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    I went to the new Bomber Command Memorial on Saturday to get some pictures.
    Couldn't spend as long there as I wanted, but it's very impressive.

    Bomber Command Memorial Looking to the Skies

    Bomber Command Memorial Sky Watching

    Bomber Command Memorial Standing in Wait

    Bomber Command Memorial The Front Men

    Bomber Command Memorial A Shining Light
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    @allana - love that picture with the globe lamp - it makes a good stand-in for a heavy full moon.

    @Jehrot - congratulations! NG is a wonderful institution to have contributed to. i do have that song from Oklahoma stuck in my head now, though - the corn is high as an elephant's eye...

    @diello - that urbex photo has a great texture to it, just a tiny bit wobbly and melty - perfect for the subject matter.

    @joanneleah - that sort of gender-nudity double standard is depressingly common on the internet. I wish I knew the psychological origin of it. It might be relevant that that female nakedness is (often) perceived as inviting while male nakedness is perceived as threatening. Or it might be that patriarchal institutions are comfortable with women in exposed and potentially vulnerable imagery, but not with putting men in the same situations. Whatever it is, it's utter bullshit.


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    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2012

    I need help guys. Just got a Cosina GX-1 for £10 and I’m trying to work out exactly what to do with it!? I’m to this photography game and I’m starting of with a simple 35mm to get the hang of it.

    Can anyone tell me if they have experience with this camera?

    Also I have no film for it yet but should the camera still progress and the shutter fire even with out film? I put some new batteries in it but not even sure if I did that right!

    Any help would be appreciated guys


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    @Joanna. Sounds like they use the BBFC's old Mull of Kintyre test.
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    Afternoon tea

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    The Olympic's circus arrives in town

    and messing around with fast shutter speed and water
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    I went to LA for a wedding! PHOTODUMP!

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    and now back to more conservative body parts.

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    Handful of photos I've taken recently

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    @diello whatthefuckisthatthingdoingwithabone oh god, it has no business doing that... it's surrounded by lush berries and it's gnawing a bone in an a total abomination of nature and look at the size of it and damn...
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    The Doomsquirrel bides his time.
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    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2012
    "Squirrel! Aren't you supposed to be vegetarian?"

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    Jehrot - I remember that shot, and it deserves such recognition. YAY!

    Joanneleah - goddamnit. I wish humans would learn that nudity does not equal pornography.

    Dorkmuffin - Lovely and happy moments in time! And you caught them with great composition!

    Here are a few of the large batch of not very creative shots for a business client. I built myself a massive portable lightroom photostudio thing to take these. I'd never used one before this. I'll take and post photographs of my construction later today, perhaps.




    I clearly need another clamp light from the front, as just having one on each side still creates some shadow which I'm not happy about, but still, overall I'm quite pleased, as is the client.
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    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2012
    Awesome photos as usual !!

    @Jehrot if you want to give a whitechapel seminar thread(?) on your amazing
    macro photographs or if blog it,i'd be eternally grateful

    @joanneleah - double standards suck as always. Usually the
    people implementing them usually have absolutely no idea they are doing so.
    This is life ...:-(...

    Summer still hasn't arrived in the UK. We have had a months rain in 24 hours,
    and it's 15 degrees Celsius tommorow...

    Heri Mkocha
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2012
    I went to a show and the singer was acting like a crazy, and not like, good crazy. So I made a gif of her stupid dance.

    I mean come on. REALLY? Imagine this way slower and super stilted.
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    I have now been watching that animated GIF for four hours with hectic drum & bass blasting on the speakers, so there's that.
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    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2012