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    It's not near live yet, but I'm in the process of setting up a web site upon which myself and other creators will be sharing their creator owned series as webcomics.

    The idea is to have weekly updates with each story, but have enough stories so that the content seems to be updating daily.

    I know this is not really the newest of ideas, but it is something new for me to be trying out.

    However, do people still see webcomics as a viable option for getting their story out? Are we seeing a signal to noise ratio shift, which makes it harder to be heard because it's easier to broadcast?


    I have a couple of shorts up there at the moment, and would love to hear what people think about the page to page navigation.

    I'm using Squarespace, and basically it's a bit hacked together - having a journal page set to one item per page, and in reverse chronological order (oldest first, rather than traditional blogging setting of newest entry first).

    As there doesn't seem to be any seem-less way of transitioning from page to page, it's basically a case of creating "Previous/Next" hyperlinks within the entry.

    Please let me know what you think, thank you -