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    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2012 edited
    If you see a mad bastard on the news wearing only a Tescos bag for underpants on top of the Houses of Parliament, raising a fist at the sky and shouting, "See, God, I told you I was lovely!"...well, that's me.

    It's all dorkmuffin's fault! ;)
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    Yesterday, on Sunday morning, woke up at 6:30 after a semi-insomniac night to a day of moving my and the ex-fiance's stuff. 12 hours of carrying stuff in a rain and a windstorm, with two vans, first of which had the ventilation fizz out in middle of a trip, resulting in the windows being so foggy the visibility was a couple of meters. Practically non-stop carrying and packing 'till 9 in the evening. Capped the move by trying to move 10 empty boxes down a staircase in a dolly cart. In the bottom of the staircase, doing account on limbs and extremities, I decided that the learning experience from this was that realizing in middle of the staircase that you can't do it nor abort, retry or ignore, is a case of bad timing. Well, nothing broke and at least I got to meet some downstairs neighbors who came to see what the fucking racket was :) After I returned the rental car, I went to my favorite bar for the biggest burger they serve and a Franziskaner Hefe.

    Doesn't sound like a huggy tale, but in the end it really was. In spite of the obvious melancholy of dismantling 14 years of life, there was definite closure, plus sometimes stuff like this that ends up being super taxing and gritty ends up being fun to do, in spite of all the bruises and scratches.

    Now this place is really the home. Time to turn the page.
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2012

    Apparently the kitties are doing fine, they are all tabbies and in a week or so they'll be ok to be re-homed (but still needing a lot of TLC).

    I am having an attack of The Feels at the moment..
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    Got service dog papers. It's official. There will be puppy. Sometime.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2012
    @Rootfireember: That is brilliant news, it really is. I hope you and the pup become good mates.
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2012
    Got a job interview tomorrow. If the timing works, this may happen.
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2012
    I managed to get myself a real grown-up job again! No more slinging lattes! Yeah, it's insurance, and a rather conservative corporate office, but it pays decent and I'm not having to deal with customers. I'll take it!
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2012
    @Roo: Yay for puppies!

    @oldhat: Good luck with the interview!

    In Morac related news, as I have been relating in the video game thread, I finished and released a game! This is a pretty huge personal milestone; now I just need to buckle down and do it again (and again, and again).
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2012
    Yesterday I spent most of the day (over 10 hours) pounding out a blog post. It had been a misty presence in my head for well over a week but I still wasn't sure how to write it out when I sat down. I made notes, I looked up citations, I growled at the computer, I pulled my hair and slowly the fucking thing came into being. And even as I was dragging it out of my head I had to let myself sit with the idea that no one was going to read it. Maybe two people regularly visit the blog, maybe another three will click through links on Twitter and facebook when I post a new entry. Who knows if any of them ever read the whole thing, in almost a year I've gotten exactly one (1) comment on an entry.

    Haha. I should have been writing about video games instead of voice over and surrealist art and theatre. I wrote an entry combining surrealism, theatre and video gaming, linked the relevant notes to cited Web sites and made sure to ping people on Twitter if they had inspired me to write the block and sent it off into the wild.

    The creative director of the game (The Last of Us) saw it and tweeted about it this morning. a little over 12 hours later I've gotten around 120 hits to the entry. heee.

    But still no comments. So who knows if anyone actually reads the darned thing. But now I'm glad I forced the fucking monster into real (if virtual) existence. Brutality Theatre read all about it.

    @Morac Woot!!! Good on ya!
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2012
    Been in the throes of redecorating the ground floor (knocking down walls, new flooring, redesign of kitchen) since monday last week, and we've still got a lot to do. For four days, we were making coffee in the bathroom and not actually making a meal as the kitchen was reduced to a fridge and a sink propped up on two wooden beams while I laid new wood floors (not hardwood, engineered wood). The process has gone from fun to worrying to fun to desperate and is now at some kind of in-between state as I leave for Norway this evening. I feel terrible that I wasn't able to finish more by the time I left my wife alone for several weeks, but at least we now have something that's recognisably a kitchen and recognisably a living room. Our new sink arrives in a MONTH and the new worktops are a way off as well, but we have our house back.

    Now, after this, this house finally feels like OUR home, not like we're living in someone else's idea of a home. We bought and moved in six months ago, but now it's ours.
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2012 edited
    The last three weeks have been sort of insane, culminating in this week where I had the move on Sunday (I've literally been less bruised and scraped after having gotten my ass kicked), on Monday the work was super messy with press releases and last minute arrangements of a public event, coinciding with the coming-out-of-closet of our writing co-op we just founded and publicizing the first anthology. On Tuesday and Wednesday I found myself flying to Belgium to European Commission for a surprise work trip, yesterday I needed to help with more event stuff, get a new passport (to avoid a situation where I don't have a valid ID of any kind), handle some car insurance mess, buy foods for the weekend's Juhannus trip, arrange the apartment... Even I seem to have an upper threshold for the amount of activity I need in my life before my brain turns into porridge.

    ...comes this morning and I yet again snapped awake at 6:30 heart pounding, not knowing who, where or why I am, and trying to think where I'll have to dash in a panic this morning. Then I realized that the first three were irrelevant, and the only place to dash to is the slumberland for another four hours of sleep.

    In a couple of hours I'm heading over to Eastern Finland with two of my oldest friends, and the there sons of one of them. It'll be a weekend camping, eating, swimming and turning over rocks with the kids and looking what lives underneath. At least 5/6 of us well be totally into that sort of stuff :)
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2012
    I put in an application to go to school in the fall. Same community college I went to for music production, but I'm going for culinary arts (probably w/ some extra business classes, if I can swing it). I just have to prove to them I won't give everyone chicken pox and take some placement tests... and, you know, get the money for it... and then I'll be in school in the fall!
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    I have successfully scoured the apartment (scrubbed all floors with comet and washed all the rugs) to the point that for the first time since I moved here a few months ago, I can walk throughout with bare feet and still have clean soles. This is awesome. The cleanse attack has also led to my complexion finally clearing up, as I can only imagine the amount of constant grunge in my home environment was just sticking to my face. I'd been washing and face-masking and oxy-cleaning my face for the past two months to no avail, and now... ah.
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    Got my holiday form signed finally, so two weeks off at the end of July and start of august. Am renting a chalet in Wales off my uncle for a week, will be the first proper holiday we've had away for three years.

    Also, project at work that I knew was likely to be a total clusterfuck got canned - relief...
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2012
    I am home from a weekend trip to Boston! I met my fiance's family for the first time It was my first time on the east coast! TSA wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be! (was my first time flying in 15 years.) I had fun :) I didn't announce it on WC to see if anyone was in Boston because it really was a family trip and not a touristy trip, so we didn't have much time to meet up with anyone. I was *almost* able to plan a lunch with @sellmeyoursoul on our last day, but ended up not being able to work it out after all. In any case, it was a lot of fun! Boston is beautiful and I really loved the architecture, and I like that it has a proper urban city feel to it. The more urban parts of San Diego 1) aren't nearly as pretty, and 2) are mostly business districts. There really aren't any urban residential areas, at least not like Boston. The weather was really muggy, though, and since my face is oily skin-type I felt gross most of the time, so I *am* glad to be back in San Diego weather, heh.
    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2012
    After two days where I nearly lost my mind, I THINK I finally finished the Ad Job of Doom today. Need to call the broadcaster to see if it's okay, but...I think it's done and I can write up an invoice tomorrow.

    Also, I got two requests to be interviewed by people I met at a craft beer festival over the weekend. Nifty!
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2012
    I started dating a girl i've been crazy about for years, and it turns out she's felt the same way but we're both stupidly shy.
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    ErikCJones- YAY!

    This morning I scheduled a photo gig that I thought had been long forgotten by the client! I get to do product photos tomorrow! Hooray!

    And then... someone online told me they used my photographs as their wallpaper.

    And then... a fellow I've not seen in years emailed me a free ticket to tonight's Amanda Palmer show in Brooklyn.(!!!!) I got there about 25 minutes late and managed to miss David Byrne who evidently was on stage somehow. That was disappointing.But the show was AMAZING, and David Byrne reemerged for the encore, and one of the two encore songs was Burning Down the House!!! WHAAAAAOOO!

    And then... one of my favorite people happened to be nearby, and on my walk to meet him, I heard a CRICKET in a desolate field!
    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2012
    my mum is moving back to scotland after 7 years in the states! i've missed her a lot and she missed scotland so this is just great
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    I went out and got magnificently drunk at a press launch for a Gin & Tonic tasting menu (yes I can bore for england about gin, even more so after this evening... there is a man making the most glorious gin in a wendy house in Highgate FFS) at one of my favourite places... and the new bar manager is someone I went to Uni with 20 years ago and had the *biggest* crush on... still utterly dashing and handsome (ouch) but not.going.there.!! We are going to do 20 years of catching up at some point next week, etc.

    Having had lunch with theboy (I really should not call him that... he wouldn't be impressed I was a) claiming he was such and b) implying any sort of claim (I know I share so... meh!) earlier I was already happy.

    To cap off a really good day I then had a sort-of (as in he tweeted he was in Soho, I tweeted back and we were then on the same corner, yay!) chance encounter with a friend I *utterly* adore & have *So *missed* as I was oh-so drunkenly wending my way back to Euston. (huge, ridiculous levels of understandment in that sentance! massive editing required as I would probably be excommunicated if I'd left any of that detail in there... I have no fucking common sense sometimes when things might get read... I have a feeling I may be back to exise the last of the left in later...)

    Came home to email about some work next week (paid! plus expenses! yay!), another press invite thing for more alcohol; and being asked to do a gig again (0-0) by the promoter. I thought I'd sucked and the MC hated me... but I'm wanted back! (not until october, but, yay anyway... I might actually be better by then )

    The scribbling is going nicely. I'm actually going to have to knuckle down to 'how to I get this looked at/published/etc' as its *not hackery* but longer, and a bit silly, and contains spirits (in all sorts of ways).

    I have come over ridiculously posh (actually I've been being totally lovey since I went to Blacks on Tuesday... I could happily live there!) even more so than usual (I am not posh! Not.At.All.)

    Hmmm maybe not as sober as I feel after all...

    Night night darling whitechapel...

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