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    Video games seem to get the press attention, but the real success story in Kickstarter seems to be comics. Browsing, I've noticed a ridiculous number seem to make their goal, frequently doubling/tripling/more. The Smut Peddler got its own thread earlier, tempting me mightily, and I finally broke down and ordered Mystery Pets with 18 hours left on its clock. Hangboy was initially in Comics too, before getting shunted off to illustration, and I'm highly sad I don't have the spare cash right now to get it as well.

    Aside from tempting chunks of cash from my pocket, the comics section of Kickstarter is interesting just because such a decent percentage does so well. The quality seems to range from amateur-hour to high-end professional, but it's only taking a couple hundred people to fully fund a project.

    So, interesting times in ultra-small comics, both in terms of distribution and funding.

    -edit- And I knew I forgot something! Look over here! Not comics but still really damn cool, Ariana is restoring illustrations from a book of demons, the Dictionnaire Infernal, and turning them into cards. And then throwing the whole thing up on the web to browse through. The Kickstarter has done really well, but you'll still probably be sad if you don't get involved.
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    The Graphic Textbook is a project by Reading With Pictures that's looking for some substantial money.... and is oh-so-close to getting it. At the moment they're 3 days and about $2700 from the $65K goal. If they get it, they'll be able to 1) pay the creators contributing to it, 2) publish the book, and 3) get it into educators' hands. It promotes comics and it promotes literacy. It'd be a shame if it fell short.....
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    The Graphic Textbook is now comfortably funded. I don't think I've ever seen a project (in any category) fail at 95%, although I really haven't been watching everything, or for more than a couple months. It does seem like if you make 50% of the goal with a few days left, unless the goal is astronomical, you're going to make it.

    I'm currently highly tempted to fund Math Girls as a gift for my girlfriend. I'll probably break before the Kickstarter is over. :)