump in the night have come.

    Among The Sleep

    Among the Sleep Official Site
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    That's creep-tastic! Love it!
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    Why do I have the feeling I'll be playing that whispering "Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit" and occasionally screaming "OHSHITOHSHITOHSHIT!"?