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    Is it Finnish that's really close to Korean on the language tree?
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    Erm, guys, that wasn't Finnish :)

    Finnish and Japanese don't really sound the same when spoken, but structurally the words are pretty similar and at least I found it far easier to pronounce than Hungarian, which is actually related to Finnish. There is a story of a Finnish band called Leningrad Cowboys doing an ad in Japan, and them having to dub it because the band members pronounced Japanese too well, and nobody would've believed they were the genuine article :)
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2012
    And I am now reminded of Kolfinnia Kokokoho.
    • CommentAuthorWood
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2012
    Oh man guys, can we have a Leningrad Cowboys moment?

    But also
    And Then
    But still
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    When I was in Prague in 1994 there seemed to be a whole subculture of Leningrad Cowboys. They were everywhere. I saw maybe a couple of dozen of them around the city. Few punks, no goths (and goths were EVERYWHERE that year) just these guys with the gravity-defying hair and unfeasible footwear. Leather jackets, usually, rather than the suit coats in the film, but definitely that look and the utterly deadpan facial expressions as well.
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    @wood, Yaboo Chingoa, agentarsenic

    Thanks for the Ryan Pequin comics. The archives have been cracking me up!

    I also just read The Walk. Bloody lovely.
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    No problem, Stoto. Three Word Phrase is well worth promoting.

    Back before TinEye was a thing, I found this one on 4chan or something, posted without attribution. That sucked.


    Another strip, posted without attribution was the following. (The copy I saw lacked the creator info at the bottom.)


    === Still unidentified ===

    Based on the font and word balloon contents, I rather suspect that this is the handiwork of Steve Aylett.

    stem cell comic

    Meanwhile, these things.

    Spiderman is dumb

    I had no luck finding more of this until I realized that the artist's name was not Kennedy Ross.

    vaginal blood
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    Those Spider-man comics have been favorites of mine for years. I especially enjoy Rape Dollars, That Bear was my father and the two Mysterio ones.

    I often tell my friends that the word is that they're gay for Spider-man.
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    The spidermans are from Jay Pinkerton I believe.
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    Aahhahahumm, the idea of giving the @sweden Twitter for a different person every day lead into... interesting results.

    Sometimes I just look at my children and think about the time when they had my vagina round their neck
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    Way back when BoingBoing was a print magazine, there was an article written by Rudy Rucker about a sci-fi film that he, Robert Anton Wilson and Terrence McKenna starred in. Twenty years later, I get to see it on YouTube. Here it is.


    And on an unrelated note:
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    @Yaboo Chingoa

    Awesome! Looking forward to watching that film once my computer isn't being a big shitface.
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    Scumbag Universe
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    A Redditor took it upon himself to hack together the best “15 seconds or less” YouTube videos into a single 12-minute masterpiece.

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    What is this I don't even...

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    Sometimes, I've had to take a shit where I felt it should have required leg straps and a safety bar. Just sayin'.