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    • CommentTimeApr 24th 2012
    The Time of Reflection

    My full color dark fantasy story "The Time of Reflection" is now one of only two finalists for an Eagle Award!

    Which means it's at least temporarily available online and will be published in the London Comic-Con program next month.

    And now we've entered the public voting phase of the competition. Voting only takes a few seconds.

    Complete story (inline images as well as a PDF option) and voting info here:

    I'd appreciate any liking/linking/licking of the above page.

    Well, I might not actually appreciate the licking. But I get it.

    Thanks all!


    The Time of Reflection by Alex Wilson and Silvio dB
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    Voted. Nice work. Your competitor's story was pretty good as well, but your art was more my thing.