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    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2012
    So my boyfriend finally bought some rope for kinky purposes. It arrived yesterday, and I went to reach for some, but we just ended up wrestling a whole bunch. I have a crazy bruise on my back and a partial black eye. I am awash in serotonin and feeling very languorous. I'm so glad I hung a hammock in the backyard yesterday, because I think that's where I'm going to spend the next few hours.

    Then I have to go to work. And, I guess, put on a few pounds of concealer.
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2012
    The Bad

    I realise that i made a comment here a while ago that makes me look like an arse, mainly because it was the kind of thing an arse might say. It made sense in my head at the time but really... well. Anyway, my apologies to Mr Hex, yes, i am an arse, however believe me, you are an optimist.

    More seriously, that recurring Bike theme cropped up again; my friend down in Eastbourne, someone who is to me much like the son i never had, picked up a lovely secondhand Honda 250 on Saturday. And got knocked off it on Sunday by a nice lady who got a bit confused with the one way system and ended up driving down the wrong side of the road.

    The Good

    My mate survived with nothing more than a bad case of concussion and two days worth of amnesia and his new girlfriend has turned out to be an absolute diamond, looking after him while he was too groggy to do much himself and helping him deal with the weasely insurance weasels. I may have to start looking for a wedding suit.

    Other good stuff has happened; Waking Jack, The Sweeps at Rochester, being most favoured Agency Monkey at work, all of which pales into insignificance at the thought that one of my very best friends, someone who pretty much takes the place of family for me these days, didn't get wiped out. I offer up my thanks to the great God of the traffic lights.

    The Cheers

    Rachael, because putting up with what you have to suffer is hard enough, putting up with it on your own, without anyone to fall back on? I wish i could do something practical to help, i really do.

    Flecky, because you are a hero, simple as that. Do me a favour though, stick with the breathing business if you can, i'd have one less person to look up to if you decided to leave.

    The rest of you, i'm sorry i don't have the wherewithal to comment on each of you. Hang on in there, strength to you all.
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    Just wanted to add that I survived mental health intake.
    Trying to wind down from the insanity of all that. They want to do a sleep study, and rule out more physical stuff.
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2012
    my doc put me on Fluoxitine (Prozac) bah. i had to tell a friend i can't make it to his wedding. double bah. my amp was broken but now is fixed.... yay
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    Sleep study's been cancelled by my doctor (too expensive) and now I'm going onto tricyclics. At least their chemical structure looks happy? I guess?
    Good luck with your meds, Alastair!
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    I'm changing the order of things because I'm an iconoclast and shit!

    The good: I get to see the lovely lady I'm dating tomorrow for the first time in four weeks! Really, there's a lot of good. The kid is awesome. My ex and I may be working things out so we can avoid court (fingers crossed, but not holding my breath). Work's coming along quite well.

    The bad: So I shaved off the beard and found that my face was dry and crusty underneath. Over the winter, I assumed I had chapped lips or something, but after weeks of hydrating and moisturizing, it became clear that something else was at work. Monday I scheduled an appointment with my doctor and then in a fit of "my face is full of something gross breeding there" washed the area so thoroughly that it took all the skin with it. Actually I didn't have to scrub very hard, so clearly the skin was being eaten by something gross. The doc put me on anti-biotics and things are clearing up/growing back. The biggest problem... no skin to skin contact until this all clears up. So in just over 24 hours, I'm going to see the gal pal and unless my face gets much better in that time frame, not so much as a smooch.

    The Shout outs:
    @Rachael: Fuckin' A girl! I wish there was a tangible way I could help. I can offer the hope that things can get better with the right treatment. My health problems fall well short of yours (because clearly, these sorts of things are a competition) but I was suffering enough chronic pain that I was on daily narcotics and out of work for a year and a half (don't get me started on why I didn't qualify for Social Security during that time), but after the third back surgery, I'm close enough to pain free that my biggest complaints are my face falling off right before I get to go out with girls. I really hope this is the treatment you need and that you find a way to make it all come together to get through this.

    @Flecky: Well done staying clean. And keep on living mate. You make this mud ball a bit more interesting.
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    Saturday afternoon I had a delightful 2nd date with the fellow (from way back when). Very low key and we didn't do much of anything, but there was good conversation, and that's really what matters most to me. We were going to have a date Thursday evening/night, after I was done with work. Guess why this is in the boo/hiss section? Needless to say, it got canceled, he said due to drama over the past couple days related to an ex (suicide). And I'd like to believe him, and that he's not just blowing me off. Except that my co-worker saw him at the circus with a girl last night. Which happens to be about the same time I texted him to figure out plans for tonight, and there was no response. We're not exclusive or anything, so I wouldn't care all that much, except... there seems to be a repeat of history going on. *head-desk* He's just about in the friend zone right now. I feel like I'm being lied to, and I really don't have the patience for that kind bullshit.

    The Good Times:
    I have been into rearranging/tidying my apartment this week, and I have a Jack in the Pulpit that I bought last summer/fall that is blooming and is very pretty. I went on a walk with my mom by the highway and took photos of moody clouds on Tuesday. All the stuff at work that needed to get done, did get done. And the romantic feelings were lovely while they lasted. And apparently some advice I gave was actually worth repeating. I felt exceptionally clever for a bunch of days.

    The Lovely People Here:
    @Rachael: Bloody Fucking Hell! First, ew ew creepy ew ew. I'd give the old guy a kicking in the balls if I could. So skeevy! I wish I had information on how to get help and taken care of for post intense surgeries. The best I can manage is that a lot of retirement communities have rehab for short term patients, and often Medicaid/Medicare helps cover that, but those tend to be in the retirement age. And that was in CA. I wish the system wasn't so messed up. And I wish there was a way to help create a support system.

    @Flecky: Glad you're still around. And glad you managed to get clean.

    @roadscum: Sorry about your friend and glad to hear things turns out more or less ok. And his new girlfriend really is amazing. Wow.

    @sellmeyoursoul: Eeeks! I hope your skin heals up quickly!
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2012
    @trini & rachael - there are lot of nursing/rehab facilities in NYC & just outside the city (like in Westchester) that provide short term care for people of all ages and that do accept Medicaid/Medicare. While I'd imagine you would be most comfortable in your home, if the situation is bleak then it might be a good idea to check into popping out for a few months into such a place. Just google up short term care NYC or young adult nursing home or somesuch. I've heard of folks going into there when I was working at some non-profits back in the day.
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    @trini, @sellmeyoursoul, @roadscum - thanks, guys!

    @glukkake - yeah, that's been my current research project. You are right, I really would be more comfortable to stay home, but I fear I'll need some looking after for a while, and that's not really fair to throw into roommate territory. ("Young adult nursing home" makes me think of a bunch of old ladies sitting around reading Judy Blume books. Hah!) I do have a few months to figure it all out, but I know that time will arrive with mad speed, and all this crap takes so long with paperwork and such, a "few months" will pounce on me.