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    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2012
    BAM. Wince-inducing pun is go.

    Met a potential new roommate today. She squealed over the place for a while and then taught me some rope bondage. This bodes well.

    And yourself?
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    ahahahahah... I missed this and posted in the last one.

    Got a new shiny - a Sony voice recorder to replace the clapped out memory stick one I bought about 8 years ago - so far, thing is amazing, really lovely recordings, so I can ramble to myself or record musical ideas, or sing in the car etc etc.

    Tomorrow I'm off to an awards dinner in london, my magazine is up for two prizes, so will be really chuffed if we get something. Then Saturday I'm off to Brighton for a friend's 40th birthday where we're planning to drink whisky and dance until 3am at an 80's indie night... so yeah, all's good.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2012
    Ah, you know me, I've just got to keep things really simple; I've been doing two meetings a day, sharing as best I can - even though I often don't realize the things I say can be quite heavy, hanging out with clean folk after for coffee and trying to help people in my own way, going for walks in Kensington Gardens and getting hissed at by swans and Canadian geese, keeping out of bother etc. And, mainly, not using... because if I do that, everything simple becomes very complicated.

    We even had a bit of sunshine in London today, which was cool. All this rain has even been getting to me, and I'm a Northerner! I spoke again to the people about rehab, and I'm putting forward a good case. They know I'm not trying to go to get out from going to prison, as I've not been in trouble with the law for decades (I think), and I'm not doing it to try and get a flat.

    The place I want to go to is beside the sea. I grew-up next to the ocean, and miss it something rotten.

    Beware, Warren, I'm getting closer to you:)

    I hope your all doing good.
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2012
    Bittersweet - finally made a dent in cleaning my room. Got some good hard rest, but didn't have time to do everything else I wanted (gym, eat properly, clear all decks and get some VO auditions down). And now I have to pack up and leave for another long weekend in LA. I should be more happy about getting to go do theatre and spend time with friends. But... stupid brain just won't get excited about it.

    Anyway, so far nothing has broken and I got to spend two days not wearing shoes. In my world that's a damn good thing.
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2012
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2012
    I am happy that this horrible pun-lead thread exists.
    • CommentAuthorHenchbot
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2012
    @glukkake: you know, as scabby as I too. It aint so bad in here after all.
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    Thank you, Allana. The pun is glorious!
    • CommentAuthoratavistian
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2012
    Forty minutes left of a sixteen hour shift. Four thousand words down. More coffee than I care to admit, too.

    The energy of a new idea gripping my bones and rattling them.

    I am very tired, but today's a good day.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2012
    Started the week like a grunged-up trailer-trash wannabe. Now all I want to do is dance-in-a-trance to Joy Division. Sad, but true.

    It's ok in here, I'll put the kettle on. Sugar?
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2012
    @Texture - am I making this up, or have the tracks on Neuroleptica been re-mastered from the earlier EP releases? I have only listened to it on my phone so far but it (the vocals in particular) seemed crisper.

    Onto my tale.
    [And it should be clear from reading this that my idea of what constitutes A Good Thing is clearly set rather low down on the scale of Possible Good Things]

    I got to the end of the week without either killing anyone at work (always a bonus, and a possiblity given some of the plant/equipment there is there) or jacking it it. This counts as a success because it has been a hell of broken down machines, rushing to meet a deadline and having a reduced number of supervisory staff to manage two shifts of nearly 20 men.

    Normally there is myself, my boss (the site operations manager, he calls me his 'assistant', despite that not being my actual job title..), two shift supervisors plus a machine-operator who provides lunchtime cover for some of my duties. My boss, one of the supervisors and the machine op have all been on holiday this week, while me and the remaining shift supervisor have been struggling to meet a deadline to shut down the plant in time for contractors to install new plant. The two of us have effectively done the work of four men and it would have been a hard enough week without the various mechanical failures that - of course - happened all at once.

    Still I am currently sat in the office 'supervising' the final clean-up (which entails writing this and being around if needed), and am about to have a cup of coffee so things can't be too bad.

    Some of you saw my tweets about the new born kittens found on site earlier this week which were in a pile of cardboard about to be pushed into our 70T press baling machine - they had been left in the middle of the pile by their mum who was nowhere to be found, and in the end had to be taken away by one of the H&S guy's wife who happens to be a vet. I said I would adopt one or two if they survive but as yet I haven't heard if they made it or not.
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2012
    @WORSETHANDETROIT - yep, remastered by Asthmatic Astronaut. Thanks for noticing! :)
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    @texture loving this! In theory I don't 'do' this sort of thing but 'tween this site and TheBoy I seem to be listening to an awful lot of things I'd forgotten I do actually like ... these days... Its brilliant to have rediscovered my catholic tastes in music :-))

    But yeah TheBoy is definitely a rather nice thing to happen... if its going to continue I have no idea, he's one of those rare souls I struggle to read, plus I suspect he's utterly guarded due to past stuff... June looks good thus far...
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    I've been slowly settling to my new apartment, and this is really The Best Apartment Ever for me. Literally and really. It's the Friday before the big move weekend, tomorrow I should go to the old place to pack shit up and disassemble, assemble, fold, crease and compress, so today I'm taking it easy. This means that I threw cheap shots online, I'm having an interesting conversation about copyrights and internet censorship with the guitarist of the... well, you could say the biggest name in Finnish rock. I'm endlessly amused thinking what my early teen self, who was listening to albums from that band as C-cassette copies from a pal's punk big sister, would think about me having a verbal smack down with a member of that band in CYBERSPACE a couple of decades later.

    But the big thing is that I spent a good chunk of this evening sitting in the back yard of this building, reading a book and sipping Chimay blue. This area is super perfect, this rather high class place with a lot of nature and parks. Then, at dusk, I heard swallows. Those long "treeeeeep" hunting calls they make, and it really hit home that it's the sound that says "home" to me. When I was a kid, in the area we were living there were swallow colonies under the eaves of the ugly apartment buildings, and the basic concept of a summer evening was having the balcony doors open, with sun low in the sky, and swallows screeching all around. Also, in my step-grandparents farm there were swallow nests, and their twitter and jabber was the sound for summer evenings. I've never had an apartment since that where I have a balcony and swallows hunting outside.

    It's the little things. Kippis, Whitechapel.
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    Just come from an awards night at the Hilton in London - we won a national communications award for the internal mag I run, plus an excellence award for design. Really great for me, and for the agency who do the hard work, and for the graduate trainees who've worked with me on it over the last year. Am fairly drunk, and trying to stay awake by listening to Can on the train so I don't end up miles away from home...
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2012
    Someone in charge of a big and important gallery in Salt Lake wants to meet with me and talk about a show he's putting together.
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2012
    Nice to feel so solidly on my feet again that I can take an actor screaming in my face, arguing he isn't raising his voice and that I'm acting like a child instead of a professional right before curtain and just barely fail to stifle my laughter.

    Beats the shit out of falling apart into tears.

    Listened to actors from different disciplines powwow on performance and got all het up, brain juices firing. Love that shit.
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    A friend came by last night to pick up a painting of mine he bought, and to show me one of my drawings he'd gotten tattoed on his calf.

    A different friend came by tonight and hung out for hours while we watched an episode of GI Joe which referenced The Prisoner, and then watched this movie I remembered from my childhood:

    I saw it in the theatre in 3D when I was 8. It's actually far better than I'd thought it would be, after all this time. It really is what would happen if Star Wars took place in the Heavy Metal universe, with a dash of Thundaar the Barbarian. Almost inappropriate at moments, but not enough to cover a kid's eyes. Rotoscoped and well designed. I'm probably going to watch it again.

    And hours of chatting with ridiculous amounts of Star Wars references and silly giggling.

    Oh, and I was shown this as well.

    Hanging out til past dawn! Watching cartoons! And with someone who also wasn't drinking! On a Friday night! FAAABULOUS!
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2012 edited
    @Rachael: You know what? I'm really glad you had a fab' night. Good stuff, indeedy!

    @texture: I'm chuffed for you with getting your new album completed. Excellent work, clap-clap-clap-clap!

    @JP: An award? At the Hilton? Fantasticos Maximus! And Can, love 'em! Think I'll listen to Future Days...

    @Vorn: It sounds beautiful, mate... you deserve it all, oh yes! I want a hut where you live!

    @razrangel: Good shit, you gotta love it! I'm building a raft to invade America to see you on stage :)

    @Fishelle: I hope that leads to something to your benefit, my good lady. Best of luck.

    @Henchbot: Your not scabby! Come here, I wanna hug ya!

    @dorkmuffin: Brilliant! Magic! Good on you, you majesticon! Your designed to fly above the buildings, obviously. Soar!!!!

    @glukkake: A great big English spark of electronic-charged, mega-hug-fuelled-smile has just been launched at ya.

    @allana: Ta for kicking us into June, we needed it. Good luck with the new roomie. And the ropes, of course!

    @Littlepurplegoth: I'm glad June has treat you good so far, and that you and TheBoy are happy.

    @atavistian: Good man, I'm hoping you had a nice kip after that long shift.

    @WORSETHANDETRIOT: Let us know how it goes with the kittens, bless 'em!

    I'd better post this before something vile crawls from the interweb to dissect me carcass.

    EDIT TO ADD: Excessive use of the word good used because, well, it's easy.
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2012
    @Flecky, you are lovely.

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