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    Occasionally I say or write something original but I am not interested in developing my writing that way
    Then, to be blunt, you're not developing your writing.

    Just saw Premium Rush. Quite good speedy action thing, with some amazing bike stunts (though I'm not sure how 90 minutes from Columbia University to Chinatown by bicycle counts as a 'rush' delivery), and Michael Shannon as a right prick.
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    Movies here.

    Everything else here.
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2012

    Looks really interesting. . . or . . . full of potential. The commercial makes me think someone took a really weird, anthropomorphic(ish) twist on Grant Morrison's Sigil and Corporate Power ideas, mashed in some early Invisibles, then made a movie.

    Here's four of the QR code addresses that show up in the trailer, in case anyone is interested:

    I haven't yet done the obvious QR at the end, and I do realize that there are (at least) 5 QR codes in the commercial, but I think one is a duplicate, as my scanner only has 4 URLS, apologies for that.
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    Has anyone else seen the Secret of Kells?

    What an unexpected joy. The animation is so fantastic. It hits the mark hard on the phrase 'eye candy'.
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    Yes! Much as I love 'Up' I'm still sad that 'Secret of Kells' didn't get Best Animated feature that year. And Cartoon Saloon's next feature looks equally gorgeous: Song of the Sea
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    I loved Secret of Kells and I'm glad that the production company are going on to address selkies.

    I love me some shape shifting Irish weirdness.

    If you like the notion of selkies, you might like Ondine which is a very affecting, very well done film.

    [And now my Amazon brain will turn off and thank ye for this warm-up typing.]
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    Rewatched Jarmusch's Dead Man.

    Still love it.

    That is all.

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    I just watched "Loom". The short that Ridley Scotts' son made. You can download it here:

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    Went for a double feature today, the new Total Recall and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. The first one was okay, loved the production design but... yeah, let's say it was not a particularly deep film. The latter was a massively positive surprise. I was expecting nothing and got one of the most damn over the top entertaining films I've seen in ages. Face still hurts from laughing!
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    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2012
    Going to check out 'Flying Swords at Dragon Gate' today. It's got a week long IMAX 3d engagement - so if you like Jet Li based flying kung fu, now is your time!
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    @Vornaskotti: I had a suspicion it would be over the top and a bit silly. Have you seen the pilot for "Amazing Screw-on Head" that Mike Mignola did? I figured it would be something of that sort. Maybe I'll go see it if I have a friend to go see it with.
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2012
    @William Downloading now, thanks for the share. This whole thing had passed me by somehow.

    I've been meaning to watch the Secret of Kells for ages now. Even lately it's been sitting in queue on Redbox. From all the love here, I will definitely watch it soon.

    Regal recently opened and extremely fancy and huge multiplex nearby, which is great and everything, but the better part is that they also turned the extremely nice theatre they already had in the area into a discount theatre. Off to see Spiderman and Abe Lincoln this week, both for less than the price of a crappy lunch, and in a theatre my feet won't stick to the floor in. Sometimes life throws you a bone, and it's even got some good meat on it.
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    @trini: the humour in Abe LIncoln: Vampire Hunter comes more from how absolutely straight it's played. There's no real overt goofiness like Screw-on Head.
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    Watched Once upon a time in Anatolia this afternoon.

    Breathtaking movie. It's not going to be for everyone(It's 2.5 hours long and it's a very subtle movie) but goddamn was it a fantastic movie.

    The opening shot alone is tremendous.