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    Hi all,

    My wife is a writer and my deal with her is that she writes and I take care of everything else (web, covers, design, etc)...

    She has a new "weird" / Lovecraftian inspired short story about to go live and I've been playing with the book cover and would love any opinions you may have. I'm still new to design, have no training, but am more than happy to learn and listen to criticism or advice.

    There's also a facebook poll for anyone willing to help us keep track of the math.

    Cover Image 1 Cover Image 2 Cover Image 3
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    I prefer the medium-gray one. The white one just doesn't have the right mood for "Lovecraftian". In the dark gray one, the title is starting to get lost and the focus goes instead just to the window-covered porch at the bottom right, which I'm assuming you don't want. That could be fixed by filling in the letters with a lighter or darker gray, to make them stand out from the background.
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    I'm with Jason, but for a slightly different reason.
    The darkest one obscures the pattern to the left of the title, the bright one points to it too much. The medium grey one makes it so that it's noticeable but you might not catch it right away.
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    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2012
    Thirding the medium-dark one. I like the design, too.

    I would say that the kerning of text might need a little bit of tweaking. In BOTANICA I'd close up the gaps between the O and the T, and between the T and the A.

    Similarly, in the author slug, I think I'd shrink the space between TRISTAN and the J., and also open it up a bit between the J. and TARWATER. That's a compromise between evenness and preserving the labelwriter feel of the text, though.

    Also, you might see how it looks with BLUES at the same font size as BOTANICA. Probably a matter of personal taste.
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    Thanks for the input guys. Especially the kerning - I typically catch that when I format a book but completely overlooked it for the cover...oi.

    I'ma tweak the shading a bit after I get some sleep and then it'll be done and available.