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    I'm on a serious search for pulp influenced film and television. Unfortunately, I feel like I've exhausted what's there. Does anyone know of some gems to check out, even if they're hard to come by?

    Don't bother mentioning: The Rocketeer, the Shadow, the Phantom, Buckaroo Bonzai, old old Flash Gordon & Buck Rogers serials, Indiana Jones, the Mummy, Sky Captain.

    I'm hoping Miller's the Spirit doesn't stray too far from its pulpy beginnings, although I'm already annoyed that he's wearing all black instead of blue. Usually those things don't bother me, like I could give a shit if Wolverine is in leather chaps or some silly yellow spandex, but I feel like the look of the character might actually suffer a little by putting him just in black.

    Similarly, there seems to be an influx of pulp style reading material lately. I've seen some anthologies bandied about on Amazon and even McSweeney's used the theme not once but twice (which I need to find at the Strand). Anyone find anything particularly special?
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    If you haven't already you should definatly check out Brick. Incredible film and it is written like it was taught how to speak by James M. Cain, Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammet. Also if you haven't seen it, I loved Kiss Kiss bang Bang. It was horribly advertised, but was a really funny play on detective stories.
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    Cheesy as it was, I rather liked the Stacy Keach version of Mike Hammer when I was a kid. BenMiller is right on target with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, as that has to be one of my favorite films of the last five years. Just absolutely pitch-perfect.

    Book-wise, I cannot stress enough how genius the Hard Case Crime line is. It includes both reprints of classic noir novels and new noir-influenced works, all with phenomenal, lurid painted covers. I have the whole run, and I've never read a better noir than Ed McBain's The Gutter and the Grave.

    I'm a huge fan of both the Modesty Blaise novels and strip collections. Fantastic stuff, and better than James Bond, for my money.

    And Ed Brubaker's Criminal is one of the best comics being published today. It incorporates so many of my favorite things, it's almost like he's writing it specifically for me. God bless that man.

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    I've seen Brick and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I loved them both. I feel like it's a lot easier to come across the hard-boiled crime film than it is the adventure or science fiction stuff.

    I'll have to check out the Hard Case line. Never actually heard of it. I keep meaning to pick up one of those crazy Chandler or Hammet sets but I feel like I'll never read them if they're all sitting there in a group, looking at me. Bastards.
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    Young Sherlock Holmes is very much a victorian styled pulp movie.
    It's got a flying machine, Blowdart assasins, Egyptian cultists...
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    Yea, I'd have to reccomend Brick as well.
    Though, that film is more "Film Noir" rather than pulp.

    The only really wonderfully done modern pulp I can think of at the moment is Alan Moore's Tom Strong.
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    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2007
    cindy sherman's "office killer" movie is part pulp, part hitchcock, a whole lot of strange. stars carol kane, molly ringwald, and jeanne tripplehorn. fantastic visuals as you'd expect from a pro photographer's first movie.
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    Oh my god, Brick was the most amazingly delightful suprise. My friend just brought it home one day, and we didn't know anything about it, but damn it was great.
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    Mam Tor publishing does a magazine called Event Horizon that's pure pulp. Fantasy, Sci Fi, Horror - mostly comics, but also prose and stand-alone artwork.