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    I just want to punch everyone today.
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2012
    I suspect I'm secretly being trained for a covert op.

    As far as secrets go, it is cryptic in it's obviousness.

    Oh hey I managed to get the most simple cms* working by not doing a double think.
    Artwise: Free NDA's for everyone!

    *I'm incredibly happy with this dudes cms so he gets a mention, because money and compliments is even nicer.
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    Short on bile this week, thankfully. Still fighting the bastard black dog off with a stick but just about holding my own.

    Spent most of the weekend at my parents with my girlies. Sister was there as well, was really nice to relax and not worry about stuff, also my partner could put her feet up too. Had an interesting conversation with my dad about my grandfather as well - I knew he'd been in the far east during the war, but I'd always thought he didn't see combat. He'd never talked about it to me when he was alive, and apparently didn't talk to dad either until quite late in life when he was taken to a Japanese garden in Cornwall. It's one of dad's favorite places, and mine also, but my grandfather had a total meltdown there and freaked out - turned out to be some form of post traumatic thing about bamboo. He'd been a cabin boy on the Queen Mary when war broke out, and lied about his age to enlist. He'd ended up, at about 19 years old, not a trained soldier but an RAF aircraft fitter, being ordered to hack through jungle in Malaya with a machete as the Japanese army advanced on Singapore, in the knowledge that anywhere in the thick bamboo could be Japanese troops and almost certain death. As the Allied forces retreated as Singapore fell, he was assigned, again without any training or experience, to man a bomber's tailgun during the evacuation and shoot at the pursuing planes. I'd never understood why he'd maintained such a hatred for the Japanese before, I'd never been able to square that with the immensely kind and quite gentle man that I remember, but I guess that the trauma of that experience had haunted him. Bloody hell... My other grandfather was at Singapore as well, as a bomber navigator - can't help wondering if they ever met...

    Peace to all...
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2012
    I had a mini-mental breakdown the other day where I was feeling powerless about my life and anxious and depressed and angry all at the same time. I am better today (in fact i'm doing quite well today). I'm just tired of this personal shit I'm having to deal with, but it's hopefully gonna be done and over by the end of the year, hopefully. It can still not work out, but I've done my part and did the best I could and gathered all the paperwork I need for this, at this point it's just waiting for everything to process and hoping it goes well. I wish I could talk about the details here so that I didn't have to be so cryptic about what my shit is and explain why it makes me feel like such crap, but it's just too fucking personal.

    In any case, ((hugs)) to all. Goodness knows we can never have enough hugs in this thread.
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2012
    @GovSpy, we can form a super-punching-duo, replete with baller costumes.

    (I want to punch everything too)
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    You're all terrible moaning weaselhawks and I cherish you all.