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    • CommentTimeAug 16th 2012
    Flow, Watkins Glen, New York
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2012
    If anyone is in NYC, definitely contact me. Thank you, everyone!

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    I've quite a lot lately. Here's a few from seeing Jane's Addiction. The shots would be better if using camera's wasn't forbidden under threat of being thrown out, and there were security guards jusr 5 feet away from me. I had to be sneaky and fast! Spy camera Rachael!

    Dave Navarro and Perry Farrell (2)

    Perry poses

    Navarro 20120817-IMGP6614.jpg



    Perry Farrell? Still damn hott. unf.
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    Probably should wait a bit before posting this one, since I was three double margaritas in when I took it (and the bartender likes me, so they were heavy on the tequila, light on the etc) twenty minutes ago, but, hey! Tequila and sunset.

    Also, rachael, awesome shots.
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    Those are pretty amazing shots (especially for being stealth snaps), Rachael.
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    Thank you, David & Shannon.

    This is not as impressive a shot at all, nor is it stealthy, it's blurry and it was quite difficult to get a view at this awkwardly arranged show. That being said, here is a shot of ADRIAN BELEW SMILING AT ME WHILE HE PLAYS!!!!

      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2012
    Great shot, but Jesus Adrian, shave the head already! I love your guitar, but the hair has to go!
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    Hah! Yeah, Adrian's har is that swirly mostly-not-there thing, but I could care less as long as his hands do what they are supposed to.

    Well, here are the actually GOOD shots from that show that are in proper focus.

    Blue Belew.


    Blue Slick


    I repeat myself when under stress.  I repeat myself when under stress.  I repeat myself when under stress.  I repeat myself when under stress.

    Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, and Julie Slick. (I was crammed in a corner of the audience between two speakers so this was the best I could get)
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    @Rachael Great shots from both shows! Adrian Belew Power Trio? I'd love to hear some old King Crimson stuff live.
    @Jehrot Non-technical question. How do I get my wife not to kill me when I have to go get a new camera and a decent macro lens after looking at your stuff?
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    @cjkoger - Yes, the AB3! And the Stickmen. Hearing Crimson songs live was more amazing than I can say. I wish it were a better venue. I was looking up live shows on youtube, and man, Brazil seems the place to see all my favorite people play. The crowd actually CARES.

    Oh, and also, you can see the power drill on the table behind Adrian Belew, which he used to play his guitar at some point. :D
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    tony levin is my HERO
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    @Alastiar - There is something about the way certain men carry themselves with their guitars. Especially bass guitars. Um. My point here is that I was strangely distracted by Tony Levin, and thinking about how superbly skilled he probably was with sexual performance. Because. Um. There IS a correlation. Oh yes.
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    Tony Levin is basically sex on legs, no doubt.

    ETA: And c'mon, he's got a method (also pictured above, BTW) he calls "FUNK FINGERS". *AHEM*
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    @Rachael Particularly like the falling petals shot. They're all great, though.
    @cjkoger Ha! I'm not sure spouses and unhealthy macro fascination can successfully coexist. I hope to prove myself wrong.

    Here's some experiments in lighting. Mostly inspired by a crippling lack of creative stimulus and an overwhelming desire to confuse the cats.

    The Maw

    The Big Chill


    The Swimmer
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    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2012
    Rachael i couldn't get anywhere near those sneaky fast pics even standing still with a tripod wearing a fluorescent jacket, they are bleedin' amazing! As are the rest of the pictures here, this place being where i go for a concentrated digest of photographic wonders. Amazing and inspiring stuff!

    Of course even amongst the best there is the odd rubbish picture,

    Rebel Rebel

    It had to come, didn't it? I have discovered the joys of black and white noctography.

    Stairway to Heaven
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    For Oldhat. Some UK beers (and a cider fruit beer).
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    More urbex! Selfies this time.

    Flood by Allana Mayer (allana) on

    Comes with a sunroof. by Allana Mayer (allana) on
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    Crooked post, straight shadow, random cup.
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    Downed tree with mardi gras beads
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