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    A confession.

    I bought Thor #3 to see JMS have Marvel's take on the God of Thunder punch Tony Stark in the face. Of course, if you wanted to see some random hero take a moral high ground to Iron Man around that time you could have walked in to a capes biased comic store and thrown a dart at the shelves.

    Iron Man has been a very easy target for quick moral thrills these days. And there is a very good reason for this, if you strip away all the spandex and bright colors you have a man who, within the context of the narrative did the following:

    He organized and fronted a movement, in part via deceit and in great part via betrayal, where individual right were subsumed within a doctrine of forced military service, where individual choices are subservient to the needs of a state organization. Where those who refused to submit were thrown into a jail without trial or due process.

    JMS has a long creative history on this topic. To the say the least, he is not a fan of black armbands and forced servitude because of who you are. But its hard to beat Thor - poster boy of historical assholes - doing the punching.

    So despite the many choices to laugh as the fascist being made a fool of, Thor #3 seemed a solid pick.