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    Medicine finally started to kick in, and I'm starting to feel more human, though that last span between going off one med and waiting for the new one to do SOMETHING other than side-effects was a bit of a rough ride. :P

    Working on paperwork crud towards getting a psychiatric service dog; hopefully by thurs. night I will have all the official paperwork done, so I can work towards getting the dog and training it with all the letters dotted, crossed and suchlike.

    This is way more complex than you'd think it'd be. Doctor signed papers, then training signed papers, and tests for the doggy. So many tests.

    ... at the end of it all, though, I'd have a specially trained animal, that can deal with my crap, and help me deal with the crap from my meds so I can be a real boy just like pinnochio can go back to being a high-functioning, productive human being instead of afraid of everything and everybody.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2012
    Mate, I'm glad your feeling a bit better. It's a crippling condition, it really is. Good luck with getting a canine buddy :)
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    Thank you.
    A lot of times it feels like you are walking for miles. Uphill. In a snowstorm. Through hills of broken glass and tar. And paperwork. And more doctor appointments.

    I wish i had been asked if I wanted depression!