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    Smart man. Part of my main reason for avoiding psychedelics is that I've got a head full of metaphorical gasoline fumes.

    I tend toward paranoia when on some types of psychotropic drugs, and I never know which ones are going to trigger an episode until I take them. Worst trip I ever had was on weed, after accidentally taking about ten times the safe dose of hash-infused chocolate. Lapsed into a death fugue and a coma that lasted 12 hours, and didn't fully recover for two days.
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    @greasemonkey - I did something similar once, thought I was dying in a kind of slow motion strobe effect. Wasn't fun at all...

    @rachael - I sometimes yearn to be that person again, I sit in my shed and get drunk and think about going back there, but then at the end of the day, I can't deal with the loss of control any more, or, most of all, the idea of my children seeing me in that state. So, if I ever had the chance to go and live in the desert for three weeks with none of my family around, I'd probably slaughter the second coming of Christ for some good acid, but in everyday, mundane life, not so much,

    That said, I have no impulse control whatsoever so if someone stuck something in front of me, I'd take it and hang the consequences. Best I stay well clear really.
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2012
    i drink, probably more than i should. i smoke weed but not a huge amount.

    i'm an asshole when i'm drunk but not when i'm high so..... i dunno. morbid bit coming:

    i've lost friends and family to addiction. its a scary scary thing that no-one is above. i know people who wouldn't describe themselves as addicts but are. Fully.
    i have so much respect for anyone who has beaten addiction its probably the hardest thing anyone would have to do.

    Flecky, man... seriously you are the sort of guy i admire, not for your mistakes but for your strength in admitting and overcoming them.
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    I've just come into the possession of a fat amount of dried liberty caps. These will be saved for a friend's stag event (where we are all going into the country and staying in a massive converted farmhouse) and I am going to have a glorious time. They are seriously going to be burning a hole in my pocket until late July. I want to scoff the fucking lot right now.

    Anyway, that's one item off my shopping list for this stag do. Now I need some MDMA and acid (having never tried it and wanted to do so for a long time, although I'm still a bit apprehensive).

    ...actually, I'm going to see if my friend can get ahold of more mushrooms. I don't think I can wait.
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    I'm not sure if you'd be interested but last month I was interviewed by an internet blogger about my opinions and experiences of the Amsterdam coffeeshop scene and the current changes that have happened in the south of Holland which could soon be applied here in Amsterdam as well.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2012
    oh my goodness, nel, your voice is UH-MAZING. Anyway, I just started listening to the interview so I'll comment again when I've finished listening to it. I do think it's an interesting viewpoint to get.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
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    One thing I was thinking about recently (and I think this may have come up already) is the ethics of drugs. Cocaine, for example, apart from being a bad drug for your body, is horribly unethical. I was just reading an article about the drug cartels in Mexico, which broke my heart because it only affirmed everything my mother told me about why my parents left Mexico to begin with. Mexico doesn't do a lot of coke, but the US does tons of coke, but because Mexico is enroute from South America to the U.S., that's where all the drug cartels are doing most of their work. And thing is, they make A LOT of money and have a lot of power (the article I read, I'll have to look for it, mentioned that one of the higher ups in one of the drug cartels lost 72 MILLION dollars in a casino here in the states. That's how much money they make). They are constantly bribing and making deals with the police, the military, and supposedly have even bribed presidents. My mother has told me that part of what makes Mexico so scary and unsafe is that you don't know who is worse, the criminals or the police, and whenever the drug cartels are involved, you never know if the police have merely been bribed by them or are actually working with them to make a cute of they money. And people who are buying cocaine don't realize this. I personally know a few people who've said they tried it - one was the guy who said it was scary because it made him want to pick fights with guys who could beat them to a pulp, the other was a conservative lady-friend I have who said it wasn't worth it because she didn't feel anything. The latter friend is one who actually really pissed me off when I learned she had tried coke because she sometimes gets all high and mighty about being a conservative who does her civil duty as a citizen and whatever, and she'll be the first person to give an immigrant shit if they're not a citizen yet even if they don't even qualify for citizenship yet (I have seen her do this), yet she has no problems with buying some drug that fuels powerful and violent drug cartels in Mexico.

    So I'm not sure where else to go with this other than to say that it's an issue that concerns me. On the one hand, I wish drugs like weed and hallucinogenics could be legalized, as well as the manufacturing of them as a way to cut out the crime(I just got to the part in Nel's interview where he says that their source of weed is still illegal bc it's 40 yr old men growing in their closets and that's not legal). Thing is, I'm actually not sure what kind of ethics are involved in the making and growing of mushrooms, MDMA, acid, etc. etc. The drugs that ARE for a fact horribly unethical, such as coke, are the ones I personally wouldn't want legalized because they're such bad drugs for humans. So I'm kind of caught in this dilemma of "legalize drugs so that we can make them fair trade! Wait except don't legalize coke cos it it really actually is bad. Oh wait that's the one that has Mexico all fucked up right now with its lack of ethics, huh..."

    I'm done rambling about the ethics of drugs, now. It really just was that article that got me thinking about how the drugs I AM okay with are made and traded, since they're also part of the underground drug trade.

    edit: I found the article, it's from the NY Times. I wasn't sure at first if it was the correct one since the pictures they used were different since I last saw it, but I skimmed it and it's the same info I was saying above.
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    @Argos - the ethics are horrific. I wouldn't take coke anyway, because anyone with any kind of depressive disorder/risk of one would be utterly insane to, but the horror of the industry alone would be enough to put me off it.

    Not just cocaine - a couple of miles from where I used to live, in leafy Hampshire in the UK, they grow opium. Miles of it. For medicine. But we're trying to eradicate it with extreme force in Afghanistan? Is there really not a better way?
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    The Four Things You Need To Know About Ayahuasca:
    1. It tastes like dead arse.
    2. It actually tastes worse every time you drink it.
    3. It really opens up the sluices at both ends.
    4. It's just DMT with a MAOI chaser.

    This has nothing to do with my ex-wife divorcing me because she became an ayahuascera. Honest.
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    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2012
    Turkey and India used to be the major producers of opium for the illegal market.

    That stopped largely becasue the UN started a program to buy their entire output for the manufacture of painkillers in exchange for programs to stop it beign grown illegally.

    I hve not yet read a credible explanation of why the same thing isn't done in Afghanistan.
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    - I did something similar once, thought I was dying in a kind of slow motion strobe effect. Wasn't fun at all...

    I got the strobing effect too. It's probably related to the way THC messes with short term memory in high doses; I could feel the seconds breaking off and flying away one by one, like individual playing cards peeling off a deck.
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2012
    An interesting article about Anandamide and the endocannabinoid system.
    A Cure for Fear?

    Not sure what to think of this..
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    Has anyone tried any of those legal smoking blends which are sold as an alternative to weed? Most of the reviews are pretty bad.
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    Toronto still dry as a stone?
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    Can't even find ditchweed for love or money.
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2012
    BOS is still active, thank Dawg.

    This does remind me of something though. Weed was a gateway drug, for alcohol and cigarettes.

    I tried weed way before I was in bars smoking and drinking. It was the unavailable nature of weed the first summer after my freshling year that led me to stray. If I had had ready access to weed that summer, I would have happily spent it on the couch playing video games.

    Instead, I got into boozing and smoking down at the bar that was always open, at least during my non working hours.
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    I've been looking into the legal cannabinoid chemical blend things lately, not that I smoke much weed, but economics-wise alone it's worth a gander.

    Money wise you can either get a pre-mixed blend for about half the price of weed. Or you can make it yourself: get some Damiana or Marshmallow herbs add a few other herbs or juices for flavouring then soak the whole lot in some acetone that's got the cannabinoid chemical mixed in. Ends up being less than a fifth the price of weed.

    Latest chemical Ur-144 is said to be pretty indistinguishable from the natural product, and people have been using AM-2201, AM-2233 etc for a while now. (JWH-018 was the most effective but that's been made illegal in most countrys over the last year or so).

    It has been known to make people paranoid and have panic attacks. Also you build up a tolerance a lot quicker than with natural weed and there's warnings all over the place about people getting addicted to it, smoking stronger and stronger blends.
    I think it's one of those things that's nice to try every now and then, but not reccomended to replace your weed if you're the kinda guy who wakes smokes all day err day.
    I think these chemicals might be more interesting in a different delivery system, other than being mixed up with herbs and smoked. Vapourised or eaten maybe.
    I might buy the "Bluberry Blitz" herbal blend next time I get paid. It's main ingredient is UR-144. Just to see what it's like.
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    Has anyone tried any of those legal smoking blends which are sold as an alternative to weed? Most of the reviews are pretty bad.

    are you talking Spice (synthetic weed) or those other weed-alikes?

    i admit, ive broken down and tried a few synthetics when the other options have dried up for weeks at a time. they taste like hay w artificial candy flavor sprinkled on, and the first time you smoke each different blend, you get CRAZY high for like 30 minutes. you develop a tolerance extremely fast though, so its a bit of diminishing returns. also, ive noticed that with myself and the lady, it makes you devour everything in sight. im not a 'munchies' guy when i get high, but with spice i eat until im fit to burst. its even cheaper than half the price of weed here, you can get a few grams for $5 at most liquor stores/smoke shops. overall, its not that great.
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    are you talking Spice (synthetic weed) or those other weed-alikes?

    Strictly the herbal blends like Platinum Haze, that are sold as incense. I don't trust the artificially made stuff.

    I tried salvia one time - never again!
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    I think the herbal blends, like Platinum Haze sold as incense are basically artifically made stuff. Different mixes of herbs soaked in synthetic cannabinoid chemcials. If they don't list the specific chemical that's the active ingredient in the blend I wouldnt trust them.