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    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2012
    @britt - don't be afraid of kale chips! Baked properly and lightly salted, it's just like having a potato chip. As for more veggies in general, I like salads with fruit in them. So a big bowl of salad greens with diced apple, mixed berries, some boiled egg & walnuts, with just a bit of raspberry vinaigrette. Granted. fruits still have sugars in them, but it's better than refined sugars like soda.
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    @oldhat: Email would be fine, no need of derailing the Open Mic thread... either that or we can move the convo over to the Food/Cooking Thread.

    And I'm serious, guys, thank you. I'm hitting the usual upswing I get right after I crash emotionally, where I want to change everything about my life, so maybe I can actually start out w/ some small steps for once and not fall back into my old habits!
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    @Britt, I've been asked to cook healthy and low-cal but delicious meals for my family for the next four weeks, so I'll be posting on there pretty often. Tonight was buffalo chicken salad wrap with kale chips. I'd be surprised if it went over 300 calories per serving (I had two anyways). :)

    Also if money is tight, shopping for vegetables in a market is SO CHEAP. The cost of the ingredients for yesterday's meal was $5 and we have PLENTY left over for more.

    And yeah, if people want to give the advice of this stuff on there, I'm for it!
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    @britt - Also, think of changing your diet the same way as starting and exercise routine. You don't run a marathon on the first day. If you are used to whole milk, and you try switching straight to skim that shit will taste positively fucking foul. You go to 2%, and then work your way down. So, by the same principle, try having a small salad or small serving of vegetables with your normal dinners, and slowly, as you find the way you can enjoy eating the veggies, make that portion larger and the other dinner portion smaller. ALSO: do not buy iceberg lettuce. It's disgusting, will NOT sell you on salad, and has little nutritional value. The best way to eat more veggies is probably STIR FRY with meat. Coat that shit in some yummy sauce and cook it all together, and the meat will rub off on the veggies and make them tastier.
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    The blue

    Still feeling exceptionally sluggish. I've fallen out of the cycle of exercise that I had got into, and have just been getting the bus everywhere. As a result, I'm feeling really fat and heavy and slow. And then that carries over into everything else. Next week, I'm going to have to try and break out of that. Well, I might be forced to Friday, because there's a bus strike in London. Have also been feeling like a complete shabby mess in terms of dress sense, so there's a fair bit of work to do on that front. Mood wise, I've just been tired and flat as opposed to bleak and angry, so that's an improvement, I really, really want my focus, my energy, and my concentration back.

    Had more big chunks of the garden devastated by molluscs, which is really annoying. And what the molluscs didn't get, the appalling weather did. So far this year, the sum total of my crops has been four radishes, about a pound of chard that survived from last year, and handful of lettuce leaves. If I'm lucky, we'll get some peas and strawberries.

    And, yeah, first world problems, but I'm having technology frustrations. My laptop keeps randomly crashing, also the power socket is screwed yet again, I need to take the whole thing to pieces to put another shim in the socket to stop the plug falling out. My phone has a broken USB socket so can't put any music on it, it also keeps randomly crashing. Or failing to receive e-mails. Or even calls. I had to reboot it five times today. I've ordered a new one, as my contract was up, but they're delayed, and I've no idea when it will arrive. Somebody up there is telling me to read books instead.

    The Green

    I had an absolutely awesome weekend. First of all, my magazine won an industry award on Friday night, which was really great. Then on Saturday I went to my friends 40th birthday celebrations in Brighton. We went out and amazing Chinese meal, then on to the pub, and then on to Simon Price's Spellbound. "80s night for people who hate 80s nights", even though we had to wait 40 min to get in. It was bloody fantastic, loads of really good music and I gave myself blisters from dancing. I got a day off work today, my partners going for her 20 week scan, and if, fingers crossed, everything is okay, we're going to go to lunch together, which will be nice. And then there's only one more day to go until the weekend.

    The Other Colours of the Rainbow

    @Flecky - good luck and hoping that it all works out well for you
    @Britt - I found the book 'Potatoes not Prozac' pretty useful, to try and acknowledge and tackle the effect that sugar has on me. I did manage to cut it right down for a bit, now I'm less stalinist about it, but do know that I have to avoid sugar binges like the plague otherwise bad things happen to my head.... Have also found wasabi peas quite useful in avoiding sugary snacks/chocolate etc, as you can graze on them pretty slowly...
    @Rachael - hope the seasonal blues don't hang about
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    he boos-
    At the beginning of this month there was a serious fire in the building three doors down from the hostel/coffeeshop where I work.
    My colleague, who was working at the time, managed to evacuate the hostel rapidly and the fire brigade were able to prevent the fire spreading from the 250yr old building, which stands cheek by jowl with its neighbours.
    Unfortunately two people died, one of them by jumping from a window- which was a pretty unpleasant thing for my guests to have to witness as they stumbled into the street.
    I arrived after the fire was out and had to spend twelve hours behind the cordon, trying to find alternative accommodation for all the guests and negotiating with an endlessly changing cycle of police officers to allow folks to collect their belongings from the hostel. Many of them had to spend the day in pretty much their pajamas, but people had died, and they were mostly just thankful that my colleague had been so quick to get them out of any danger.
    It took a couple of days for the emergency services to recover a body and make the building safe, during which time the street remained closed off and our business shut.
    I didn't really know the folk who lived there, they'd only moved in a few months ago, but they used to pop in my shop for papers and the odd joint and they seemed like nice people.
    A proper bummer all round.
    In other shit news, our lovely dog, Monster, had to have an operation on his elbow last week. The op went well, but for the next three weeks he must rest as much as possible to allow the best chance of healing. Now because he is a bulldog cross, it is not in his nature to let a little bit of pain stop him charging and leaping about the place which has meant that he has spent most of the past week tied to a radiator and looking at us accusingly. He just doesn't get it, and my girlfriend especially is feeling very bad about it.

    Some huzzahs-
    I have become an uncle.
    I couldn't be more chuffed for my big bro and his missus whose son was born on father's day. I will be flying over to meet the wee man very soon. I'm looking forward so much to being the big hairy Uncle who comes by and does cool stuff with him.

    My girlfriend has become a magician's assistant and next month will be going to the world magic championships in Blackpool. She's very excited and I think it's very cool. Although as she is Dutch, my Debbie McGee jokes are falling pretty flat.

    The coffeeshop side of my job has been going very well and for the first time this month we passed our sales targets and hence made bonus money. This is doubly good news as not only does the extra cash go a long way, it also confirms that the efforts we have made in recent months to turn the business around are working. If we can continue until the end of the year in this manner I will be very happy. Beyond that, things are very much out of our hands as we wait and see how the new laws regarding coffeeshops will be implemented or indeed, if they will be implemented at all.

    A smattering of applause-
    @ Flecky- was so pleased to read elsewhere that your rehab request has been approved. I wish you all the best with it- Have you got plenty of books to take with you?
    @ Britt-re learning to love veggies- I have a lovely recipe for candied carrots that I'll share on the food and cooking page- I've converted a few folk with them. I also know of secrets to make brussel sprouts edible but let's not run before we can walk eh!
    @ JP- sympathies for your slug problem, we have them real bad in our garden too. This year we have had some success using copper wire around our raised beds and pots - the bastards don't like it under 'em!
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    @JP: Thanks, mate. I'm hoping you have a good day.
    @Rachael: Thanks to you too. I've never tried the Tens unit thing, so I'll have a look at that. What you shared cheered me up, as I woke up pretty sick today.

    Anyway, sorry to break format, but it's great to see everyone helping each other out. I think it's brilliant!

    I'm glad your feeling better, Britt. Small steps are the best :)

    EDITED TO ADD: Cheers to you too, nelzbub. I've got a bit of reading material, but I could always do with more. I'll hopefully keep you lot informed of my adventures in rehab, and let you guys know where it is.
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    Fat! I bought a bathroom scale two weeks ago, having tried and failed to fit into my tailored suit, and it turned out I've gained sixty pounds during my stay in Canada. Have started a strict diet and exercise regimen, and now I'm hungry and tired all the time. I've lost large amounts of weight in the past when necessary, so I know the drill, but I'm not looking forward to the next few months.


    I was a social worker in a public housing area in the late 80's, providing the local kids with alternatives to binge drinking and taking drugs. We took groups of kids camping, fishing, out to the beach, and just generally hung out with them on Friday and Saturday nights at the community centre. Highlights included breaking up drunken fights, taking people to hospital when they overdosed, chasing off a Lebanese gang, and being visited by outlaw bikers (their president came to thank us for taking care of his son while he'd been in jail). Anyway, I received a couple of Facebook messages from the guys this month, saying thanks for keeping them out of trouble when they were kids. I'm stoked.


    @Flecky: Hang in there mate.
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    WOW super belated and not sure how I missed this the first time around but


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    Boo: Fuuuuu the other day my boss pulled me aside, I thought he wanted some help with his computer cuz he's old but he said "sit down" and I knew what was coming, he just said "I like you and you're trustworthy but I don't need you right now" and said I could work until the end of the month while I find another job. I told him "Okay well if you need me again just let me know, thank you!" And then I told the two nice ladies about it and they wanted to cry for me. I already had a feeling I wasn't wanted anymore. I overheard him the other month pissed about the phone bill his spoiled daughter racked up from texting, and she probably wants a new car so I'm getting let go for that. Also he can't stand that two women are working for him selling the furniture and taking payments and well doing everything while he's on some endless search for Mr. Super Salesman but it's mostly skanks that have been coming in and no one is gonna work for the crap pay. I was making around $364 a week but giving $200 to my mom so it wasn't a big deal for me but he let's more than that go paying for an order of mattresses in one go. So I don't get it. I was fucking nervous afterward but at the same time feel I'm finally free and can figure out something else to do. It still fucking terrifying though arrrrrghhhhh. I just told the ladies to make a big deal about it and say shit like "Where's Chris! We need and extra hand! Sure wish Chris was around!" What perfect timing, SDCC is coming up so now I can't afford to spend anything.

    Zah: After weeks of fluctuating back and forth between 181 to 184lbs the scale finally told me I'm an even 180, better than when i was at 187 earlier in the year. Got to keep it up! Also after that little warning to find new work I got online and reach out to every damn contact possible to see if anyone needed a cartoonist. Nothing concrete but I am trying to make comics/cartooning/art my new job (HA!) ughhhhh. I guess I could also try another furniture store. If the assholes that have been let go before could find new work why can't I right? arghhh.

    Sauce: Britt - good luck with your diet! I got lazy with exercising but I just watch what I eat instead and it has helped me drop weight little by little. Mine is some weird poser-veggie diet where I avoid beef, bacon, candy, or deep fried variations of those things, basically anything delicious. Also I quit drinking in February. So it's mostly lots of soy based food, whole wheat breadz, 100% carrot juice and protein shakes. Mostly inspired by CM Punk and Daniel Bryan for the diets cuz I'm a big mark.
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    Thumbs up: Quitting my job. Getting a better one.
    Thumbs down: The two-week period in which I'm doing double shifts. And how tired I am. And how much I want to be at the beach. And how much my relationship is suffering. And how dirty my apartment is. And how messy and unliveable it will be when my new roommate arrives.
    Thumbs up: My new roommate arrives on June 30th, during Pride weekend.
    Thumbs down: I'm working pretty much all Pride weekend.
    Thumbs up: All the volunteering I'm doing. Climbing trees, carrying home cherries.
    Thumbs down: How many of those cherries will probably rot before I get to them.

    One week, for serious. One more week. (And two days.)

    @britannica, man, I wish I had advice to offer. I have the sort of metabolism that FREAKS OUT if I don't have a salad every few days. I do a lot of active stuff, but I still eat a ton of shit... I definitely love veggies, and trained myself to reject grains in favour of them (e.g. meat on salad instead of meat in a bun).
    You'd have to itemize your eating habits for a week for us to see what and how we can improve. My mother is eating crazy healthy and working three jobs right now, and it's taken her a year to lose 30 pounds and get herself below 200. So ... as much as I want to say it's a lifestyle thing, it's probably more of a body-type thing. But the difficulty rating shouldn't throw you off, because a healthy body is worth it no matter what.
    If it helps, you can punch me a whole bunch for having it easy.
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    I have an idea, and even if it doesn't work, it will be worth the effort.


    It has been over ten years since anyone claimed to be in love with me or claimed to be my significant other (and she was fucking crazy, didn't like to kiss me, and physically attacked me). Since her, I dated one fellow for three months, had a weird and terrible situation with a fellow I lived with for two years, ended up a few years with the guy who (insisted that we were just friends and) broke my heart two years ago, and then eventually dated a fellow for about a month until he started avoiding me without explanation. I don't remember what it'd be like to be physically affectionate and comfortable with someone anymore. I'm growing more awkward and apart from understanding human interaction than I already was. Am I going to have to actually seek out and pursue people? Scary.


    @Flecky - If you send us your address, Flecky, can we mail you things? I'll mail you things.

    @Greasemonkey - It's awesome ro feel appreciated.
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    Boo - There is currently a massive wildfire burning just outside of west Colorado Springs. About 3-4 miles from my house. Though it thankfully seems to be moving away from here, it has been moving rather erratically, so my roommates and I have our bugout bags packed just in case. We're just south of the evacuation zone, so it might happen. I mean, we were talking about doing some remodeling, but SHIT.

    Huzzah - Started a new job this week. So far it's good. Mentally challenging, since I've been working as a barista (and effectively NOT using my brain so much) for the last several months. But that's also a good thing. I had quit the old job a couple weeks back, due to it being a problem for my poor destroyed skin. So I did a limited run of commission offers, and ended up having to turn people away. As it is with the new job (and the stress of dealing with the fire) I'm having trouble finding the time to get them done now. But I will.

    Applause - @chris g - I don't know what you're looking for as far as jobs go, but seeing as you were in a customer service related job, that can actually carry you to a lot of other even slightly related fields. I'm going into insurance myself. I applied to the job just to feel like I accomplished something one day, and they called me a few days later, and now I'm in. So don't let lack of experience deter you. But if you're really wanting to make it a go with art, ODesk is supposedly a good place to start. I have a friend that's been using it for a while and has gotten a few freelance gigs that way.
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    Crap, I was meant to have been greeting people on the door for an NA meeting down Portobello Rd earlier, but I couldn't get my shit together. It's no biggy, as they probably can't remember me volunteering for it. They'll understand, as I've been feeling pretty rough these past few days. I hate to say I'm going to do something and not see it through, though; in the past it was my downfall, as I used to let people put unrealistic expectations on me, and when I couldn't do something I'd let them judge me as unreliable. Which is not good, nope! Shit, when I was a workaholic I held down five part-time jobs at the same time, from barman in a cool bar to wiping arses in an old folks home! I now see some of these people as utter control freaks (not customers in the bar and old folk - supposed mates and some family!) I can handle people giving me advice and suggestions, even when it's tough to accept, but I despise control. Hate It!

    I'm keeping an open-mind about maybe relocating after rehab, as there are too many entrenched memories where I live in London, and none of them are good. Shepherds Bush has got a bad rep, and the police seem to be scared of White City. They seem more set on stopping random cars on the main road than going in there. I don't know, maybe they just think they'll create a vacuum for the new scum if they clean-up the present. There's nothing I can do to about all that, though; just accept the bad and protect myself from it, even if it gets to me at times.


    I have to laugh, or else I'd cave-in. I'm experiencing emotions and sensations I've not felt for fucking years, and they feel just the same as when I was a kid. Except my hardware, my body, is wrecked. I'm listening to new music and getting the same buzz from it as if I was a teenager. I hope this isn't a sign of senility, but if it is I can live with it. I burst into a woman's only meeting the other day by accident. Women addicts with their kids. I didn't even notice as I said, "I'm here for the meeting, where's the toilet, I'm dying for a piss!" Women addicts and their kids tend to look at me weird sometimes, like then. I told 'em I'd return when I'd changed my sex. I think they felt sorry for me. I walked home laughing uncomfortably, looking at normals with miserable intent...bastard mundanes!


    @Dextra: That wildfire sounds heavy, and I hope your OK.
    @Greasemonkey, Dorkmuffin: Thank ye kindly, good people.
    @Rachael: Cheers! If it's cool to, I'll put the address of the place on here when I know.
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    Not posted in this thread before so hi.

    The boo. Got a mate around to look at my motorbike engine as it hasn't been running right. After a few tests looks like the engine is shot. Compression has gone on one cylinder so it will either need a complete engine rebuild or a new engine. With a baby on the way and having just forked out £2000 on a new boiler and new flat roof this isn't probably going to be happen anytime soon (But I'm not going to be getting rid of any of my bikes just because we have a kid on the way, neither is my wife who has two motorbikes), but has knocked me a bit because as a work at home freelancer I was looking forward to having some transportation back on the road.

    The yey. I've just finished 80,000 words of my novel. I started on the 31st March with a short story and have got myself motivated everyday to sit down and work to a word count. The story isn't complete, and there is lot of editing to do, but I'm really chuffed to have the words on the page, and learnt a lot in the process.

    @JP Carpenter good luck with the exercise. I've found that when I get a disruption to the day it knocks me out of my exercise pattern, and need to get that routine set back up.Hope you can turn that on its head and use the disruption to get the exercise back in to your day.
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    I'm really fucking tired. My feet hurt. My dad pulled the "my one wish as a father is that everyone in the family has faith in Jesus" crap during our belated father's day meal, which just made me want to scream at him about all the different ways his faith in Jesus has made his family's life really messed up. Yesterday I went to a event about a medical missions trip to the country of my birth, mostly out of curiosity. And while the speaker acknowledged that he went to the poorest ghetto of the country, he wouldn't stop talking about how bad things were in the country. Five minutes of yep this country is actually well developed and actually even kind of wealthy and very educated etc, and an hour of OMG cold water showers and violence and the fruit could make you sick and I didn't get to have proper milk in my cereal, blah blah blah. Cue eyerolls from my mom and I. The fruit is perfectly fine. Most people have hot water in their showers. If he had gone to the supermarket and bought his own milk, he could have had proper milk. You were in the fucking ghetto, of course it is violent. You are from small town Wisconsin, this is a country of 1.5 million. Why the hell did I go? If I had managed a post last week, I would have ranted about a friend/co-worker who cannot believe that yes indeed I am tired all of the time, and no I do not know why, yes I have tried to find out, no eating your special diet isn't going to fix it, just because I don't have a disease beyond depression doesn't mean it isn't real. Granted, this is coming from someone who doesn't believe in psychiatry/psychology but does believe in astrology. And prone to arguing. I'm probably going to miss the most important day of the family reunion that my mom is planning. I have a shitton of cleaning to do. Did I mention how tired I am?

    Idiot friend seems to have realized that I really am tired all of the time, and is willing to agree to disagree on some things. Met with my therapist on Friday, who gave me good pointers in dealing with him. The reason I'm so tired is because I got a second job (that pays more per hour than my first job) and I now work Saturdays and Sundays every other weekend, which means actually putting money into savings instead of taking money out. And hopefully replacing my netbook. Granted, I had to work two weekends in a row, but bills should be less daunting.

    Other People Are Quite Interesting:
    @razrangel: It sounds like other people's problems are wearing out your love for theater. That sucks. Glad you've got some cool people to hang out with. :)

    @Rootfireember: I hope you're able to get the dog soon.

    @brittanica: Most other people are significantly more clever with veggie hiding than I am, but I can most certainly second the idea of doing meat with stir fried veggies and a delish sauce. You can be super lazy and get frozen veggies mixed for stir fry. I am usually a lazy cook.

    @Fauxhammer: I suppose there isn't a way to sneak the puppy into obedience school. Also, Hah, blessed virgin's cleavage? Must be something special.

    @Rachael: I hope the pituitary gland specialist can help you. Is there anything in particular that makes summer so hard for you? I wish I had information on how to make it better.

    @flecky: Kudos for keeping on. Best of luck with rehab.

    Augh I think my brain is done for now. Hopefully I'll manage responding to page 2... sometime.
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    @all - I was the original poster of the image that @Paprika found distasteful and I just wanted to quickly say that I doubt there are many people that disability doesn't (or hasn't, or will not) touch at some point in their lives in some way, and that I apologise for causing offence. The image has been taken down.

    I do not read thru WC posts/threads particularly diligently so I have only just realised there was an issue to address.

    There is contact info in my profile so if *anyone* ever has a problem with something I have posted then please feel free to contact me directly with your issues and I will do my best to assuage your concerns, as I do not feel that back and forth posting on the forum pages is necessarily the ideal place for such discussions. I do not bite.
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    Boo- I've been slacking at the gym, and really need to get back into going every day like I was for awhile there. I also need a new car and i'm selling some comics to get some cash, which bums my inner hoarder out.

    Huzzah- I have an amazing girlfriend who makes me very happy after a shit week at work.

    Applause- @Brittanica, I haven't had a soda since February and literally have dreams about drinking Dr. Pepper, then wake up feeling like a filthy addict. To quell my craving for something sweet, I usually have a vitamin water now. Not exactly the same, but it's different from water or unsweet tea, which is all I usually drink.
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    The move is almost over, I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning up the old apartment, carrying the last of my stuff out, feeling feverish and having a bad allergic reaction to something. Today I'm sick at home, feeling mentally totally drained, and I just found out that I've overdrawn my Visa again because of the moving costs. The last three weeks, in addition to the last couple of years, has totally sapped me of strength right now. Now even the thought of going to work makes me cringe. Feels like every anchor point in my life has been dug up, which certainly gives me ambivalent feelings.


    On the other hand, the move is almost over now, it's just a matter of handing over the keys and such. I have two days of work, then three weeks of paid holiday, which I sorely need. I love the new apartment, I just got more plants here, and almost all the shit has been shelved, sold or otherwise stored so this feels like a home, not "work in progress". I'll be totally broke for the first two weeks of the holiday, but fuck that - I'll just sleep in, read books and comics, and do a bit of writing and gaming.

    GO GO GO:

    @flecky - Keep up the good stuff.
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    FUCK NO:

    - Problems with the ad caused a few breakdowns/freakouts/murderous rampages. Won't go in to boring detail, but will just say that it's dealing with a company with too many people and people who always seem to be out on lunch break and never get back to anyone all day.

    - Been neglecting the gym. There are some good reasons and bad excuses. Need to fix that as I feel ze flab.

    - Intense, -doubled-over-in-pain-on-the-floor-screaming stomach pains have been going on. If they persist it's to the doctor with me.


    - Can't express how happy I am hanging out and talking with reunited friend again.

    - Ad problems from above? DONE. SORTED. Celebrating with either a drink or a cup of gelato. Either way FUCK YES.

    - Been getting some surprisingly deep, restful sleeps lately. Weird to wake up and feel rested.

    - Some people were so impressed with me at the Session 99 Craft Beer Festival (though I'm stumped as to how I got on the train to go home), that I've been asked by two people to be interviewed. One is for another beer blogger and another is for a geek podcast. Exciting!

    - Had to purchase it, but I'm getting my first TV appearance as The Thirsty Wench delivered. Youtube videos may happen.

    @flecky GOOD LUCK!!!!!