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    ^And now, an iPhone can take the place of most of that stuff. We're all cyberpunks now.
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    The Sharp NERV android handset is waay more appropriate for a cyberpunk's choice of phone..

    (((battery life, lag issues, lack of Ice Cream Sandwich yadayadayada, I would still do bad things to have one of these)))
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    Just a reminder.

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    @celan. laughing at a disabled kid... hilarious.
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    I don't usually post music on this thread unless I'm doing the history thing - because it's lazy! - but Gotye is deserving of your notice.

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    Also, this is probably a repost, but it's so awesome I'm sure you won't mind.

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    Has this come up before?

    Lizards are teaching robots how to jump.

    There's a video I can't embed on the site.

    Full's research observed something surprising about how this particular lizard uses its tail, and realized it could be adapted for a wheeled robotic vehicle needing to pull some crazy stunt-type maneuvers.


    Vader's on those nails.


    I don't know, file casual.

    vader nails
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2012
    Stephen Walter’s Map Of Subterranean London
    There’s an old and apocryphal London saying that you’re never more than six feet away from a rat. This new map from Stephen Walter shows how you’re never more than a furlong from a subterranean oddity.

    Here's a link to another article about it with a slightly better reproduction which is too big to post here but still too small to make out any proper detail.
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    Here's some blow jobs for the day.

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    Context-free patent art :D

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    I haven't been to Everything Is Terrible in a while.
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    That Batman's expression. I don't know if it's sadness or resignation.
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    Maybe if he was ringing a bell, or holding a cardboard sign that says "Will Fight Crime 4 Food" or something
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    @lampcommander: Seeing that, I realized I hadn't seen the actor who plays "Jaws" in the James Bond movies in anything else. A friend of mine pointed me to his first movie, "Eegah". Which has been MST3K'd. And with good reason, if the trailer's anything to go by.

    The bit about the beard had me guffawing.
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    @twentythoughts @lampcommander I always thought Richard Kiel's stand-out performance was his starring role as The Humanoid, which also features his Bond co-star Barbara Bach and Corinne (Story of O) Cléry.