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    I have a wide experience of a lot of different drugs. Easier to list the ones I haven't tried: Opitates stronger than codiene, crystal meth, crack, vidodin, LSD and all the new chemical hallucinogens like 2-CB and AMT. LSD and the hallucinogens I'd love to try but never had the chance, the rest I've vowed not to take, atleast until I'm in my 40/50's so they don't steal my youth.

    Every drug, anything you put in you that alters bodily function (including over-the-counter painkillers, and things considered natural because they're just a plant i.e. weed) has the potential for addiction. Some substances have more risk than others, for instance I've heard repeatedly that 60% of people who try crack will get addicted the first time.

    There are a number of factors, but two golden rules that you may be addicted to something:
    1. You pay for it yourself.
    2. You do it when no one else is around.

    Having said that, if you're not spending money you don't have, if your friends and family don't notice a change in your personality(they are often a better judge than you), if your work isn't effected and if your overall health isn't too badly damaged, being addicted to a substance isn't the nightmare life-ending scenario it's portrayed as.

    Also it's generally a bad idea to take anything before you're under 18, have a heart condition, epilepsy, or a family history of mental illness. It's best when taking a new substance to do an allergy test (the simplest way is to lick a miniscule piece of it 24 hours before taking) but this is not always possible.

    Never ever mix uppers and downers unless you are 100% sure what you're doing you will go into respiratory failure and die, this is what happened to every famous person you have heard of who had a drug related death. (a spliff or a vallium after a heavy night of something like MDMA or amphetamines to get you to sleep is usually fine).

    Having said all that, I find drugs pretty awesome, have had some of the greatest experiences of my life thanks to them, and would probably have had a more boring, uneventful life without them. I find most of the things that are illegal safer (both for your own mental and physical health, and for the damage done to people and things around you) than alcohol.

    I'm glad I despise the taste of coffee, and feel sick after taking caffeine pills or too many energy drinks, so my caffeine intake is limited to just a few cups of tea a day. I find caffeine a dirtier drug than most stimulants.

    I smoke around 3-5 cigarettes a day because of university. 10 if I'm drinking, and I can go through a pack or more if I'm on something stronger. Roll-ups mostly because I'm poor but also menthols, pipe with pipe tobacco and clove cigarettes.

    People do use drugs to self medicate, it's a shame they aren't studied more, MDMA has the potential to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, weed has dozens of potential uses, one dose of magic mushrooms can significantly increase mental health, but we need to know more about them. (They actually banned the sale of Psilocybin magic mushrooms in this country. Can you believe that? Possibly the single safest and beneficial drug you can take, yet Fly Agaric is still available, the red one with the spots that berserkers used to take that can actually fuck you up and give you a bad trip is available in skater shops, OK, don't get me started on prohibition and the war on drugs).

    I personally prefer stimulants, partially to self medicate my social anxiety and general lack of motivation. I used to take Ephedrine a lot (you can still buy it online, and it's still legal in the UK, it's like the mid-way point between caffeine and speed) but either the last batch I got was double strength or I'm becoming intolerant to it, because it now gives me heart and chest pains stronger than any legal or illegal substance. I think Adderall or something similar would be perfect for me, but it's really hard to get on prescription here, you basically have to have a mental breakdown before the doctor will consider it.

    I'm not overally fond of cannabis, it's nice every now and then but it can make me nauseas and leave me unmotivated for days after. I'd like to just enjoy the odd spliff, but if I have some, I tend to do all of it at once, eat shitloads of terrible food, watch terrible movies and feel sluggish for the rest of the week. Codiene and other painkillers have a similar effect, so I don't really like downers apart from Vallium and Whisky (not together though).

    I'd like to take more psychedelics but even though I've done a few before and had a great time, I'm still a little bit scared of them.

    I'd talk more about Research Chemicals, "Bath Salts" (please don't use that term), what used to be called Psychonautics, but I've talked about them already in the Newstrange thread, and I've rambled on too much here. I've tried to keep this general but if there's anything specific, any specific drug you want to know about. Every drug is completly different and unique and needs a whole different set of rules for taking it.

    I read Erowid, bluelight, (though they can both be snotty about the newer research chemicals) 420chan and as many trip reports, forums and sources etc I can before indulging in something.

    The worst thing I've found about people who regulary take drugs is all they want to talk about is drugs. I can see how it would become annoying to someone who doesn't take drugs.
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    Now having used the 60% statistic for first time users of crack getting addicted, I have just stumbled upon this statistic:
    drug addiction
    From the enlightening website Narco Polo which suggests only 4.1% of crack users get addicted.
    Basically we desperatly need lots of studies into all types of drugs, we are far too reliant on rumour, old wives tales, and "what happened to a friend of mine."
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    MDMA is also of interest for the treatment of Autism. But, as previously noted, it's so heavily prohibited that any research on it is completely banned.
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    As to be expected from the WC crowd, a fascinating thread.

    On the subject of caffeine, which seems to be getting a pretty bad rap right now: High Blood Caffeine Levels in Older Adults Linked to Avoidance of Alzheimer’s Disease
    “Moderate daily consumption of caffeinated coffee appears to be the best dietary option for long-term protection against Alzheimer’s memory loss,”
    and further
    A study tracking the health and coffee consumption of more than 400,000 older adults for 13 years, and published earlier this year in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that coffee drinkers reduced their risk of dying from heart disease, lung disease, pneumonia, stroke, diabetes, infections, and even injuries and accidents.
    I may have to up my dosage.
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    My dad is a recovering crack addict. No idea how fast he got addicted, but it was just sad to watch.

    Back when I was a rent-a-cop, I responded to a drug overdose at work, and later the Director of Security and I had a conversation about when he was a Chicago cop, and a bunch of cops he was drinking with brought some crack. He said when he smoked it for the first time, it felt better than the best sex he ever had. And then he immediately needed to get high again. So he moked more. Then he smoked some more. Eventually everyone left and he went and bought some and went home and smoked some more. Then he smoked some more. Then he was like, "Wow, a couple days have gone by and all I've done is smoke crack." So he went outside and smashed the pipe, and then flushed the rest of it down the toilet.

    He told me, "If I hadn't decided right then and there to stop, and get rid of it all, I'd still be smoking it now, like ten years later."

    I hear what you're saying about discounting stories about "what happened to a friend of mine" as anecdotal, which is exactly what they are, but no more or less so than "some doctor who said he had a great time using (bath salts)." Regardless, it might prove beneficial to see studies done, actual real science involved, but I can't see a positive benefit for anyone to keep using crack or meth. Maybe because I see the leftover ruins of people's lives after they've become a crack or meth addict, and it leaves me filled with disgust.
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    This thread, I love it.

    I was a bit of a psychonaut in my teenage years. That and a metric fuckton of research and education has lended to me lecturing about psychedelics in a few local college classes once a semester. Unfortunately given that my full time gig is as a civilian employee of a police department, my psychonaut days are over (or at least on hold). Full time gig does let me do some on-the-job education about drugs to cops, though.

    Earlier point, I think it was Rachael's, on people who react differently to cannabis: fMRI actually shows that y'all process the THC in a different part of your brain than most other people. Some people are genetically predisposed to that, but in some people the site actually switches (usually after chronic/long-term marijuana use).

    @ Purple Wyrm: Clinical research on MDMA is far from banned here, it's just super-restricted. There are several studies going on right now utilizing MDMA in a psychotherapeutic setting and a handful behind that which've already shown quite positive results. The ability to run these trials is actually thanks to the success of psilocybin in treating people with terminal or chronic illnesses. The rediscovery of psychedelic uses for therapeutic purposes has followed an odd road; psilocybin results opened the mind of regulators juuuust enough to start allowing trials for both MDMA and LSD.

    So far it looks like psilocybin and LSD act on a far deeper level than MDMA. Psilocybin and LSD seem to come from a 'metaprogramming' angle and allow access to some of the more inaccessible levels of cognition and subcognition. MDMA is more about approaching traumatic events in a less dangerous, less pathologized way in order to process them.

    (It also looks like LSD can either permanently or semi-permanently cure cluster headaches. A non-psychoactive form of LSD is already in trials since the psychoactive one is still substantia non grata.)

    These days for myself I'm still a fan of better living through chemistry. Tried quitting smoking but it just wasn't me, though I only smoke about a pack a month or so. Also use e-cigarettes. Nicotine is in some respects a self-medication or self-soothing tactic for the generalized anxiety I have. A neural mechanism called pre-pulse inhibition (discovered when researchers looked into why so many schizophrenics are smokers) translates the nicotine into a neurochemical "warning shot" that slightly desensitizes the smoker to incoming distressing stimuli.

    Caffeine's a must for me and generally in the form of coffee or red bull. Alcohol is also often in use. Preferred form: whisky, neat.

    As for other drugs: when I can afford it I'm on a pretty steep regimen of nootropics, both Piracetam and DMAE. Piracetam (OTC in the US, prescription in UK/Eur I believe) has some incredible benefits for me along the lines of focus, creativity and mental energy. DMAE is taken to counter a chemical process that often leads piracetam alone to cause mild headaches.
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    My fiance lost an old girlfriend to meth. They dated for a year and he said that over the course of that year he watched her get crazier and crazier. When we first got together one of his "instant deal breakers" was the use of any hardcore drugs, mostly uppers, such cocaine, meth, heroin, etc. Luckily for me, those are the types of drugs I want nothing to do with because they just scare the shit out of me (see my earlier post about how those ones actually destroy the body, vs drugs like mushrooms that leave you intact).

    A friend of mine says he's tried coke, and that one was dangerous for him in that it made him feel invincible, and that he'd go out to bars and stuff while he was one it and pick fights with dudes way bigger than he was, dudes who, if he were sober, would never dare try and pick a fight with. So he stopped using it because it endangered his health indirectly by making him want to do crazy things.

    On the topic of the post above me, I've heard rumors before that there were tests being done somewhere about the possible use of MDMA and psilocybin for treatment of depression since they tend to make people so happy. The cool think about psilocybin is that some people report they're overall happier even the couple of days following a psilocybin trip after it's worn off.
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    I'm not much of a drug user really. That sounds rich from someone who spent ten years of their life stoned as fuck, but I find that cannabis is great as long as you don't let it really interfere with your daily life. I find that quite a few people I know/knew replaced education and knowledge with weed, and that was of course detrimental to their lives. I found a balance between my bubble bong and my studies, and then quit outright in my third year of university to knock out a decent dissertation (about Hunter S Thompson and Gonzo, ironically). After university and a relationship that ended quite horribly I was still smoking and began having anxiety attacks whilst high, and that was the time I knew that I had to knock it on the head and grow up a bit. During those sober years I started working as a sub-editor and began my career, bought a house and started a great life with my girlfriend. Well worth it. After about two-and-a-half years I came back to good ol' Mary Jane, but have resolved to only do it on special occasions. Doing it daily will utterly fuck you sooner or later, no matter how safe and non-addictive you think it is.

    I've completely re-established my love for alcohol. During my teens, like everyone I'm sure, I drank a lot of utter shit. Lambrini, MD 20/20, Fosters, Carling, White Lightning, that kind of poison. At times I really took the piss. I developed a rather high tolerance and ended up drinking a lot of Jack Daniels and, very occasionally, Absinthe that I/my parents had brought back from abroad. Two nights that I (don't) remember in particular were one where I drank about 30 shots in a drinking competition, then went home and slept alone. My opponent threw up in his sleep and luckily had his girlfriend by his side. I woke up the following morning realising that I probably should've died. The other was at a party where I drank a whole bottle of Absinthe to myself. Very, very stupid. Now that I'm older, however, I've replaced drinking loads of shit with drinking a relatively small amount of very good booze. I love my real ale and a damn fine Scotch these days, and most weeks I drink less than ten units and feel better for it.

    My experiences with Ecstasy/MDMA have all been positive, but I don't do it often at all. It's been a couple of years since my last experience, which was on a stag night. The first time I ever did MDMA it blew my fucking head off in the most beautiful way and I spent the whole evening in love with the entire universe. I tend to avoid Ecstasy pills because you don't have a clue what you're getting, but every now and again I came across some utterly fantastic pills where the come-up feels like a launch into space.

    Mushrooms have been a mixed bag. The first time I ever did them I went to watch the CGI Magic Roundabout movie at the cinema with a friend and started tripping during my trip up an escalator. After spending the evening howling with laughter in the cinema and smoking weed to keep myself grounded I had to go to bed alone, which was when the bad trip started. I learned that night that company is very important during hallucinogenic trips.

    I only did Speed a few times. I decided to never do it again after getting utterly fucking wired and losing my college girlfriend's purse and mobile phone, then getting into an utterly horrible argument and spending the rest of the evening spouting utter nonsense and generally acting like a gibbering wreck. The comedowns were also utter torture. Only did Coke a couple of times, was buzzed for about ten minutes then started getting a headache. Didn't see the attraction.

    I think that's it. I played it fairly safe really.
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    The two problems I find with cocaine is,
    1. You can't really tell that you're on it until it wears off, there's no buzz or high feeling like you get with other drugs, you're just imbued with arrogant confidence and energy and an unstoppable feeling (which can be useful, but without the compassion/emphathy of other euphoric stimulants can also be dangerous). So when it wears off you immediatly want to do more. With smoking crack it's the same only the feeling is more intense for a shorter time so the need to re-dose is higher. Often too high to control.
    Generally with drugs snorting is more stronger-shorter-moreish than swallowing, smoking more than snorting and injecting more than smoking. One of the reasons drugs that can't be smoked/injected are generally thought of as cleaner. (also there's plugging, sticking it up your bum, I'm not sure where that fits on the risk scale).

    2. The price and quality. I tried it some years ago and had a lovely time but it was around £50 far too much for a casual night out. The quality (in this country at least) has dived since. I had a little bit last year and while initially it was good, it left me with a two-day headache. While you may be able to get it for £40 now, for anything that wont make you feel like shit you're looking at £100-150. And of course it will be cut with baby milk powder and Dimethocaine, amongst other things.

    Also there's the mexican drug war. I know they used to claim buying pot funded evil arab terrorists around the world to stop people using, but with Cocaine it all comes from the same place, it's hard to deny people could have had their heads cut off somewhere along the cocaines transit.

    Hallucinogens in the cinema are fun. We once took pills that I believe contained extracted baby woodrose/morning glory seeds and saw Phantom Of The Opera. Getting strange looks from all the grannies as we giggled to ourselves, and being obsessed with the redness of everything. Then going to the graveyard and talking about Tolkien.
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    My biggest problem with using cocaine is that people think I talk too much when I'm not using cocaine.
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    See, now I'm going to make Keyofsilence look like George Jung.

    I grew up in eastern Iowa, where all illegal drugs fit into three categories: pot, which everyone gets from Canada by way of Minnesota; meth, which you make yourself with farm equipment lying around (most meth cooks in Iowa start as young as 14, turning whole silos into centers of industry); and everything else, which no one really touches. I've done a fair bit of digging into Iowa drug and crime stories of the past ten years (for a story, of course, but also out of a weird resurgent fascination with the old homestead), and the only things that ever really come up are pot and meth, maybe a few high school kids get into some bad shroom juice now and then. The only pot smokers I knew were the worst, most layabout kind of stoners imaginable, so that turned me off pot in a way that all those PSAs and Health classes never did. Meth was a bit more interestin, but the labs kept blowing up too often for me to even consider it. That and my folks would have picked up on something like that right away, and my folks are cool enough people that I didn't want to do that to them.

    College and Bill Hicks didn't make me want to try drugs, but they did get me to stop seeing them with abject terror. Art school introduced me to people who had come out of the other side of speed, LSD, cocaine, and all kinds of drugs that were so weird and strange that they only had lab names, not street names, which I'd never even heard of. I tried pot a few times, and the only effect it ever had was to give me a headache, which is too bad, because I'd had high (heh) hopes of using it as a migraine cure.

    Hilariously, it was my straight, wear-a-tie-every-day, nine-to-six desk job that pushed me farther into drug reliance than anything ever did. I took up cigarettes as a stress relief, having one on the drive up, one on my lunch break if I left the office, and one on the drive home, maybe two if it had been a really bad day. I'd always liked the smell of tobacco, and I promised myself that if I ever needed to buy two packs a week, I would stop then and there. Thankfully that never happened, but it would get close, some weeks. In addition to this, my drinking picked up rapidly. I didn't get smashed every night, but where I'd usually have a beer with dinner, not even every night, I'd now have two or even three, maybe augmented with a double scotch on the rocks. This was also, looking back, a stress-relief of sorts, a way to deal with the confusing and self-contradictory nature of my job. I was closer to chronic depression during that time than ever before, and I honestly don't know if the smoking and drinking made it worse, or kept it from becoming worse. I do know, however, that the root cause was the job, and not the drugs.

    After I got fired, my smoking quit entirely, and I'm back to a beer now and then, maybe a few scotches or mixed drinks if I feel like being silly for a night. This is partially to cut down on expenses, partially because I just don't need it anymore. I enjoy alcohol's effect on me, but I don't toss and turn at night if I don't get it. It also, and this is far more important to me, don't need either of them to write well, which is something I WAS concerned about. My daily wordcount was, indeed, higher when I was smoking, but I don't know that the quality was all that much better, and in any event, I wasn't writing every day because I just didn't have the energy after work, so it's evened out. I have a much harder time writing while drinking because I'm more easily distracted when I drink, and my writing computer is also my internet computer, which is also my video games computer, which is also my drawing computer, all of which takes less time, energy, and brains to do that piecing together a story word by word. Writing takes discipline, and beer and scotch aren't exactly conducive to that. I'm sort of curious to see what would happen if I tried writing while on THC, if I can ever get the stuff to have any effect on me, but it's not really on my bucket list.

    One drug, or drug family, that I'm still very leery of is the Ritalin-Adderall gang. I was born in the late eighties, which means two things. 1) I'm a baby compared to most of you fine folks, for which I apologize, and 2) I was part of, as an old friend (whom I spent most of last night talking with about this stuff) called it, the Ritalin generation. I was diagnosed with ADD at age... I wanna say eight, but it may have been later... anyway, I got the diagnosis, and was assigned a therapist to deal with it. She prescribed Ritalin, and so I started taking a little tan-colored pill. This pill's effects were as follows: loss of appetite, loss of interest in social gathering, mildly increased interest in Legos. I didn't do any better in school and I still seemed very distracted and lost in my own thoughts, so they upped the dosage. This made me lose any interest in eating, and I became a human string bean. Other people, with the occasional exception of the rare interesting and intelligent adult, became little more than background noise and odd shapes in front of my vision. Legos, especially when combined with Star Wars books on tape, were FAR more interesting, not to mention intellectually stimulating. My grades did not improve. As it became clear that Ritalin wasn't doing much, we moved on to Adderall. My weight dropped even further, eating felt like swallowing hunks of chewy ice which hurt my stomach, and I'd flinch at another's touch. I also started developing strange facial ticks, like winking repeatedly. They dosage was upped for a final time, to 250 mg. This made Legos the center of my personal universe, and I built whole empires, with centuries of history and a central cast of dozens. If you weren't my parents, my annoying sisters, or my dog, you weren't really much of anything. Homework became about as real and immediately concerning as the Catholic Devil. I also developed a strange compulsion to repeat certain sentences under my breath right after I'd speak them (under my breath right after I'd speak them). Needless to say, this didn't help my reputation as a pathologically introverted, not-firing-on-all-cylinders kid in school.

    So, basically, Ritalin and Adderall made me put on a low-production-quality, community theater version of autism.

    I get people who take it for recreational use, and that it does help some people. For me, though, never again. Just the sight of the stuff makes me feel awkward and withdrawn. On the other hand, it probably introduced me to the joy of worldbuilding, which is essential to a writer. So, who knows? Maybe in a balanced, intelligently-applied way, it's good for stimulating creativity. I certainly don't want to be part of that study, but I'd love for a study to be done on that.
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    Also, this feels wonderfully


    for this conversation.
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    I don't know what to say, so I'm not getting involved. Sorry, folks.
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    @atavistian - My info's obviously out of date, it's good to hear that some research is actually being done.
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    I've tried everything except angel dust (and that was only because the boys on the corner were afraid that the main dealer dude would get angry at them if they sold it to me). I'd had the same attitude towards drugs as I did towards sex or food: "what's this? haven't tried it! go go go!"

    (well, and there's a few new and/or ancient psychedelics I've not gotten my hands on)

    It seems the only good genetic qualities I got from my mother's side of the family is a lack of addiction. They are all crazy, depressed, obsessive compulsive, often suicidal, but... there's no addiction. And that's not for lack of opportunity. My mother and most of her siblings from what I can gather have all gone through very extreme phases of imbibing. But the use of inebriants was always only an issue of escapism or psychological compulsion; never addiction. If that makes sense.

    Also, I'm in constant pain. That changes my opiod reception. I've rarely been "high" on opiates. The first time I took morphine pills (age 21?), I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, and it lasted for nearly 24 hours... but it was the first time I ever felt comfortable. It was amazing. but the amount of dope I have to ingest to get to that point makes me incapable of functioning, which is my goal. I use fiction for escapism, not drugs.

    There was a while, when heroin was everywhere, that I kept myself an emergency stash. For when the pain got really really bad. It was amusing, because for months, both me and a roommate of mine were doing dope, and we only realized it long after the fact. The way I explained it to him was: "Whenever you see me cleaning the apartment, that's what I'm doing." There were rumors that I was a junkie, but really, nobody is a junkie when a 20 bag lasts a month. The difference between dope and vicodin is minimal.

    For a few years there I was a dope dabbler. When you've got a best friend who's a junkie, and you don't want her to end up isolated, and she's going for a drive into Paterson and you don't want her to go alone, well... you end up along for the ride in more ways than one. I wonder if that made me a bad friend. I always told her that I thought it was a bad idea, and that she was sliding down, but I was her friend. I had a few bad weeks there, sure, when I got out of control with it and had the shivery awfulness and the crawling the the toilet on my knees and the dry heaving and crying blah blah... but somehow I was always able to pull back.

    I had a prescription for Vicodin that was continually replenished for about four years. I never got out of control with it. I knew enough by then to pace myself and always take the third of fourth day off of pills, even though my pain doctors scoffed at the idea. I just happen to be lucky. I've teetered on the edge of going overboard a number of times. Probably 80% of the people closest to me in my adult life have been junkies, and I've watched as most of my old crew of friends became alcoholics and pill-junkies. And that's what freaks me out the most. Because...

    I've done all the scary drugs and came away ok. But it was the herbal phen-fen I took obsessively when I was 21, and the slow release morphine pills I was given three years ago, those were the ones that took the greatest hold on me. I started to notice my body anticipating and needing the next morphine pill. I was quite surprised because I never had an issue with vicodin. I decided to take myself off the morphine, and it was the worst experience of my life. Every single awful back pain returned in searing burning agony. I locked myself in my room for days with vibrating back massagers and TENS unit attached to me, writhing and sobbing, wanting to crawl out of my flesh.

    I can't imagine what my friends who had years of steady addiction had to endure.

    But my point here is, what freaks me out about the whole drug thing is the PRESCRIBED ones. I've seen so many people who act like junkies, look like junkies, nod off like junkies, but don't think that they are junkies because they get pills out of a bottle instead of powder from a wax paper baggie. I feel like the seriousness of the situation has been removed. When you buy heroin, you know it. There is a weight to that decision. You are very conscious of the dangerous substance in your presence. But when you buy some pills of some guy, it seems harmless. And you can take them casually. And every six hours. And the dosage is exact so you get hooked that much quicker. And you don't bother to notice the danger signs.

    I look back and I realize I was a total mess for a great number of years. People who knew me in my early 20's are kind of shocked at how "together" I am these days. Which, if you have met me, is a sort of ridiculous. I was a crazed "mangler". If you have it, I will ingest it. I'm better now.

    But man, is it ever tempting to go back to it. I think, honestly, that part of it for me (probably since I'm lacking addiction) is the hunt. The simplicity of it. The purpose of the night, like every night, is to hunt and find. I had a purpose. To get mangled. I kind of miss that.

    (holy crap, that's a ramble!)

    @flecky - I'm sorry if this discussion is making you twitchy.

    @atomicsloth - vicodin IS an opiate stronger than codiene.

    @atavistian - Me too! I've got a big jug of piracetam I bought on amazon! My focus with drugs is rarely about trying to get high these days, and is almost always in my attempt to make me BETTER. I really did love adderall, and it made me a much more even keeled human, but it causes havok on my knotted back.

    @atomic sloth - YES. the mexican drug war is a big reason why cocaine is a terrible drug to do. I'd only felt the high of cocaine once in my entire life. It took a lot. Also, I'm sure the ADHD aspect makes it difficult for me to get high, since I tend to get introspective and thinky on stimulants.

    @argos - Lasting personality changes!
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    YES. the mexican drug war is a big reason why cocaine is a terrible drug to do.

    I actually remember reading an article in a magazine about the issue of whether or not the drugs you're getting are fair trade. It's an issue I had never thought about before until I read it, and it made a great point. What impact are you making by purchasing an illegal drug, since they are unregulated in their production and transportation?
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    With more than 50,000 dead in Mexico's War on Drugs, and Guatemala becoming the murder capital of the world, it is little wonder that many south American leaders are beginning to call for a re-assessment of the situation, with some even calling for an end to prohibition of all drugs.
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    the mexican drug war is a big reason why cocaine is a terrible drug to do

    Personally I find the fact that it can turn users into arrogant, nonsense-waffling utter cunts to be the biggest reason cocaine is a terrible drug. I am sorry if you've used it in the past, or are up to your eyeballs in it now but that is my opinion built on personal experience. I will never condemn anyone for using any substances, as it's their right to do whatever-the-fuck they like with their own bodies, but I have had too many horror stories to ever want to be around anyone that is either seriously involved in the drugs trade, or heavy smack/crack/coke/pills/speed etc users.
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    Being on coke is fun, being around people on coke is fucking annoying. It's a selfish drug.

    @Rachæl Tyrell I don't think you can get Vicodin in this country, always thought it was something like Vallium, looking it up, finding it's just a brand name for Hydrocodone or dihydrocodeinone, which I think I have taken once. My ex had knee surgery and was prescribed it, and I borrowed a few to knock myself out on a plane journey. It was quite a fun plane journey as I remember.

    Also I just remembered probably my worst time with drugs, I had access to a lot of prescription Tramadol a few summers ago and I was heavily depressed and used the Tramadol to basically switch off. Turn off my brain, sleep as much as possible, not face the world. It was terrible and I've tried to forget it. I do find prescription painkillers, opiates etc worse for me than anything. I think they damaged my insides somehow because now if I take a Tramadol, or even a co-codamol tablet I feel terribly nauseous, which is probably a good thing. I guess it's possible if I had something stronger it wouldn't make me feel as sick, but I want to stay away from depressents. They are not good for me.

    Idealy there'd be a cheap stimulant, that doesnt cause insomnia, that's stronger than caffeine, but not jittery, that I could take every other day. I tried Piracetam once, but either I was ripped off or they had no effect on me.

    It's also about curiosity, trying new things, seeing what happens, boring your friends with the details. This weekend I took, for the second time, a new chemical called 5-IT, (5-(2-Aminopropyl)indole). It has similar effects to MDMA but not as intense. You're not in an over-thoughtful bubble, and are more sociable and down to earth. I like to try new research chemicals because they have the bonus of being (until the next media scare) legal, pure, cheap(ish) and relatively safe, as long as you read up on them and are careful.
  11.  (10709.20)
    Idealy there'd be a cheap stimulant, that doesnt cause insomnia, that's stronger than caffeine, but not jittery, that I could take every other day.

    Modafinil. Order it from India. (though it's not very cheap, but if you can feign a cas of narcolepsy or shift-sleepiness you could get a 'script!)

    I tried Piracetam once, but either I was ripped off or they had no effect on me.

    It's not a one-time drug. It's effect is long term, like vitamins or antidepressants.