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    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2008

    The fucking strangest thirteen foot high advert I've ever seen. But that was something that I could never get over about Korean culture. Screaming websites that flash or Subway stations that are crammed floor to ceiling with adverts. Or the fact that it wasn't even limited to the walls. There were tons of malls that had projector screens pointed at the ground. When you walked over the things, they reacted to your shadows. Imagine a big icicle that melts as you walk over it, revealing the Coca-Cola logo underneath. Some of them even had sound. They'd cycle through different adverts about every five seconds too. So if you got involved in one, which was pretty easy to do, it would switch to a different theme. I have wasted so much time waiting for the giant Pong advert, yet it was always so satisfying.