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    I agree. I'm learning on that point. As a somewhat beginner in this game, and in general I have always had a low opinion of my work, and the fact that people might want to read it (not fishing for compliments, but just stating my reality), but I recently have learned that taking your work to the highest hill and shouting off the top of it how wonderful it is (despite how wonderful it may be) will bring in readers. Readers will sink your idea or make sure that it finds a bigger audience. But being humble and hoping that it gets somewhere just doesn't work very well. Once the color version is done I will get this into everywhere I can.

    And thanks everyone.
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    Liked it and like the way the color is developing.

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    I'll start by saying nice job. That's some fine comic bookery, and you're clearly a very talented guy.

    Second, the deal with apologising for your work is that it's unprofessional. It communicates that you're pitching something in which you don't have full confidence. That's not going to bring you much grief on Whitechapel (if you don't count a bunch of people telling you not to apologise for your art), but it'll hurt you when you're trying to wow prospective clients with your stuff.

    Last, best of luck colouring and pitching your book. It's a quality piece of work and deserves to do well.