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    Bad form responding to myself and all, but-

    Neil Stephenson has a video game Kickstarter! Introductory video at the previous link, more detailed video below. :)

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    Goddamn Diablo 3 has been nerfed for me since the 1.02 patch. The FPS now reside between 0-30, often below 20, doing anything. Before the patch the game ran like butter. Now it's unplayable. I'm not the only one, the forums are filled with NVidia owners with the same problem, even people with rigs that are a hair's breadth away from sentience.
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2012
    @agentarsenic Yeah, after paying my $60, i played a while, and then realized one day, "Why am I sitting here playing FF1 on the couch? I haven't touched D3 in over a week?! Well, time to kill Astos..." I haven't tried to play since that patch, but I am an NVidia user, so yay...
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2012
    The industry, or at least those who write about it, seem to have decided that we've become a morally and creatively bankrupt bunch of nutjobs who love nothing more than a bit of neck stabbing and rape. (thats just one article, there are many more)

    So here's Ben Kucera, pointing out that you still don't need to dig far under the surface to find the good stuff.

    In terms of how it went for us, all the press coverage has been pretty positive. But to people who comment on gaming articles (and especially on our facebook page) we're all evil conmen who should die in a fire. Sigh.
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    I've been playing the same game of Civilization II for almost 10 years. This is the result.

    ?The world is a hellish nightmare of suffering and devastation. There are 3 remaining super nations in the year 3991 A.D, each competing for the scant resources left on the planet after dozens of nuclear wars have rendered vast swaths of the world uninhabitable wastelands.
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    Flabyo- my article on much the same thing. I didn't approach it from quite the same murder/rape/rudeness angle, because that was so ludicrously incorrect it didn't occur to me, but the post-E3 glut of negativity needed some kind of response.
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2012
    I've mentioned this before, but the state of gaming journalism is a constant source of lament for me. There really isn't any site that provides unbiased coverage, highlights the issues and criticizes games rather than reviewing them. There are a few places that manage a piece of the puzzle competently, but if someone were to ask me what gaming site makes the most solid hub, I'd likely just shrug and say they're all incompetent in their own unique ways. I've been thinking of pulling my own site together for the longest time, but I wouldn't even know where to begin.
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2012 edited
    @DJ Stawes - I like Destructoid. One of their editors (Jim "Fat tits" Sterling) pulls no punches when it comes to reviews, and Dtoid uses the full 10 scale, with 5 being mediocre, 7 and 8 to be nothing to be ashamed of, 9 and 10s are rare.

    I came to Dtoid after the Gamespot editor got sacked for giving one of their advertisers a low score. Dtoid has given game advertisers on their site the score their game deserves, including the 1-5 range.

    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2012
    @Flabyo & @James Cunningham -

    That second link Flabyo posted makes me think of going to the San Diego Comic-Con. If you spend your time trying to get into Hall H (the big hall where they preview all the big blockbusters with famous actors) and hanging around the most crowded part of the floor, you end up having a lousy time. But if you actually take the time to go check out the are where the independent comics creators and small scale publishers are, and going to the smaller panels (ie: anything not Hall H), then you actually end up connecting with a bunch of creative comics folks and having a great time. At least that was my experience the last time I went to SDCC in 2009 (I started going in 2003). Skip the giant booths and panels, have fun.
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    Sounds about right. I rarely had to wait more than a minute or two to play anything, while Borderlands 2 had a 90+ minute line. Sure, you got a nice t-shirt out of it, but 90 minutes at E3? Not worth it at all.
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2012
    Got to pick up Lollipop Chainsaw. Lots of fun hacky-slashy sparkliness, and not terribly hard to figure out.

    I also picked up that Humble Bundle, mostly because I've never played Psychonauts (I know, I know...). Liking Bastion, too. And when they added the other 3 games... Well, I've never played Braid, either. Or Super Meat Boy.

    I'm a terrible gamer.

    Anyway, I have plenty to play now, w/ the Bundle, Lollipop Chainsaw, Minecraft, and I really want to get back into Skyrim, what w/ the expansion on its way. I've... never completed the main story in Skyrim. Again, see above.
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2012
    2nd on destructoid. When I bother with games journalism, Dtoid is what I read. :)
      CommentAuthorCorey Waits
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2012 edited
    Can't remember if me or someone else mentioned it already, but the Dead State kickstarter has launched and is doing rather well. Info and videos at the link.

    Don't dismiss it for being 'just another zombie game' - it really sounds like the game is going to be more like The Walking Dead: The RPG than the usual zombie-slaughtering headshotfests that the games industry has been pumping out for the past few years. Basically it's as much about shelter politics as it is about combat, and even then combat is as much about fighting human scavengers as it is about battling zombies.

    Turn-based combat reminiscent of the original Fallouts because you have only indirect control over your allies. Game is written and designed by Brian Mitsoda who did a lot of the writing for Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines, which is generally considered to have some of the best writing in any game ever.

    Before Wasteland 2's kickstarter Dead State was the only game on my radar carrying the turn-based, non-fantasy RPG torch, so I'm super excited to see this get funding so the team can work on it full-time.

    Also, concerning the topic at hand: The only website I bother to read concerning games is Rock, Paper, Shotgun. It's PC only, so YMMV, but they also cover cross-platform games. When I did game on console I also read Australian Kotaku (which was quite good, especially when compared to the atrocious US site) and Giant Bomb - though Giant Bomb post a lot of videos, and I prefer to read about games than watch about them.
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    I love RPS, but supplement it with other console sites of varying quality. Joystiq for catch-all stuff, IndieGames for smaller things, Gamasutra for the in-depth stuff and post-mortems.

    You should also peek at Hardcore Gamer now and then, because my ego demands it. I just posted my big post-E3 pictorial, which was a lot of fun to do. :)
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2012
    My video game news sites are down to Gamasutra, and the Penny-Arcade Report, though admittedly my focus is biased towards being a game maker more than a game consumer.
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2012
    I made a game! A finished game, even. A game that, as of today, you (yes, you, in the shirt) can obtain and play on a computron of your chosing, should you so choose.

    We're looking at getting it on Desura at some point in the near future, but for now you can just obtain it for FREE! at the above link.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2012
    Morac, I'm having some trouble downloading the Mac version of Red Chasm. Is the download link down?
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2012
    Just mangled, working on a fix right now.

    In the interim, here's what the links should be:

    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2012
    Downloading now Morac, though I must confess, I feel as though I am taking advantage somewhat, as I am currently shirtless.
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2012
    It's ok, I just gave you an imaginary shirt. Don't let it happen again, though.