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    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2012
    Thanks for the comments about my experience, guys. Especially sellmeyoursoul's, which made me laugh.

    I don't know. It fucked me up, and dealing with a lot of people who pretended to be my friend and intended on betraying me later left me with some pretty deep trust issues, but I'd like to think the experience made me stronger.
    • CommentAuthordnewling
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2012
    Maybe we should have an artistic thread on bully busting or something.
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    @dnewling: The boyfriend I had in high school actually grew up in Japan and was home schooled because of the "toughen them up" attitude in Japan.

    It fascinates (and saddens) me how many people on this board have been bullied. Then again, an online space where bullying isn't tolerated would be appealing to those who have had to deal with it. Also, it makes me aware of how mild my own bullying was - most of it was being excluded more than anything. I'm all so aware how much my experiences have broken me (and made me stronger/more empathetic), and mine were so... not that bad. Sad world we live in, I guess. The psychology of bullying fascinates me, but that's just my tendency to want to pick things apart and understand every element of it so it won't hurt so much. Anyway, depressing shit.

    In other news, now that the family reunion/crazy work weekend is over, I can focus better on things I'd like to be doing. I slept from 6pm to midnight, which was amazing, and am soon to go back to sleep. Sleep: so wonderful!

    @flecky: I have been reading, and I hope that whatever choice you make turns into a helpful experience and a good rest. Rest is nice.

    @everyone who has been bullied here: Wow, you all are amazing. You survived some nasty shit and just wow. I've always thought the people on here are pretty cool, but having gone through what you've gone through on top of that...impressive.