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    It really depends on the temperament of the cats. My sister brings her cat over to my parents house from time to time, and Watson (lives with my parents) is very mellow and gets along with/tolerates most other cats. And even then, there have been hissing and fighting when he is first introduced to a new cat. And we've had cats that did not tolerate other cats, and would bully/beat up on the newer cat. So what you should consider is the temperament of each cat. How mellow are the cats? How much attention do they expect? Do they want to play quite a bit? Or do they prefer to sleep most of the time? Are they somewhat prickly and demanding? And the name of the cat can be very telling. If a cat is named Princess (or something similarly descriptive of wanting to be pampered), it is not going to be happy about another cat in the house. Personally, I would lean towards picking one of the two since they are both solitary cats, and are probably used to getting all the attention. Ultimately, the decision is up to you, and perhaps the two cats would like each other very much.
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    We watched it from the UWS observatory this afternoon, with 6 children - our 3 and a few of their mates. The old Kombi was pretty low on its springs driving out. The boffins did a brilliant presentation before we went up to the dome, 3D video animations and the whole business. In it they showed the orbits of the Earth and Venus, and yeah, apparently there is quite a significant planar angle between them. I didn't know that until today either.

    The uni had some awesome stuff going on today, including a 3-screen array of Windows 7 boxes with a map of the known cosmos on them that you could move around using an X-Box controller. The next version is going to have 5 screens and be Kinect-controlled so you can get around it by making surfing motions, just like the Silver Surfer! Made of win. The kids just about popped with glee.

    We're pretty sure that the astronomer William Crabtree is an ancestor of my wife - he kind of looks like her father in the painting, he was from the vicinity of Manchester as her lot were back then, and he had an enormous brain, just like her. He observed the transit in 1639, and 373 years later we were watching as the rainclouds finally parted this afternoon and Venus touched the rim of the Sun's disc.
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    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2012

    This might sound weird, but... in which part of New York are you most likely to encounter people carrying "the end is near" or "repent" signs ? Is there a particular gathering point for such weirdos ?

    I'm asking for a friend. No, really. He's writing a book about the apocalypse in popular culture.
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    A couple of suggestions with the cats: if you have time take some bedding or other items from each and place it in the house of the other so they start to get used to the smell. Then consider have a meeting on neutral ground -say in a park with both in cages - to see how they respond to each other.
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    I've seen them all over. Likely, if they wanted to reach the most people, Times Square, Union Square, Grand Central Station. Or on one of the major avenues like Broadway.
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    It isn't the tilt of Earth's axis that would make the angle of the transit look different from what you expected (though that's part of it, also the fact that Venus' orbit itself is not on the same plane as ours). Depending on where you are on the globe, the direction of "up" changes. For example, Australians see the moon "upside-down" compared to Europeans, because they are upside-down.
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    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2012

    awesome, thanks! That was one of the first things i had considered, but gave up on that hypothesis because I found myself unable to simulate it in my brain.
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    with a surfboard, hard boot it and reset your wireless router at the same time (if you're using wifi). after that, ask around to find out if any of your neighbors are stealing cable, as that can fuck up your ability to connect to the net without showing problems at the cable company's end. if not, report a defective modem to the cable company. surfboards have a disturbingly high failure rate in my experience, so it may be a defective device. most companies are pretty decent about replacing them.
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    #Cafe Press, No or Yes?

    A friend and I have come up with an idea for some shirt designs using re-purposed public domain art that we think might find a small market online. We're thinking about putting them up on Cafe Press but I've heard both good things and bad things. Does anyone here have any experience with or advice about the Cafe Press system?
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    We see the moon the right way up. It's you northerners who're looking at it the wrong way ;D
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    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2012

    I don't have personal experience, but I know Warren uses it to sell some stuff. I believe Ariana runs it, so hopefully she will see this and lend some insight. But I think we can use that as a general positive sign.
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    But no one would dare try and cross Warren and his Chief Mechanic of Doom! :) But seriously, yes, that's a good point.
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    For what you just described, I'd say CafePress is just fine.

    The "bad" thing about CafePress is that, yes, profit per item is always going to be smaller when you do a smaller print run. If you can drop a lot of money on 200 or 500 shirts all at once, and you're sure you'll sell all of those shirts, of course you'll make more profit in the long run. CafePress allows you to put an image up and print shirts off one at a time (and also handles invoicing, shipping, and all of the fiddly bits), and you make a little bit less. You say you think you'll have a market, and the design is public domain -- so why would you go with the cost-up-front option (and doing your own invoicing, and shipping, and all the other fiddly bits) instead of the risk-free option? If it really takes off, you can always move to a bulk-printer, later.

    If you want to start a new t-shirt selling business full time, or if you need a set number of shirts all at once: go with someone else.
    If you just wanna put an idea online and see if it goes anywhere without worrying about it: go with Cafepress.

    (Someone is bound to pop up and talk about the difference in print/ink quality. I'm sure there probably is a slight difference in some inks... after 100 or more washes. And, of course, if you wanted any sort of specialty (glitter, GiD, etc) ink, CafePress wouldn't be the way to go. But for "put picture on shirt, go!" CafePress is really not noticeably different from any other professional printer.)
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    Hello young lovers.

    Has anyone got any experience with UK #LiteraryAgents? It has been about ten years since I last sent out sample chapters, so I imagine my contacts are a bit out of date.

    I'm putting together a list of agencies to approach, already got a few candidates, but some suggestions of who to target / avoid would be enormously helpful.

    I'm also interested in hearing about your experiences of sending stuff to agents... what was the response time (if you got one)? Any bad experiences you can share (name names or don't)?

    I'm also happy to keep folk posted on how I get on, if that would be useful.

    I write crime, SF and horror.

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    Thanks Ariana - my main concern was that there might be better options than Cafepress, but it sounds like it's the way to go!
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    I have a friend in the Chicago IL area who is faces with having to move and find a new job shortly. She has a conviction on her record from only a couple of years ago, a felony drug offense.

    I am looking for any and all resources I might be able to direct her towards in terms of charities, nonprofits, and whatever programs she may be able to take advantage of. I don't even know, for instance, if she would be able to qualify for any sort of housing subsidies given her conviction.

    Appreciate links to (a) what felons in IL can and can't qualify for but mostly (b) if anyone has firsthand knowledge of programs, charities or resources that would be helpful to her.
    • CommentAuthorMrMonk
    • CommentTimeJun 7th 2012

    Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. After consulting with my sister, who still raises cats and fosters ferals for a shelter, I have decided against taking in any cats at this time. Introducing two adults that I couldn't give back seems too risky, and I'm adverse to leaving a cat alone indoors when I have to travel.
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    Got an annoying if low-apparent-harm infection of some sort on my machine - it creates random links in text which cause annoying scam ads to pop up if you click on them.

    Malwarebytes doesn't seem to be able to detect it and neither does Avast.

    So: a. how do I get rid of it and b. how dangerous is it, is it in addition to the pop-ups stealing my soul?
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    Start by trying Spybot Search-and-Destroy and/or the free version of AdAware
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    It looks like it's an ad-ware program called text enhance.

    Supposedly you can remove it by disabling the text enhance add-on in your browser but there's no such add-on showing in my version of Firefox so this must be an upgraded version.

    It's also recommended that you clear all cookies and empty yoru cache so I'll try that.

    Plus I might switch to Chrome.