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    Here's the latest links from my webcomics this week.

    The DEA balloons out of control in The Antiwar Comic: Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste

    The Queen of the Nile has her priorities in In A Relationship: Cleo Was a Gold Digger

    The president's press conference takes a strange turn in Super Frat: This is Your President on Drugs

    Deborah's mom finally gets attention of sorts in I Hate my Kids: Oxy Delusional

    Nick faces his inner demon in Post Apocalyptic Nick: Bicoastal Paradox

    The bros try and stimulate the economy using the Dean's car in Super Frat: Austrians Don't Prank

    Bobby's trip to gamer past is short lived in Olde Tyme Gamer: Nostalgia Is Not What it Used to Be