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    and salvia is something completly different, and shouldnt be lumped in with recreational smoke blends. Potentially the nastiest trip you can have, but it only lasts a minute or so.
    Has inverse tolerance so the more seperate times you take it, the stronger the effects become. So people take it once, have little to no reaction and feel it's a weakass fake drug. I had a few mild times with it, and one scary one where I was completly transported to a different place, trapped in a conveyer belt in a television and everything was 70's brown and a little like Mad Max and the Thunderdome. The room, the music, everyone around me, disapeared for what felt like half an hour, but was really 1 minute. Have no desire to do it again. Rest of the night was fun though, no lingering effects.
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    Okay, so a friend recommended a legal blend called The IZMS. I just picked up a packet of IZMS Luau Love down in the gay neighbourhood, and I'm going to give it a whirl. I'm using a water pipe with a small bowl and plenty of water.

    1) First impressions. The product sells for $16:75 for a 1.25 gram sachet, so it's around 25% cheaper than good chronic. It looks like coarse cigarette tobacco, smells like pina colada, and is dry but soft to the touch. There's none of the crumbly buds or stickiness you get with weed. There's a little promotional card with the sachet with a Space Invader character promising that This Stuff Gets You ROCKED.

    2) Bong rip. Awful taste! Fuck me, it's like dried petals off funeral flowers! Smoke is slightly harsh but no worse than weed that's gotten a bit dry. Aftertaste like I've been sucking off the Swamp Thing.

    3) High. Very fast, about 30 seconds. Very strong, comparable to White Widow. Very spinny mental effects, strong euphoria, pleasant body buzz. I wouldn't recommend this as a smoke for first-timers because of its intensity, but seasoned smokers will find this enjoyable apart from the taste.

    Back in an hour or so to review the aftereffects.
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    About two hours have passed. Quick initial high turned into long body buzz. No giggles or munchies to report.
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    On a different note: the doctor prescribed me Stillnox for my persistent insomnia.

    It actually seems to work: on the doc's advice I ook it once only. I'm suppsoed to try to keep it down to one night a week or less. But after years of really severe insomnia, three days later i', still cruiosning quite happily.

    That's because of a truly terrifying and very long list of potential side-effects including hallucinations, paranoia, sleep walking, parasomnia and addiction.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2012
    @Kosmopolit: Sounds a bit like like the sleeping tablets that I've still got knocking around - Zimovane (Zopiclone) - It has the same sort of potential side-effects. It also leaves a taste of "metal" in the mouth, which isn't much fun. Still, I got to be careful with them, as they (obviously) change the way I feel.

    One of my neighbors called me boring, as I no longer smoke weed or hash. This is coming from a guy who stays indoors with his soul-dead woman whilst listening to Dire Straights.

    I quite like being boring - it's exciting!
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    on a similar note, everytime i cut out drinking for a while (in case anyone is late to the party, im pretty much a functioning alcoholic that has gotten everything under control but still am too damn stubborn to fully quit/ i love good beer and bourbon, dammit) i feel extremely fucking boring. its hard to go out and do much after 8pm because the ONLY things to do seem to revolve around booze. its very frustrating when im on sober time to know that the whole world wants me to drink.
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    Well, that stuff was okay apart from the taste. I'd call it the diet soda version of weed, in that it's fake and weird-tasting but is a kind-of approximation of the real thing. It's pretty obviously aimed at the youth market with the fruity flavouring and brightly coloured packaging.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2012
    @Greasemonkey: Glad you survived it. I enjoyed you going all Aldous Huxley on us.
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    I was a bit concerned about aftereffects from the shitty fake chemicals, but I'm fine apart from a slight taste in the back of my mouth. It's like I've been smoking powdered lifesavers or something.

    I'll review another of these legal smoking blends next week if I come across any interesting ones.
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    @joe. I hear you there. The Mrs. Spy had to quit completely, and I slowed waaaaaaay down. She's got no problem if I drink, but it's hard to find "couple" things to do in the evening that don't involve alcohol being pushed in our faces. She can only go to the moves so often. Maybe I am getting boring in my old age. We do dinner, etc., and far too many bike rides to the Marble Slab. Plus, I'm working nights, so we only have barely one night a week together, and it's a Tuesday, so hard to find interesting non-alcoholic things to do on a Tuesday night.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2012
    It is hard, especially at the weekends. When I walk home at nights, watching the "normals" and painted whores going out for a drink in the sunshine, my loneliness is amplified to a foul degree. Still, when I get through to the next day, un-hungover and not squirting black arse-custard into strange toilets from thirteen pints of Guinness and untold rum-and-blacks, I am somewhat relieved that I didn't go out on the piss. A bit like now!

    I've got to watch-out for any meds with a bit of codeine - or any opiate/opioid in them; they can re-active the beast. Once it gets a taste, that evil won't be happy until it's eviscerated my soul and the sickness holds sway across the scorched wastelands.

    God, I'm so's pathetic! Would you like some Rohypnol in your tea, my darling? *cue cacophony of wailing violins*
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    Found a place that sells Yerba Mate.

    From what I gather it sorta barely qualifies as a drug being on par with coffee as a stimulant.

    Wondering if anyone's tried it, is it worth the bother?
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    gov spy: the funny thing is, as ive slowed down mrs distort has picked up the slack. so she is still perfectly excited to go out for a boozin, i just have to restrain myself. but like flecky said, mornings where you wake up after not drinking/only having 1 make it all worth it. its crazy how much more useful and pleasant mornings are now haha
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2012
    I have a bag of Yerba Mate. It's more of just a tea for me. It's supposed to stimulate you the way caffeine does, but caffeine, energy drinks, and the like don't affect me in any noticeable way. If I'm on the verge of falling asleep sometimes they'll help me stay up a bit longer, but not much else. That's me personally, though. If you do get effects from caffeine, it's worth a try. I do like the way it tastes though, but it really is just another tea for me. No different than drinking black or green tea in the morning. I guess you might want to avoid it as a pre-bedtime drink.
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2012
    re: yerba mate

    I have banned myself from drinking it. I used to drink the Teany bottled one with green tea and guarana to start my days, then I would 8-9 hours without eating anything and wonder why I felt so weird and angry at the end of the day. I am a bit sensitive to things though. It's supposed to be an appetite suppressant.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2012
    Haha. I like that the two opinions about yerba mate are from one person who is sensitive to things and one person who is insensitive to things. This must be the universe telling Kosmopolit "just try it and find out."
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    Yerba Mate is just another kind of tea. I have actually had it, but they've been drinking it in Argentina (and other South American countries) for a really long time. It's pretty much like tea or coffee. I can be sensitive to things, but I've been drinking coffee fairly regularly while working, so I'm fairly used to caffiene.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2012
    Hello, chums. Fascinating discussion, simply fascinating. Must be driving poor flecky up the bloody wall. And grease, mate, sorry. I can barely manage to score myself, these days. Sorry you had to smoke weed-flavored Kool Aid. Or Kool Aid flavored weed, whatever it was.

    I drink. I like to drink. Morning, noon, night, whatever. Drinking makes me me. If you don't LIKE me, then whatever. I drink. I like to drink.

    That said, I know my limits and my combinations : no rum, tequila, bourbon. Ever. Southern Comfort is also out, whatever it is. I don't mind liqueur, as an aperatif. But you don't get gunned drinking liqueur or however you spell it.

    Gin, be careful. Scotch is okay but not too much. Jagermeister is rocket fuel but not straight-to-the-drunk-tank rocket fuel.

    I used to drink rye. When I was a kid. I'm older now. I drink scotch instead.

    Mainly, I drink beer. Lots of it. And ain't no fancy "ooh, what does this pale ale bring to mind?" kinda shit, I drink Beck's inna fuckin can. Lately, I've branched out to Harp inna fuckin can because it's cheaper than Beck's.

    I also smoke pot. Or hash. Or oil. Nobody's mentioned oil yet. Oh, oil. You're disgusting but you're gorgeous. Flecky & GovSpy will both back me up on this. Good oil is ... better than not having dope. It's way better than having shit dope, anyway. (Govspy must see dudes hoopin oil, as it's way less bulkier and easier to conceal in prison, is why I said that. Plus, one man with a vial of oil is a small business in prison.) Yes, we like to smoke dope, don't we (by this, I mean me and the several other people who own real estate in my consciousness.. A direct result of my love of ... )

    L. S. Motherfuckin' (wait fot it!!!) ... d. Yes, I've done acid several times. Never stacking (multiple hits at once) but regularly (every day for a while? cause, like, why not? What's that, Care Bear? You want me to rub your BELLY? Well, okay, but don't bite me this time ... ) Yes, I was an acid head, for a while in I think it was the Eighties. Good times, as I recall.

    Mushrooms? The scene is Earth Day, 1990. My friend and I eat mushrooms out of a bag as if they were potato chips. Never forget most of what I remember from THAT day.

    Pills are for sick people. And I, inexplicably, am just fine. Mostly.

    We now return you to "BLAME IT ON BLERTA", already in progress ...
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    I can tide myself over on the fake stuff. It's not a happy high where you can watch old Family Guy episodes and laugh yourself stupid, but it's pretty good for painting.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2012
    Oil: I used to coat a cigarette in that shit, wrap a skin around the horrible mess (so it looked white-ish again), pull the filter out, stick a roach in it, and then smoke it at concerts thinking I was clever 'cos it didn't hardly smell. What an arse!. Some pratts used to chase it on foil - probably did it 'cos they where smack-heads. They're probably all dead - human arses!

    *cue sonic feedback and shitty-knickers*