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    Week of June 6, 2012


    30 Days of Night Ongoing #8
    Age of Apocalypse #4
    Amazing Spider-Man Movie #1
    Animal Man #10
    Artifacts #18
    Avengers Academy #31 AVX
    Avengers Black Widow Strikes #3 (of 3)
    Avengers vs X-Men #5 (of 12) AVX
    Batwing #10
    Before Watchmen Minutemen #1 (of 6)
    Boys #67
    Casper's Scare School #2 (of 4)
    Creator Owned Heroes #1
    Crossed Badlands #7
    Dan the Unharmable #2
    Dark Avengers #175
    Defenders #7
    Detective Comics #10
    Dial H #2
    Dicks Color Ed #5
    Earth 2 #2
    Epic Kill #2
    Extermination #1
    Fairest #4
    Fanboys vs Zombies #3
    Fury Max #3
    Garfield #2
    GI Combat #2
    GI Joe A Real American Hero #179
    GI Joe Vol 2 Ongoing #14
    Gold Digger #139
    Green Arrow #10
    Hack Slash #16
    Harbinger (Ongoing) #1
    Hulk #53
    Invincible Iron Man #518
    iZombie #26
    Journey Into Mystery #639
    Justice League International #10
    Knights of the Dinner Table #187
    Kung Fu Panda #5 (of 6)
    Lady Death Ongoing #18
    Mighty Thor Annual #1
    Morning Glories #19
    Mudman #4
    Munchkin The Guild
    Night Force #4
    Pantha #1
    Penny For Your Soul False Prophet #5 (of 7)
    Popeye #2 9of 4)
    Prophecy #1
    Ramiel Wrath of God #2
    Red Lanterns #10
    Robert Jordan Wheel of Time Eye of the World #26
    Scooby Doo Where Are You #22
    Secret #2
    Smallville Season 11 #2
    Spawn #220
    Spawn 20th Anniversary Coll Special #1
    Steamcraft #1
    Stormwatch #10
    Super Dinosaur #11
    Supurbia #4 (of 4)
    Swamp Thing #10
    Sweet Tooth #34
    Swimsuit Steampunk #1
    The Spider #2
    Thief of Thieves #5
    Toy Story #4 (of 4)
    Trio #2
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #11
    Uncanny X-Men #13 AVX
    Voltron Year One #3
    Wasteland #38
    Winter Soldier #6
    Worlds Finest #2
    X-Factor #237
    X-O Manowar #2


    Bleeding Cool Magazine #0
    Life With Archie #20

    Trade Paperbacks

    Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual SC
    Bart Simpson Out to Lunch TP
    Batman Detective Comics HC Vol 1 Faces of Death
    Book of Alien SC
    Boys TP Vol 11 Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand
    Civil War Prose Novel HC
    Danger Girl Revolver TP
    Deadpool TP Vol 9 Institutionalized
    DMZ TP Vol 12 The Five Nations of New York
    Doctor Who Ongoing 2 TP Vol 4 As Time Goes By
    Dungeons & Dragons TP Vol 1 Shadowplague
    Ed the Happy Clown HC
    GI Joe V2 Cobra Command TP Vol 1
    Green Lantern Corps Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns TP
    Infestation 2 TP Vol 1
    Koma GN
    Moon Knight by Bendis and Maleev TP Vol 1
    Prince Valiant HC Vol 5 1945-1946
    Red Lanterns TP Vol 1 Blood and Rage
    Spider-Man Big Time Ultimate Collection TP
    Star Wars Omnibus Droids and Ewoks TP
    Uncanny X-Men by Kieron Gillen Prem HC Vol 2
    Walking Dead and Philosophy SC
    Walking Dead Novel SC Vol 1 Rise of the Governor
    Walking Dead TP Vol 16 A Larger World
    Witchblade Rebirth TP Vol 1
    Year of the Beasts Novel HC
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    Comic I'm getting this week:
    Dial H #2 -- China Mieville writing a comic! I'm in!

    Trade I'm getting this week:
    DMZ TP Vol 12 The Five Nations of New York -- Final collection of this amazing story. I'm going to go back and read them all again.
    • CommentTimeJun 3rd 2012
    30 Days of Night Ongoing #8
    Before Watchmen Minutemen #1 (of 6)
    Crossed Badlands #7
    Dan the Unharmable #2
    Dial H #2
    Epic Kill #2
    Lady Death Ongoing #18
    Morning Glories #19
    Secret #2
    Thief of Thieves #5
    • CommentAuthorPow
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2012 edited
    Animal Man #10
    Boys #67
    Crossed Badlands #7
    Fury Max #3
    Secret #2
    Swamp Thing #10
    Wasteland #38
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2012 edited
    (undecided) Before Watchmen Minutemen #1 (of 6)
    Dark Avengers #175
    Defenders #7
    Invincible Iron Man #518
    Mighty Thor Annual #1
    Smallville Season 11 #2
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2012
    When someone reads Before Watchmen Minutemen, could you be as kind to give a review of it? I can't get to the comic shops at the moment, so give it a proper Whitechapel probing, if that's ok with the bosses. I guess it may be only fair to pass full judgement when all 6 issues are available.

    I intend to get DMZ TP Vol 12.
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    DIAL H
    CREATOR OWNED HEROES (seriously, what a horrible name though)
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    That "Extermination" title from Boom! is one of mine, incidentally. Not sure if it's you guys' cuppa - deconstructive apocalyptic spandex, no less - but the first ep is selling for one buck, so you've no excuse.
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    Si -- If I had known that, I would've picked it up.
    Hopefully they still have it next week.
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    Checking into the list for cleanup (I was at E3 last week and didn't get comics until Saturday) I noticed not only had I missed Dan the Unharmable #2, but that Si had a $1 first issue available. After picking it up, I can cheerfully report that it's a lot of very dark fun, everyone should give it a shot, and I'm looking forward to #2. Also, that Si is horrible at announcing his projects around here. :)
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    haha, im pretty sure the only reason WC still exists is because its already set up and just kind of goes at this point. lets not fool ourselves. no pros care about this place anymore
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    It's sad, Joe, but I think you could be right... Remember how BrianWood would be in here nearly every time he had something coming out? I miss those preview pages of art...
    There were a decent amount of other writers that would do the same thing once in awhile. There's a few series that I picked up simply because of that... Having creators doing that also made it so that there was more interest in these posts so more people would talk about what they were buying, which also lead me to get into more series...
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    So it's smaller than it used to be, and isn't being headed by a modern comics god any more. It doesn't mean that the person who's in charge shouldn't pimp his work. Whitechapel can transition or fade away, and while I'd prefer the former, the latter will happen by itself if people just sit back and let it happen.
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    James, don't get me wrong... I agree with you... Hell, I wish Si did advertise his stuff on here. I'm sure that there's some people that would buy it just based on him being in charge (see: A Serpent Uncoiled).