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    @DC Yup, Nonplayer that was it. Meant to pick it up when it first came out, now I found out that it's only been like 1 issue since last year due to the guy breaking his shoulder. Well, at least I'm not WAY behind then. Thanks for deciphering WTF I was talking about.
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2012

    So I'm an Apple noob with an iPad. I've picked up some of the free comics from the iBookstore and I have the Comics/Comixology app. I'm yet to really commit to the ebook world at all, but comics seem to work quite well in this format (Wish You Were Here and Freakangels included), and I'm interested to hear how other people use their black mirrors.

    (And how on earth do I get a 2000AD digital edition onto the thing?)
    • CommentAuthorEmperor
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2012

    My grandpa was diagnosed with it after an unsuccessful suicide attempt and given Lithium along with electroconvulsive therapy. He was like a completely different person afterwards and it is a pity it took so long for him to get treatment (especially as he died within a year of an unrelated illness) or at least a diagnosis so they could try something less drastic. So it is worth speaking to a specialist and trying other remedies before resorting to it, unless you need to.


    Can't you sideload it like you would do with another file? If it is specific to the 2000AD edition and no one here can come up with an easy fix, it'd be worth asking on the 2000AD forums as I know there are people who do read this on their iPad.